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  1. Hi All, Does anybody know where i can purchase the plastic hooks for hide poles as some of mine are broken or maybe a better alternative. Thanks
  2. Just like to say a BIG thanks to Mr Pigeon or was it Mr Digweed (as he was nearly as good as the great man shooting the other day, LOL) for a great afternoons pigeon shooting, brilliant laugh and a few pigeons to boot. Cheers mate :-)
  3. Thanks Guys for the info very much appreciated
  4. Cheers e2000 that is the one, It's by Mark Gilchrist Thanks again pal
  5. Hi all, Can anyone let me know the app that you can use to log all of your kills. I think it's Andy Crows but having trouble hunting it down, so would appreciate if anyone could let me know what the app is called Cheers guys
  6. Ha Ha Cheers Mr Pigeon perhaps I should have had a bite I would have to do the misses doggy style tonight LOL Must admit had a good laugh with a great shooting Buddy, what more do you want Thanks for a GREAT day see you soon
  7. Great offer Bigadam Shame im too far away
  8. When i had my home/cabinet inspection last year i was told that they are stopping any renewal reminders,wether that is just my area or everywhere im not sure,but as what Dominicrobed said i would give them a call to make sure you give yourself enough time LOL Chrispti got in before me
  9. Can depend on your location but i would give yourself a couple of months minimum
  10. berretta77

    sky tv

    For me my sky broadband is excellent, fast download speed cant fault it As for tv im with EVO far too many repeats and over priced but until contract runs out stuck with it
  11. Have you tried swapping the leads around on the battery, Not sure if that would work or not worth trying
  12. Good Luck Stubby Hope you get a nice big bag
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