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  1. simonm

    Vegan in the family

    My sincere condolences. Despite it being a bit worrying that your family have kept him at arms length from you (is he confrontational or a hunt sab or something?), I would try and forget him and do what you can to ensure he cannot cause a fuss on your big day. In effect, be the bigger person and provide a bag of spinach for him or something - if he then decides to go round criticising people for enjoying good food, it will reflect badly on him, not you. Ultimately, do whatever you need to do to minimise/eliminate the chance of him causing any mischief on you and your partner's big day. You probably won't even know he's there (he'll be the pale, spindly one with no energy for dancing.....)
  2. simonm

    What are these ?

    Yep, charcoal filters for a kitchen extractor on recirculate mode. If your hood it ducted to the outside, you don't need them.
  3. simonm

    Trump Protests

    I don't know what the fuss is about. Personally I find it a bit embarrassing we don't have the good manners to all be polite to a visitor, and the media seem to have been keen to make it look like there were lots of protests. The protestors would mostly have turned up to anything they perceived to be cool, and I bet most of them couldn't even explain what Trump is supposed to have done wrong. And where were they when leaders from countries with worse human rights records turned up? Did they go and get a giant helium balloon from the card shop for them?
  4. simonm

    Happy Valley, Grazeley nr Reading

    Thanks 👍
  5. simonm

    What to wear for informal syndicate?

    Our syndicate is pretty relaxed but we still all wear a tie, so a checked shirt and tie, jumper, shooting jacket and some sort of trousers and boots (wellies or otherwise). And don't forget the cap! As above, ebay is a good place for all the above and if you are going to the Game Fair (or another fair), they are always good for picking up a cheap shirt and tie etc.
  6. Much like sex, the bird might see it differently 😂
  7. Does anyone shoot here? Just wondered what it was like!
  8. simonm

    Most bizzare job you've had

    Summer job as a student removing plastic wing mirror cases from a moulding machine, scraping off flashing and packing. It was absolutely boiling, repetitive and pretty miserable I have to say.
  9. simonm

    Pigeon Shooting Book - by Archie Coats.

    If it doesn't sell, I'd gladly take it!
  10. simonm

    Cooked first pheasant - tough as an old boot!

    Some great ideas, thanks all 😋
  11. simonm

    Open fire

    If you get a wood burner you generally need a stainless flexible flue liner installed in the chimney. Round here registered HETAS fitters charge a fortune for doing this and installing a stove i.e. nearly a grand! Add this to the cost of the stove and it might be worth keeping your fire!
  12. simonm

    Shoot cancellation insurance.

    If you look on the GunsOnPegs website they have an insurance page and so single day insurance underwritten by Hiscox.
  13. simonm

    OSPREY !!

    I saw an osprey on Loch Ness a few years ago, I felt very lucky actually and no one else on the rib noticed Red kites are plentiful here they are actually the most common bird I see at home now. Thinking about it I hardly see any of the common garden birds anymore
  14. simonm

    Richmond sausages.

    Yes I know it 😀 nice sausages also sells game. Reminds me of butchers when I was a kid 😀
  15. simonm

    Richmond sausages.