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  1. simonm


    Honestly I wouldn’t touch it at the best of times let alone now.
  2. Doesn't seem worried about the environment when flogging his bird watching trips to Africa - those flights are obviously carbon neutral!
  3. From Miroku, it’s only 3 months old. New fixed choke models from Browning and Miroku (eg Browning Crown, Miroku MK60) come with a sticker on saying not suitable for steel shot.
  4. Because it’s fixed 1/4 and 3/4 so Miroku say don’t use steel and I don’t want to invalidate my warranty on a fairly expensive gun
  5. 4 - lead and fibre as my Miroku is fixed choke and I can’t use steel if I wanted to
  6. Yes but I have seen adverts on facebook I think for the Highclere Show being run by someone else. https://highclereshow.co.uk/
  7. simonm

    Greta Bristol

    Let’s hope someone hands out soap
  8. simonm

    Greta Bristol

    I know I probably sound old, but what does this actually achieve?
  9. Full statement here: https://www.countryside-alliance.org/news/2020/2/a-joint-statement-on-the-future-of-lead-shot?utm_campaign=1314630_24%2F02%2F2020&utm_medium=dotmailer&utm_source=Countryside Alliance&dm_i=44G9,S6DI,5IHZF4,3DSFB,1
  10. Exactly, a handy way of delivering what a lot of groups want to achieve
  11. Indeed, and the book "Norwegian Wood" is a strangely interesting read.
  12. At least Al Capone produced something people wanted 😀
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