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  1. Ah got you. The shower is a tap fitting so you need something like this https://www.toolstation.com/compression-coupler-male-chrome-plated/p46733
  2. This should explain what I meant http://www.ukbathroomguru.com/fitting-a-bar-mixer-shower-with-a-simple-kit/
  3. I had to get these last year, I think they are called an easy fitting like this https://www.victorianplumbing.co.uk/easy-fix-bar-shower-fittings-kit-with-patented-auto-shut-off-function-efk002?campaign=googlebase&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpsLkBRDpARIsAKoYI8zmhRFEVq3eZa04looCWhz3TdPnaRuCybyDmiDRdESl_jWazsWfC9MaAsnsEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds The pipe comes through the wall and then these are a compression fitting that the shower unit then tightens onto. Don't forget the fabric washers when attaching the mixer or it might leak behind the wall 😪 Search on ebay for "shower easy fit" there are loads. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Exposed-Thermostatic-Shower-Mixer-Bar-Valves-Easy-Fast-Fit-Fixing-kit-Brass/332874039194?hash=item4d80d6bf9a&enc=AQADAAADAFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVl6%2BoHKkrzevusJ8GatvTSrhqDW5dblZnmc6NGudhHdxOcn0p0wXzwKf3BA7AB%2FGx5bhBqoPD68viK5BaLFYZYlcKcU2AjfBGyO3wlllG1VuY1%2FkluSEAIStTt6DQ6%2FblYq1EL0NTWQ%2BqZHncrIjkzDHcbEoi%2BPbLxoVvXkPaoY1tHnzZojuvfymwOSk8J%2Bm0hw2B7qFsljmLzIDDKYdWDojFkLUxDjdni5Tbxd6gVBLhhHxf4%2FJY8QAKultJwEpRB7ArCcMlUbkdEhU1FJyF24tAP41c9Ll5cdXtP%2FUpKFSjLYQisRwi5VZTBq53KNT4T0Ax7duryzJ6RCgdgGqvwbQS149KaJNDSKX15QspQ3gAJlUdSs7pzu34%2BNAVUnkDLE7N66y8NS15hWmgIBBZOaFCD0gd8EI5JQ1opJOUmjby97ACOrTno346PJOELHH9rH%2FxW4Ubos2tvg2O1b%2BvoWoLkQRXPy%2BrUlon6rZ0JLxS6ROcyRm0aqjRcEomoHFBiAQ2i7uM8I84X5cKG6plv%2B609vel1hREZB63R9QODeli7FRGaSFWNyx5hKwTMcJ%2FZjF6xRbSrYI%2Fit8vcOR%2FgrT%2Bku9iNv%2Fh9h1G%2FgxQH%2F9zDrd3s6WFH4Awdww6ueXXWOvYCyOo6ZDWEIJsFmtkFHfOfdZclnGyrGN3bWrENgk4uAdNJv2sw0J8uAydW0%2FUyglc2wmynG1TDzgAIcXtPo7CetWbRHhkidExYG5cFqj2nIQm703lLqiswHud7jpl%2F0w%2B%2BIe9C0BLUqgmtILcRsD7v9OmVrpH%2BdgtPAaqHS6rRy6dYeL3ZT6ygtzfwQaiVUMhMDHevPliUOpBvjkEKbVLaxy7mfXgk4kXyelIfjATzVqShSfpuf3LPe46liJKOc%2Bcc%2BgUBdr7%2B3gtmoDCqBVGg8CQAj%2B9txtkia053zMsUeg9DOuaoyutc0G%2F1LNvR7eZeKUUJF17Z0DVm4V2KA%3D%3D&checksum=3328740391948d3340b11bfb4b609b07b89ec1a838ce
  4. Yeah don’t drill through a water pipe, just saying 🤭
  5. Not left handed by any chance....?
  6. simonm

    White deer

    Would any of the pictures be a White Hart?
  7. I have Bravo Maxxis ATs on my Disco 3 and they were outstanding in the snow we had a few weeks ago that brought most of the area to a standstill. This was on deep fresh snow out in the downs as well as compacted icy stuff in the town - coupled with the snow and ice mode the grip was phenomenal.
  8. Oh yes, also Jack Whitehall’s Travels With My Father (both series) - really funny kept me going on the overnight train through Finland!
  9. Seconded, I've had an 18V one which is now about 6 years old and has been used to renovate 2 houses. Even now the battery lasts absolutely ages and its been up to pretty much every job I can think of.
  10. simonm

    Veg patch ?

    We do try 😂 I'd never even heard of one....
  11. simonm

    Veg patch ?

    My wife wants to get a VegTrug (more work for me) - anyone got one? Any good?
  12. simonm


    Virgin Premium Economy really impressed me for the money on a flight to Las Vegas, much better than the BA equivalent. Try Skyscanner or google flights for the best prices.
  13. Exactly this. I saw them in town today waving placards, to be honest it was just an excuse for a day off school!
  14. Wait for her family and friends to start a GoFundMe page....🙄
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