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  1. Hi guys I have for sale a Brattonsound Bulk storage safe SC2S. It is brand new fitted it to the wall and realised I wouldn't be able to get my new safe in as i upgraded it as well so this has to go. Like I say it's never been used just got screwed to the wall and taken straight out again. Comes with two keys for each lock. They normally retail between £185 to £220 mark but could do with it gone so let's say.. £100..collection from Doncaster due to the size at weight.
  2. She's a little beaute pal. Will make a excellent companion...
  3. This is my little cocker Molly. My best bud just turned 13 month. Can't fault her at all and so comical to be around. Just need to get a little land to work her on.
  4. Just cut the tail down and tell people it's a cocker.lol. 😃
  5. Those kicks. Like watching the Bruce lee off rabbits.
  6. Hmm that really gives you somthing to think about.. Now that you mention it' it has started doing it with a diffrent cartridge I have used hull carts before and not had a problem. Maybe I need to route through my cart bag a give it a try with a couple more hull carts to check.
  7. Hi guys. Been shooting a William Leech and son old side by side and just developed a slite problem with the ejector on the second trigger. It fires fine but when I come to break it open it goes to eject and the cartridge and it seems to jump of the ejector. I'm thinking possibly the ejector is worn down and not picking it up right. Does it sound like I'm on the right track or not.. Thanks
  8. Get down to you local Graham plumbers merchant they keep them on the shelf and are pence...
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