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  1. Great results there, nice work. Thanks for sharing
  2. Optical Clarity, I have a Leica LRF 1200 scan and it could be used as a monocular the image through them is so good. I have a Bushnell Yardage Pro to compare it to. Now most people on a hunting website wont be taking shots beyond around 300 yards but the Leica returns results much more often than the bushnell does in and around this range I prefer the compact nature of the bushnell and I also prefer the push button on it. Most of the time with the Leica, trying to range something far away, I'll press the button and it takes so much effort that the whole unit shakes and throws off the reading. It's fine when you are resting on top of the jeep or something but not so good when free standing and trying to range something 500 yards away. So the Leica has much better glass and works more reliably out further away but the bushnell is easier to use and carry imho
  3. Bushnell Elite 3200 10x scope is a nice cheap tactical scope Don't worry about the turrets moving. Most tactical scopes allow for the turrets to be loosened and set in a known zero position so it takes literally 2 glances to ensure they have not moved.
  4. Pavman, With the greatest respect and civility can I ask what grounds you object on? I never understand where people are coming from on these threads and would like to discuss it. Cruelty: How many foot lbs does a .22-250 round retain at 250 yards? More than enough I'd say Accuracy: There is no luck involved in long range shooting, if you are unskilled or chancing it you are going to miss. PR: People regularly shoot deer at these ranges, why is it bad to do it to a pigeon, why does it become a "pot shot" when the animal changes? Antis are exactly that, anti hunting, doesn't matter if it was 10 yards or 1000, they'd still complain. Even if, instead of bullets, we fired lethal injections from our guns and the deaths were guaranteed painless we'd still be monsters. Legally: I am not a license holder in the UK, is shooting a pigeon with a rifle legal? I just don't understand where you are coming from on this I have to say. I can respect your opinion, you don't want to do it and that's your choice and you are 100% entitled to that choice and your opinion.
  5. Have to say I have a new love for Tom Sawyer by Rush and The Trees for that matter Also loving Panic Attack by Dream Theater But if I have to pick one best rock song of all time as in you can only ever hear one more song before you die I think it would have to be either Crazy Train by Ozzy or Creeping Death by Metallica
  6. Hey folks, Our Department of Justice here in the Republic are seeking submissions on reloading, in other words they want us write some pseudo legislation type document and submit it to them for their consideration. As you guys are allowed to reload I would be very interested in speaking with someone in the BASC about guidelines and your legislation. The BASC is blocked here in work so I was wondering could someone post the e-mail address to contact them on Any help is greatly appreciated Rgds Veg
  7. Flying rabbits, well I never
  8. Yeah the "we're nearly certain it was a shotgun" bit had my suspicions raised straight away. The presence of pellets would make it fairly obvious if it was a shotgun. Also when is the last time you blew a hole in something while shooting geese. A swan is even bigger so it must have been some cannon to blow a hole in it.
  9. Well done lads, good write up too. Its an odd one. I have only had one fox run after being shot with the .223. I was thinking initially I missed but I was certain that I couldn't have, I was steady, didn't pull it, followed through. It ran 20-30 yards after the shot and dropped dead. On inspection it was the same as your vixen, an exit wound the size of both my fists and its insides were pulp. Using the lamp we looked in the body cavity and its organs had been minced. Its distressing when it happens but even with good shot placement sometimes they travel a bit :blink:
  10. Ahhhh San Diego, meaning whales vagina. Lived there for the summer of 2005, I LOVED that place. Lived on the corner of Grand and Olney in Pacific Beach. Really enjoyed the place Welcome and hope you enjoy the forum
  11. ahhhhhh let it go mr lee, tis but a joke, B) OP you surely needed full choke at that range Did the dog need binos to mark it?
  12. I do a lot of shooting on the shore so I bought a pair of Hunter waders and they are simply the most uncomfortable things I have ever worn on my feet. I get a pain in the arch of both feet and they rub/burn my heels to bits (yes they fit correctly). On the other hand I have a pair of decent Dunlop wellingtons and they are very comfortable and hard wearing. Now I am not saying all Hunter products are bad but my natural inclination is to avoid the brand based on my experiences
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