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  1. hi I have pard 007 was thinking of one of these anybody got one can that give good points and bad points thanks
  2. babs2020

    sons band

    yes m8 they been on local radio a few time this is there first video they have done I think its a great video with some fun I these dark time the yare doing really well play a lot festivals and gigs all over the place very good live was just seeing I could get them to over 2 k follower on fb seems the more follows you helps with get to next level nothing to do with how good you are thanks everybody for kind words
  3. babs2020

    sons band

    thanks guys nice to have some to cheer us up at the moment going crazy not being able to get out shooting stay safe
  4. babs2020

    sons band

    great guys thanks for all the feedback they are working very hard with it and keep plugging away at it they all have full time jobs but love it but like everything else it son hold at moment will be playing some gigs when all this get sorted stay safe and thanks
  5. babs2020

    sons band

    hi guys would like some feed back my sons band they have made there 1 st video for any music lover s maybe give them a follow on fb if any body like s it need some thing to think about other than the news while we all not out shooting thanks bands name pretty babs
  6. babs2020

    Quad Sticks.

    best fox call have some on what look good
  7. I will  take one m8 the large one  send payment details


    1. good look m8 look after it and go regular
    2. hi m8 looking or some thing to find shot fox in say sugar  beet  not up on all this themal stuff  what sort of distance will it see at night

      1. well guys drove passed my truck today its been at hire company since last Tuesday so gave them a ring to see if was ready as away with caravan at weekend to no not even been picked up been left on forecourt near busy road with lorry going pass all week I am driving a class that I can not put dog in no tow bar any hire cars I am well ****** of with Nissan
      2. cheers guys order something off ant supplies hope it will fit or I will make it fit
      3. hi guy I have lost my rubber eye piece on my pard 007 been looking on net and I can not find one anybody got a spare or were I can buy one from thanks
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