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    clay and pidgeon shooting reloading my own cartridges and hopefull making my own lead shot.

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  1. mecman

    mec 600 bushes

    I have a couple of spare ones you can have if you pm your details I will send them but you will have to bore them out.
  2. Hope you are right , I was given some years ago and was curious to know what was in them so took one apart and found a solid ball in it which wouldn’t even look in the barrel of my gun, pays to check.
  3. Do not shoot them in any gun especially in a gun with any choke if you do you will be looking for a new set of barrels or worse.
  4. mecman

    Wireless thermostat

    Hi everyone. could anyone recommend a good wireless thermostat, at present I have a salus RT300RF which is very slow to react to a drop in room temperature.thank’s for any replies.
  5. mecman

    Gout !!!!!!!

    Yes had it in the knee and elbow never had pain like it since then I have been taking 80mgs of Adenuric ( febuxostat) it took nearly a year to work just as I was told by the doctor but well worth the wait. must say for the last two months I have been breaking them in half and still no problems eg 40 mg.
  6. mecman

    Csb 5 experiments

    I’m with cookoff to much powder. 22 grains is plenty.
  7. mecman

    Free Z18 wads

    Just received wads James sent free of charge must have come by stagecoach 13 days delivery. but never mind it was a very kind jesture thank’s mate. I will put a few quid in a charity box.
  8. mecman

    Reloading with Vectan

    No more than 20 grains.
  9. Hi James I still haven’t received the wads.lost in post perhaps.Alan.

    1. mecman

      High lodge own cartridge

      Their 24gram shell is the lightest recoil cartridge I have ever shot 12.5 grains of powder. Subsonic but plenty good enough for targets up to 35 yards. good cartridge if the wife is just starting.
    2. mecman

      Nobel 60 powder reloading data

      I have a lb & half of Nobel 62 formerly no 2 it to has yellow specks.
    3. Alan i got the wads posted off to you today, it was the first day i could get to a post office.




      1. mecman


        Ok thank’s James.

    4. mecman

      CSB5 24 gram load suitable?

      Compression formed case 19 grains of csb5 gualandi spark cx50 primer 24 grams of lead.
    5. mecman

      9 shot exchange for other shot

      Hi Dave did you get my last message.?
    6. mecman

      semiauto 12g

      Hi Steve I have a maxus premium grade 3 with 26 in. Barrel in absolute mint condition if you are interested .comes with 6 chokes and everything else that was supplied when bought . Asking £900 pounds for it. Alan.