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  1. Hi Nick, Just to let you know that I messaged you a few days ago.
  2. Thank you all for your info. Sounds like a thumbs up for either one. Just need to look around and see whats available and perhaps try out if I can. Thanks again!!
  3. Hi,..I'm preparing to get back to Pigeon shooting, and looking at the potential of a Urika or Urika 2 synthetic to take over from an oldside by side. The feedback from previous posts has been good about them both, but wondered about the differences in handling and recoil with the kick off 2 in the butt for example. .. . If anyone can add any info from experience etc.,it would be very much appreciated.
  4. Hi All ! I've been away from shooting for ages, although been a SC holder for many years. I've been wanting to get back into pigeon shooting and have been browsing PW for quite a while but thought it was time to say "Hi!" and get involved.
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