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  1. Have a look at the Spypoint Link series..
  2. The Spypoint Link dark will do everything that you have asked for: https://www.baileysshooting.co.uk/Spypoint_Link_Dark/p4800233_19157660.aspx They are not cheap but ideal for what you need.
  3. I have had the same from my feo, spoke to basc they told me to do as they said as it would be quicker than fighting it!
  4. They both have stadiametric range finders, the 450 has a 850nm ir and the 455 has a 940 nm ir.
  5. Hi, Will this work with modern plastic shells? Thanks
  6. Surprised this is still available, these are like hens teeth!
  7. I'm interested in the reloading equipment, would you sell it separately?
  8. I think it's to do with them being able to fire a dart, otherwise possession of a peashooter could land you in prison for 5 years! Stupid law is stupid.
  9. This video contains some of the footage we took there, although the subject of the video is UK based.
  10. That's the great thing about Czech tactical, one of the the first things David asked was what we wanted to do, if you just want to blaze off hundreds of rounds you can, we chose to do some proper training, and I'm glad we did! There is a really good spa hotel nearby so Kb1 you could take the Mrs with you! We had a day in Brno after our shooting to soak up some culture, nice place and nice people!
  11. I certainly have! I have just come back from the state's, and although there was lots of stuff to shoot (full auto, .50 cal), I enjoyed my time more in Brno as there was more structure, and you get the whole range to yourself! As for David, you could not wish to meet a nicer bloke! And he really does know his stuff, my girlfriend had been clay shooting about 5 times before we went and after 2 days with David she passed the police firearms test!
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