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  1. no you have to change a few parts
  2. Hi has anyone converted a BSA R10 Ultra or Scorpion to left hand cocking
  3. What size are the chambers ? Thanks
  4. I have had a few issues with them but just thought it was me LOL .My mate shot with them on friday with his auto and when he picked up the empty's the primers were missing
  5. ROYLE11

    wanted 4/10

    Thanks can you email me photo please
  6. ROYLE11

    wanted 4/10

    Cheap 4/10 wanted for my 10 year old will need to be cut down so don't want to spend to much can pick up Wirral /North Wales Thanks
  7. Hi Mike I am interested in a days shooting only problem is I go away on Wednesday for a week my Thanks Dave
  8. I don't live down south but I do work in Dover if that helps
  9. I am on the Wirral near Chester
  10. for sale 345 20g cartridges £65 125 X steel #4s 24g 166 X super comp #8s 24g plas wad 25 X victory #8s 24g felt wad 17 X jones by elley #7 24g 12 express steel #7 24g
  11. nice looking dog shame I got to save for Christmas
  12. His first Canada of the season he cant wait for the pinks to arrive no stopping him now
  13. My lad shot 2 shovllers on his first outing on the marsh 2 years ago. I told him you shot them you eat them ,he will never shoot another one
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