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  1. Do both batteries serve the same function? I only ask because on my Transit, one was for starting, and the other ran the ancillaries. So my ancillary battery died, but the van would still start. The radio needed the code putting in. Mike.
  2. Sorry to hear that, and pleased that you are on the mend. A friend of ours had a stroke, only in her early thirties, but has made a full recovery, and you would never know now, so hope you continue to prgress well! Mike.
  3. And when your 'bobby with a brain' is in court charged with murder or manslaughter, because the scrote went under the wheels of a truck... Or veered onto the footpath and killed a child? What then? Mike.
  4. What about one of these - fully pressurised and easy to change to fresh water every day? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rhyas-20-Litre-20L-Garden-Backpack-Pressure-Sprayer-Knapsack-Weed-Chemical-/391780096514?epid=513019905&hash=item5b37e9da02:g:RQsAAOSwjqVZEy51 Mike.
  5. But the trouble is, the Courts will never impose it.
  6. Steve, A friend of mine, now sadly died, used http://www.clikpic.com He was an enthusiastic amateur photographer, and had thousands of photos on his pages. He had various albums, and blogs of where he had been visiting each month. Easy to navigate, but I've no idea of the set-up costs sorry. Mike.
  7. Small claims doesn't always work. I had a customer refusing to pay some years ago, took him to small claims, won, he didn't pay, but went bankrupt instead. So I ended up worse off than if I hadn't claimed. Mike.
  8. Don't sling your oblong one, it will do for the new owner to put on a trailer or caravan. Mike.
  9. Mike737

    Is this true?

    This is the whole point! Individual deaths attract no attention. Numerous houses burn down every year. People murdered by intruders in their homes are a 15 minute story. Thousands die on the roads every year. An individual, or even group, of fishermen/women drown. Nothing... No fund-raising event, no public outcry. But a terrorist attack, a ferry capsizing, a plane crashing, and it's the number of people affected in one incident that sparks the reaction. The effect on the individual's families is just as great, but they have to manage on their own. I'm not wanting to come over as heartless, th
  10. Just seen this Mel, so sorry for your loss. Mike.
  11. Was it 40psi on the tyre-fitter's gauge, or on your own at home? His will be calibrated, yours may not... If yours should be inaccurate you wouldn't want to go dangerously low pressure either. Mike.
  12. Great idea Steve! What about a few fluffy yellow Easter chicks? Mike.
  13. I have the Screwfix one, it's surprisingly sturdy when set up. Mike.
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