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  1. hi m8 got 400 any good 


  2. hi anybody got one using it any reviews any 6 mm 15 mm or 19 mm
  3. no mate was out on a walk never any game around this area
  4. no m8 watching vids it very basic stuff i am doing a lot been in the garden
  5. sit stay retrieving thought i had a good recall but never been under temptation before
  6. hi out with pup today came across 3 partridge in some sugar beat and she was gone she came back to the whistle but not till she had chase them half across the next field what my next step she's 7 months old i don't come across a lot of game this my 1st pup gun dog
  7. were about was m8 always idiots with dogs near me
  8. thanks lloyd some great advice we are all learning
  9. great will give this a go llyod thanks its hard with your 1st dog to see were your going wrong
  10. hi i have 6 month old sprocker pup started to drop ball at my feet and dummies and running around with it not coming straight in any help
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