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  1. We’ve just moved to an old bungalow in the woods so it’s a bit chilly. To stop my wife moaning about the cold as much, just got one of these https://www.johnlewis.com/dreamland-sherpa-electric-underblanket/p5079414 You set a timer and heat level. I have to say it’s very nice 😀 Maybe I’m an old boy too (I’m 44!)
  2. Sadly his followers don’t follow any of the above logic and are probably having a GoFraudMe whip round to repair any damage.
  3. Anything for publicity 🙈
  4. Just wondered if anyone has had any issues as a result of this, or knows of any consequential actions that have occurred? I’m not a no win no fee lawyer, just not sure if I’m being paranoid about something!
  5. simonm


    Ha ha beat me to it!
  6. It would be worth investigating whether you’d make more selling In current condition or paying for a refurb but potentially selling for a higher price
  7. £15? I’d only just get home from the garage in my Discovery 😕
  8. simonm


    Hope yours was cheaper than mine 😂
  9. I used watch Doctor for my Breitling, no problems https://watchdoctors.co.uk/
  10. simonm


    I can’t believe anyone pays full price, it’s not so bad if you get cheap tickets with cereal boxes etc. Half of the models look older than me and are dirty, and you can spend most of your time queuing. The final straw is having to pay to park on top of the ticket price 😡 I mean you’ve remortgaged your home and they’ve got the world’s biggest car park but you have to pay extra!!!!!
  11. We went today - lots of people reported big problems getting there, queuing for several hours. We came from the Evesham side and had no problem but I was annoyed to find the priority parking was no different to normal parking. It was ok, not as big as previous years. As everyone else says, don’t expect bargains. It was nice to go out and do something after the last 18 months we’ve had, but if I’m honest it was a 4 hour plus round trip, £60 for tickets and I’m neutral about whether it was worth it
  12. Not had your jab recently? I had a day like that after followed by 4 weeks of headaches
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