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  1. Ended up buying a pair in the end lovely guns would have preferred 30” or 28” barrels over 32” but still lovely to shoot
  2. After ideally a maxum 20bore in good condition or a well kept Essex.
  3. There's an awful lot come into Yorkshire in the last week or so. And I managed a right and left 4 years ago around this time and last week my dad did the same on the same drive ! Shame there's no free bottle of whiskey anymore, glenfarclas must have a tighter budget.
  4. hi peter could you please send me some details aswell please to thurlow-business@hotmail.com Wondering about: Price, Number of guns, walk one stand one or driven? shooting which days , average bags etc thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys After beating for over 10 years and shooting days ranging from 30 to 150 bird days for a similar period I am now looking to join a syndicate of my own. I live in east Yorkshire and I am desperate to get involved with a syndicate as either a full or half gun. If any of you know of any could you please let me know I would really appreciate it. Cheers
  6. I'm pretty sure you need a crop protection licence for geese mate mste I shoot with has one anyway
  7. tail... belly... beak and bang serves most people well for usual birds. a good one to remember for next time
  8. Often it is very difficult to establish a dog in being both a beating dog and a peg dog. In my opinion it would be beneficial to decide which you want more and focus on it because dogs which beat constantly want to go and search out the birds and struggle to stay still for prolonged periods.
  9. I will ask about 100 bird days however he's not been keen to run them in the past plus once you get into lower bird bags the keepers tend to ask more per bird. It would be a USP because they nigh on don't exist for fully organised driven shooting. In terms of pricing and overages with the shoot they tend to be set price days so you pay the full sum regardless for example last season a day shot 182 and no extra was charged. And yes john fantastic shooting not extreme birds but challenging and mostly partridge.
  10. One is escrick which is flat and another is hunsley which is rolling hills on the wolds and john yes it is but out towards stillingfleet that part of the estate
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