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  1. get a proper landrover. a defender 90. had mine 3 years now nothing major just normal servicing.lol.
  2. many thanks. couldnt get on elbys profile.please get him to pm me.
  3. defender.90

    dog wanted.

    has anyone got any puppies for sale. looking for a springer or cocker. lost my 18 monthold cocker to seasonal canine syndrum.many thanks. steve.
  4. alan put me and sam down. i can find another two to make up team. thanks.
  5. alan put me and sam down plus mike one other. thanks.
  6. great day many thanks alan and helpers. shame about the wheather.
  7. i would just like to thank alan and his helpers for an excelent day at this event as always. pity about the wheather. many thanks again.
  8. go for the landy. a mate has a mitsi . he say its a piease of ****.it shouldnt cost to much to convert. id go for landy anyday. also insurance is less than half the price.
  9. car insurers are all con artists. hasting direct renewed mine when id cancelled. had to claim mony back. as they wanted double what id been quoted.
  10. all suprmarkets are the same robbing ------s.
  11. take everything with you unless there willing to pay for it.lol.
  12. i have one hes about 4 now . he was easy to train will go in cover. where as labs wont. id recomend one anyday.
  13. may be interested in pheasant shoot depending on dates and price.
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