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  1. Fully agree! 👍👍👍
  2. It maybe nothing! But head over to Gamebore top shots and see who's missing?? Plus the Welsh Open Fitasc achievement is missing too 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 The plot thickens!!!
  3. Ideally just after the IC ! But could take the LM off your hands too.
  4. Would you split the maxis extended chokes?
  5. Can I reverse mount one.......So at least I look good on camera whilst shooting sh#t??? ?????? ??
  6. I know slap head and he has a deal with Shotkam on bringing them over! This isn't 2nd hand but retailing at a price they go for on eBay 2nd hand! If you're on Facebook??? Get on the Shotkam UK page set up by slap head!
  7. Get it booked and enjoy! I did the 4+hr drive down and shot both courses and headed home that day! I'm nothing special (But strive to improve) I shot red 74 and black 78! Missed some right sitters (Coz I rush things and a lack of concentration/focus on occasion) and looking back.......Could have easily been 80's both courses! I thought Red was easier in my eyes but made a mess of things with silly misses. To me red was closer in whilst black required a little lead...........Time to reflect and improve on my errors! This was my 2nd time at this event and I've loved every one! Will be booking next year!! I too have attended much tougher reg shoots!
  8. Keep us posted! Been shooting reg comps last couple of years! I'm nothing special! (I shot 5yrs at local level! Big eye opener attending reg comps) Just enjoy the shooting and keep trying to improve! I'll sooth the nerves, any comments you may hear? Will be purely aimed at me and my gun lol The clubs I have mentioned all put good shoots on! Catton Hall is my nemesis club! ?????
  9. I'm at Worsley Friday! Shooting for 10.00 if you like some company?? Based in Manchester myself and I mainly shoot Old Glossop, Kingsley moor, Catton Hall with the odd trip thrown in for Oakedge ???
  10. Where you shooting?? I'm at Old Glossop if you are attending there?
  11. I would agree! Used to be a board up too advertising Cheshire gun room next to the container.
  12. Last entry 13.30! I'm only attending this for the experience of a Worsley comp and its local! The way they are doing the prizes seems a ball ache to me. Every reg shoot I've attended, A reasonable score in any class may put you in the money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Depending what the club pay out too.....ie Or first 3 shooters! Then you can collect at a later date! Some hold cash for 3 to 6 months! Get the impression they want you hanging around (To spend more cash) on the chance your score wins your category! Bloody annoying if after 4+ hours waiting you are pipped to the post and win nothing!! Raffle is nice idea! But I can see that ruffling some feathers.........You go into a prize draw! So a 98 in AA could win a box of carts and a 77 in C class could win the more expensive trap! Maybe I'm wrong???? But that's how I'm reading it. Open to hear other opinions on it!
  13. Ps Good selection of targets to suit everyone! Don't get overwhelmed because its a big shoot! You'll have a great time. I shot it first time last year and loved it! Driving down from Manchester, shooting 200! Then a leisurely drive back!
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