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  1. simonm


    I was in Los Angeles when it happened and was still asleep due to time difference. Took me weeks to get home, can’t believe it’s 19 years.
  2. I’ve got some Maxxis Bravo ATs on my Disco 3 and I’ve been really impressed - the tread has lasted really well, and they were superb in snow last year and have been good in general shooting situations eg muddy tracks.
  3. That’s where I worked!
  4. I was furloughed from April and ended up taking a pay cut for a new job recently but at least I don’t have to commute to London anymore! i did a similar job for Britax when I was a student, used to really burn my fingers as they gloves were **** and the mirrors were very hot when they came out the mould!
  5. Look What We Found pouches are quite nice, they sell them in Waitrose don’t know where else
  6. simonm


    Yes - I don’t think he spent his own money but happy to spend other peoples’ to further his own publicity.
  7. Hampshire given the numbers I saw between Basingstoke and Kingsclere this afternoon!
  8. Swinton tried to include a £25 admin charge for auto renewing a policy, on top of a significantly increased premium. Needless to say I found cheaper elsewhere.
  9. I saw someone posted on Facebook they’d seen an advert for a £3k sprockador!
  10. I must admit I was thinking MI6/Special forces could create an ‘accident’
  11. I did it last spring in Kent, I found it interesting and good for the cost as a BASC member. Terry the instructor was very good.
  12. simonm


    They are currently on sale on Chris’ website
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