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  1. looked at one at show they said would be fine for hmr and 222 with good ir only thing i didn't like is you have to leave on rifle to charge so i got sight mark wraith hd for 450 from show and its great for hmr 17
  2. yes m8 was thinking can get problems with your bitch as only ones been done
  3. only want docking that i am keeping for working
  4. hi guys you who breed when having tails docked do have to have the full litter done as was going to keep one but the rest are going to none working homes
  5. i m8 i have one for sale  but lost  glass from the ir  but works fine  external ir  msg if  like ab price 

    1. Sprucey


      Hi Babs, 

      Sorry pal what are you selling? 


      Many thanks



    2. babs2020
  6. hi m8 got 400 any good 


  7. hi anybody got one using it any reviews any 6 mm 15 mm or 19 mm
  8. no mate was out on a walk never any game around this area
  9. no m8 watching vids it very basic stuff i am doing a lot been in the garden
  10. sit stay retrieving thought i had a good recall but never been under temptation before
  11. hi out with pup today came across 3 partridge in some sugar beat and she was gone she came back to the whistle but not till she had chase them half across the next field what my next step she's 7 months old i don't come across a lot of game this my 1st pup gun dog
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