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  1. hi pal you still got this

    1. hi guys got a pard nv and srx laser what the best 18650 batts for this set up
    2. babs2020

      l 200

      hi guys my m8 as l200 on a 06 plate cut out yesterday on him thought it might run out of fuel put some in now it keeps turning but will not start he s pumpthe hand pump up till it was hard any glues
    3. not sure pal make me an offer
    4. hi guys got digital tacho what i took out of my Nissan navara checked on e bay the sell for between 150 and 450 it was working when took out but i know nothing about them its just a plug play unit would anybody on here have any use for it
    5. good luck pal my lamping partner as been working away a lot and I have to go out on my own with nv on not the same with out a buddy
    6. hi guys got my self any srx boy what a difference even on the vortex is good what a surprise
    7. ok pal i have it send me address
    8. what cash price mate can pick it up pm sent
    9. great will have bash with other scope i have 1st
    10. what makes the vortex scope not good with add ons as i love my vortex scopes
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