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    clay and pidgeon shooting reloading my own cartridges and hopefull making my own lead shot.

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  1. Hi I’ve got a maxus grade 3 immaculate cond hardly used I’m asking £825 00.
  2. Hi,as above i have just bought a aa s410 s -hand and finding the filling probe very tight to get on and off is this normal or could i put a very small amount of dry lube on it,thanks for any replies.
  3. Thanks yes it has got provision for arrestor blocks it does have a bit of a kick to it,giving it a bit of a service at the moment polishing and debburing,any advice on best oil -grease when re-assembling,thanks.
  4. Hello,the first one was a hawke varmint 6-24 x 44ao the other one was also a hawke but slightly less magnification but still a good quality scope ,mounts are sports match, I’m fairly sure that there was no movement in either scope or mounts unless it was inside the scopes, thanks.
  5. Having a problem with my 35 plus year old hw35e I get excellent groups with open sights at 30 yards but need scope now as sight not what it used to be ,i have tried two good quality scopes with same results it will put pellet on pellet for 3or4 shots then go haywire,thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. Having the same problem with my hw35e excellent groups at 30yds with open sights but need a scope as sight not as good as it used to be,have tried two good quality hawke scopes both have same results it will put pellet on pellet for 3 or 4 shots then go haywire with pellets sometimes up to 6 ins away, thanks in advance for any help in solving the problem.
  7. I would be interested if you still have the shot,could you please pm me your phone number.
  8. Csb5 it’s equally as good as vectan as and half the price.
  9. mecman

    Old sxs

    I’ve got a couple to sell one is a Spanish masters other is a aya£50 each .
  10. Just used the last of my 62best I could do with it was 1/16 oz with 23 grains in parallel cases or 22 grains in a compression formed case and still a bit dirty.
  11. Hi could you please send me the address and tel no or website of your rfd as i could do with some powder,thanks
  12. I have a couple of spare ones you can have if you pm your details I will send them but you will have to bore them out.
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