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  1. Thanks for reply just wanted to make sure
  2. Hi might sound like a daft question but can you still use a semi auto for pigeon shooting just I thought this new genral licence says something about u can't shoot pigeons with a gun that holds more than 2 carts but just been watching the shooting show and he's using a auto
  3. Hi I have a turbo pigeon flapper for sale it has a random timer a remote timer a 12 v battery and and a battery charger I'm looking for 40 quid for lot I live in teeside area if any ones intrested
  4. I had a stoager it grouped like a shot gun with any pellet so I got rid I bought a hw99.s for about 200 pound mark brand new u can put pellet on pellet at 30 yards and mines not broke in yet very good gun for small budget
  5. I was out with it to day trying to get some woodies but nowt about so done a bit of target practice to fine 0 it in with hn field target trophy it was practically pellet on pellet at 30 yards I even shot the drawing pins holding target up and it hasn't even fired a 100 shots yet really inpressed with it at the moment wish I bought one first instead of buying the cheaper riffles
  6. Hi I no there's some reviews on here about this gun some are bad some are good but there are from a wile ago I'm thinking of buying one after x mass to replace my over and under as it's getting old now just wondering if any one has been shooting them for a bit to get the proper feel of them and are they any good for a budget gun thanks for reading this post
  7. I've just bought a 99s 177 only fired a few shots through it and I'm really impressed with it out the box and if it gets better as it weres in I don't think il bother getting it tuned for now I had a hatsan 60 and tryed a stoger they both grouped like a shot gun no matter wat pellet I tried so got rid of them
  8. bigfish1


    Bought 1 of these yesterday took it out to day just to give scope a quick 0 at 25 yards I was really in prest by it straight out the box getting near enough pellet on pellet and it isn't be beded in yet so can't wait to c how good it is when it is been thinking of getting 1 for ages after reading reviews and watching u tube so glad I bought 1 it's 177 cal
  9. I only use a few just on the odd duck or goose that comes over the farm so I cary a couple just in case
  10. Got some cheddite 410 carts to try it say they 24 gram wiil they b any good for birds in flight or just sitting birds and has any one used them before the shop sed there good because theys more led
  11. Hi every one I've got some eley bismuth carts 32g no 4 shot I'm going to be using them through a sxs aya Yemen just wanted to no if they will be any good for close range geese in land thanks for any info
  12. I bought some nerepreme wellies from aldi 17 quid really comfortable and warm that was about 3 years ago still wear them now and still very good condition
  13. That's y I thought it looks a good place in middle of field were the pigeons are and it's over grown so prob won't have to set hide up just sit in middle of it thanks for all your replies
  14. Thanks for info seems to b a few pigeons on the field hopefully b a good day
  15. I'm using 410 hushpower with it only been small field there's a road behind me and 2 houses to the Wright so don't want to upset anybody with noise thanks for reply just didn't no how far electric can jump
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