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  1. why buy any of the mags anymore, if you have a couple of years worth, you already have pretty much everything you need from them, apart from biased views of every new product going, look back over any you have and you`ll see what I mean, pick up a couple of September issues of any airgun magazine and you`ll be guaranteed to find recycled night vision and lamping tips, pretty much every month will have articles exactly the same as it was 12 months previously
  2. neil82

    Road Kill

    few lads around here give me a call when there`s a deer hit, bit of knife work, throw it in the back of the truck and hope there`s enough space in the freezer!!
  3. on the qg engines (1.5 and 1.8 petrol) the premature wear on the chains was due to nitrates (or nitrites, can never remember which) building up in the oil and attacking the bearings, did a few in my Nissan days, another thing that convinced me to stick to 5k oil change intervals
  4. not a testable item, may come under construction and use regs but nothing to do with an mot test
  5. used to use patio cleaner, neat, and a brush, don`t leave it on too long as its very acidic
  6. that's nothing to do with the lights themselves, only the way their used, these are wired to main beam through a switched relay,
  7. cannot see any reason why they would not be, only limit I`ve ever seen is wattage of bulb, these are only 48w total and if wired through a relay to only operate on dip there`s no dazzling issue (sheep and other animals on the road at night don`t count) why?
  8. just fitted these http://www.ebay.co.u...771103619?rt=nc next person who doesn't dip when coming towards me is going to get his eyes fried, not the best for long range compared to a couple of super Oscars but one hell of a light out put, well worth fitting
  9. keep stuffing your face til about 11pm, you might not be on the morning list so you could go for a long time without food or fluid
  10. http://oilselector.castrol.com/c/uk/eng/search stick your reg number in here
  11. http://oilselector.castrol.com/c/uk/eng/search stick your reg number here and see what comes up
  12. neil82


    its all complete and utter ******** anyway, they will rip the ***** out of each other, promise all sorts if they get in and then, when they get there, do a complete turn around and shaft us again, *******, every last one of them
  13. ready to be shot down in flames over this but here goes has anyone looked into the long term effects of wounding with steel shot, when I was in fabrication if I got a steel splinter it soon turned nasty, corroded inside my skin, festered and raised a small cyst which made them easier to pop and pull the splinter out (luckily never turned into a serious infection),, lead. being fairly inert surely just heals over and does not cause long term problems, most poisoning cases seem to be from eating the stuff, after all that was why the ban was introduced in the first place??
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