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  1. simonm

    Single malt

    I was in Lidl the other day and noticed their Ben Bracken range - they do an Islay, Highland and Speyside for around £17.50 each. I looked them up and they get great reviews, anyone tried them?
  2. simonm

    Fireworks warning labels

    😂 I remember one of these when we went to my parents' friends' house when o was a kid. My mum has an irrational fear of snakes and she had a meltdown! This must have been over 30 years ago! It didn't even look like a snake just a long charred thing and they smelled awful 😂
  3. simonm

    Barbour and musto jackets

    Hi what condition is the Barbour jacket in? Thanks
  4. simonm


    Yes that's what I did with my daughter tonight.
  5. simonm


    Thanks, pm sent
  6. simonm


    Can't see the picture?
  7. simonm

    Where the heck is Corbyn?

    Genuine question, has he actually ever had a job?
  8. simonm

    Where the heck is Corbyn?

    Maybe he's doing a 4 day week like labour proposed a few weeks ago?
  9. simonm

    Ye Gods Kleenex

    They have!! Where have you been 😂 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/10/womxn-row-companies-worry-word-women-excludes-transgender-people/
  10. simonm

    Spitfire shoot, Stockbridge?

    I go quite frequently, it's a nice shoot and they have delays on the traps if you're a Billy no mates like me 😀 Also has a high tower so can get some pheasant practice in 👍 It does sometimes get a bit busy on Saturdays especially in summer but generally it's ok. As mentioned Stockbridge is a nice place for some refreshments after, you can even feed the trout and grayling right on the high street!
  11. simonm

    Automatic radiator bleed valves ???

    No they'll probably leak lol and as stated you shouldn't need one (although there is normally an automatic bleed valve at the highest point of the system often next to hot water cylinder).
  12. 😤 can't believe I missed this, just what I've been looking for. Nice looking gun!
  13. simonm

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    That's what annoys me, its seems to be a complete lottery from county to county, and now within counties!
  14. simonm

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    As an update to this topic, I today received a letter from TVP as a final reminder to pay for the medical report. I'm pretty annoyed that my GP has had my money for 2 months and has not done anything, but the main point arising appears to be that TVP will not process an application anymore without you paying for a GP's report.