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  1. No garveys / not the same
  2. Thanks matone its diffrent people just a heads up anyway on the other guy
  3. Not saying it is the person who started that thread But the comments on facebook its same on here advertising a game shoot then nothing happening
  4. on here months ago there was someone advertising a shoot in thorne doncaster an people were posting that hes ripped people is it him by any chance ? Thanks fenboy dident no i could take it off thete an put it on here
  5. Theres a picture of him on facebook hes frauded shooters out of £8,500 pounds for a game shoot in thorne doncaster If on facebook theres a group called Any shooting bits and bobs you dont use or dont want ! The links on there
  6. Just remembered jason im 99% sure you have to be cpsa registered to shoot at kegworth an if you are your straight on m1 like said above pal you will do it in a hour if i recall correctly some mentioned a shoot at penistone i think on here and also theres the boar at glossop snake pass and a shoot called old glossop near the boar every sunday but i heard weather can be quite bad down there
  7. If you go rebeck last time i was there dave as a board up with all the local clay shoots on ( if its still there )
  8. Theres barugh freen every alternate sunday an theres allerton by water on alternate sundays like rupert says kegwoth well worth a visit an down the a1 i would say a hour an 15 theres orston (brilliant ground) cockett farm, nottingham gun club all worth visiting where abouts in barnsley you from ?
  9. Shot it today my first registered shoot (just another 2) to get my classification really enjoyed it shot a 78 did miss silly ones eg.4 pair hit the first 2 pair missed both the 3rd pair then hit the last pair did this most of the way round straighten 2 stands (bonus) only problem was i got put into A class ha (******) really enjoyed it all the targets were fair great variety an was only waiting 2 minutes on each stand definatley going again ! And i wasent swearing dont no why it blanked it out
  10. Im off there tommorow for my first ever reg shoot dont no what to exspect. ...Thanks rupert for quick reply
  11. As above is iit 1 of the 2 or can you shoot both thanks in advance
  12. I stand corrected but isn't when you have less numbers an letters there worth more an espsecailly if the only number is 1
  13. Ok mate no problem i would swap you but get decent kills with skeet at range :-) Guerini best move ive made in my eyes
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