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  1. babs2020

    Fishing lake

    great thanks
  2. babs2020

    Fishing lake

    hi can you take your dog
  3. babs2020


    will do guys thanks
  4. babs2020


    was looking at the seelands hawker range size 34 not sure why that helps unless your going to buy them for me lol
  5. babs2020

    New Pard NV007 NV Add-on

    hi any one got one of these off here yet look very good for money
  6. babs2020


    hi guys looking for a new pair for picking up and walked up shooting any thanks
  7. babs2020

    gundog training

    great thanks
  8. babs2020

    Browning Tbolt 17hmr

    mine is fine but will not cycle any hollow points or hornday 20 grains
  9. babs2020

    gundog training

    hi have a 5 year old cocker from some one who can not look after it any anymore its is part trained i have had him for 2 weeks now as i know nothing about gundogs as always been a shooter would like some pointer s if any body any one in the Mansfield area any training clubs or some member from here pm me
  10. babs2020

    Fox club

    sound s like money with out work well done lads
  11. babs2020

    Meopta artemis

    pm sent
  12. babs2020


    mate there a lot of nice vans out there and they all have some problems i have had a few over the years and the hobby was very good but i had that as a static i don t think you can go wrong with elddis i have one at the mo
  13. babs2020

    bfg mud tyres

    hi pal can get you some tomorrow if send email address
  14. babs2020

    bfg mud tyres

    bfg mud tyres in good cond the guy at the garage who took them checked them and said there about 8 to 9 mm on them 235 75 15 in Mansfield area looking for 140 ono
  15. babs2020

    insa trubo dakar

    got one today pal,