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  1. We went today - lots of people reported big problems getting there, queuing for several hours. We came from the Evesham side and had no problem but I was annoyed to find the priority parking was no different to normal parking. It was ok, not as big as previous years. As everyone else says, don’t expect bargains. It was nice to go out and do something after the last 18 months we’ve had, but if I’m honest it was a 4 hour plus round trip, £60 for tickets and I’m neutral about whether it was worth it
  2. Not had your jab recently? I had a day like that after followed by 4 weeks of headaches
  3. Probably need a spark as the electrical work probably comes under part p regs. Or you’ll at least need a spark to sign it off.
  4. simonm

    slough council

    Implications? Probably good news for the consultancy firms 😀
  5. Also if it’s getting nasty, I would honestly consider putting guns in with RFD
  6. Have you suggested attending mediation first? It’s not necessarily going to resolve everything but cheaper by possibly tens of thousands… plus if you suggest mediation and she won’t do it, it won’t help her cause 😀
  7. I bet they’d let someone build loads of houses on it though 🤔
  8. I’ve watched the first half before the baby woke up 😐 I really enjoyed it and I even learned some things!
  9. My thoughts exactly, it made me quite angry when I heard the story.
  10. Don’t use my divorce solicitor 😥🤑
  11. I’ve used Joe Irving’s Training Spaniels for my cocker and it’s been really good. It feels like you are going quite slow at the beginning but stick with it as I think this does pay dividends.
  12. My mother in laws decorator painted around the sockets, too lazy to loosen them off and do a proper job 🙄
  13. This. My costs were huge because my loony ex wife sent letter after letter about nothing because she was bankrolled by her parents and knew because we had kids she would get nearly everything. And do check your itemised bills- my solicitor tried to charge me for a parking ticket he got when we were in court 😆 It’s a hard time and everyone seems to think it’s the end of the world, but for me it’s one of the best things that could have happened!
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