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  1. Mainly interested in the custom fit Kyska - how did you get on with them? I just had a look at CENS now. I don't really like digital. I prefer to just be completely silent so i can concentrate.
  2. How about latin america? 90% christian. Drugs, Extortion, Kidnappings, Massacres, Murders, Beheadings, Mutilations, trafficking (drugs and human) on a scale more than comparable with the middle east and further. The only difference is although they are christian, to my knowledge they are doing it for their own political agendas rather than in the name of christianity. Which leaves an important message. Ultimately its the followers of the religion who partake in a crime not the religion itself which should be blamed.
  3. Has anyone had these before and would recommend them? http://www.specsavers.co.uk/hearing/hearing-aids/hearing-protection I've been looking at them for shooting and for riding my motorbikes. The local branch that does them is easily accessible as well which is always a bonus!
  4. Who are all them? I don't intend on leaving nor do i pose a threat or i wouldn't have been granted a SGC. Your opinions may reflect yours and the few you know but they don't reflect everyones at all.
  5. Flashman, i rarely agree with anything you have to say but today i welcome your acknowledgement that there is a difference between moderate and extremist, even if you feel it needs more definition. Sadly a few cannot even see that. I disagree that words are cheap. Standing up and saying "this does not represent me or my faith" is the first step in isolating extremism. You, i and the others on this forum more than likely don't have a chair at cobra meetings so we don't know the entirety of the situation. What we do know is, there are members of the community that are reporting their sons and daughters travelling aboard, are reporting extremism in local mosques and schools and are reporting anything else they find as unacceptable. Every single report does not reach mainstream media and i doubt it ever will, however there are a few cases that do which are easily found. The vast majority of people are moderate people, normal people just getting on with their lives and if they saw something wrong, be it a crime, someone needing medical assistance or extremism. If someone came across it they'd more than likely report it and never get any recognition for it or any media attention for doing it. Nonetheless they still took action... Furthermore, the police officer shot in cold blood on the pavement was a muslim called Ahmed Merabet. He may/may not have agreed with the magazines publications but he certainly paid the ultimate price defending their right of freedom to express themselves. Je Suis Ahmed Et Je Suis Charlie
  6. I suffer the same problem, around what id describe as a piston ring. WD40 and this wire scrub thing i have works... Tedious though.
  7. Ouch! I wasn't aware you were into sadism... Each to their own i suppose
  8. That is not what i was trying to say. I was just saying if you provoke something purposely. Expect the consequences. To a perfectly rational person its easy to see its stupid but these people aren't normal... I agree with you, extremism in all forms must be eradicated. Ive personally experienced the walls of society go up and divisions made between groups i've known, purely based on ignorance. It comes from both sides. Like many people in the world, i enjoy my freedoms and just get on with life. I am a firm believer in live and let live, thankfully the vast majority do to. It must be sustained.
  9. I preferred your original comment before editing it. It showed your ignorance and highlighted you and the few like you for what you are. Its people like you which appear on both sides which stand to divide and create walls between communities. "It is a show of solidarity to those who lost their lives because they printed a caricature of a paedophile that some illiterate shepherds in Asian mountains think is a prophet. That is all..." You are exercising freedom of speech however you sound thick as **** for saying it. One last point, there is nothing wrong with looking after sheep... Its an honest job. I don't see how mentioning it in an derogatory manner gained you anything.
  10. I went to my local mercedes main dealer. They had no problem at all with dealing with Brabus. I can only assume ones close to you are the same, also... Non of their parts effected my warranty
  11. I asked the same questions... Kind of http://gopro.com/support/articles/hero4-camera-battery-life I've been shooting 1080p as i don't have a 4k tv or pc monitor yet. I've also been shooting at 120fps which has captured the odd bit of shot flying through the air and flames from my motorcycle exhaust. Saying that once you use the gopro studio to edit and export your footage, i end up reducing it to 1080p 30fps anyway.. Personally if i were you, id use the wifi and phone app and press record and stop accordingly (Save the memory and your time watching boring bits). Investment in a spare battery and memory card is advised! Especially if you are using the video + photo feature. This picks up some great photos every X amount of seconds whilst videoing too. I think the max the camera can handle on this setting is 1080p 30fps videos + 12mp photos. My signature is one of those photos...
  12. Beautiful gun! I was so tempted to buy this. Got a pic?
  13. Haha I like the sticker!! Its the Sportsman Mount. Pretty decent if you ask me. I used it on my semi auto and an over and under too, the videos are on my youtube account. The only thing i will say about the mount is... The camera has a tendency to tilt or move angle slightly after several shots. Its nothing to do with the mount, its more to do with the skeleton case that connects to the mount. You just have to make sure you give it a really good squeeze.
  14. As always, great capture! Do you use instagram?
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