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    clay and pidgeon shooting reloading my own cartridges and hopefull making my own lead shot.

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  1. Are they still compression formed cases.
  2. Once Fired Hull's ??

    I find them easier to load than the victory as the victory cases have much firmer plastic the wad guide fingers on my mec didn’t always open the crlmp properly resulting in ruined wads and cases so what I did was cut the fingers out of the mec guide and put a possi one inside it ,it works a lot better. just in the last few weeks I have been picking up once fired victory 8 star comfort cases they also load nicely.

    Looks like you are going to have to part with some of your double A cases after all mate
  4. Once Fired Hull's ??

    Why don’t you like the Gordon system cases ,never had a problem with gamebore or Remington, lovely finish on both.
  5. Victory once fired cases wanted

    i have about 3 hundred at the moment mainly challenger with a few starlight and the new hyper sporting comfort.there should be more of those later. will exchange for Winchester aa compression formed once fired.
  6. RC Shot sizes

    my thoughts exactly
  7. . plaswad 3. Plaswad 4. Winchester. Pc purple. Snia. Guilandi. PT. Bp. Herco. Verilite. Fibre. Most of them I have bought others have been handed down.
  8. . Yes I still have a couple of bags myself. a mate of mine has the dies for making them and done so until a couple of years ago but had a problem with part of the dies and says it is to expensive to get replacement parts. and I agree they are a very good wad
  9. Refurb kitchen table

    dining. Beech. 8years.
  10. Refurb kitchen table

    Having to refurb kitchen table.can anybody recommend a stain wax or oil as a finish to stop water marks. thanks for any replies .
  11. As above has anyone got one they want to sell, cheers.
  12. Steel and lead shot for sale.

    . Don't think so mate if you check price of 3.7 lead at clay and game
  13. 8.7 kg of 3.7 mm lead shot £30 .00. 13kg of 3.1 £37.50. Plus 12kg 2.7 and 10kg of3.1 mm steel shot £40.00 . Or £100.00 the lot