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  1. If you like the Air King look at the Explorer (1 not 2) too.
  2. If you are looking for a smart watch I have a TAG Heuer Connected smart watch brand new and unworn I have decided I don’t need 😲
  3. It's ridiculous, I don't understand why a vocal minority are able to stop people going about their lawful business. We're supposed to live in a tolerant, democratic society and I'm sure it would go to court if events by religious groups etc were cancelled. And yet Extinction Rebellion can hold their illegal "show" in London unhindered....
  4. I use the Zippo one, really good would definitely recommend.
  5. I agree with the above. I had a similar situation with drains blocking in a semi; to cut a very long (years) story short, during one CCTV survey a rat appeared and eventually we worked out that they were burrowing into the neighbours' house via a disused connection which was left when they built an extension. We had to get the drain lined to cap it off, and then it was all sorted, but it was unfortunately years of stress and quite a bit of cost too.
  6. simonm

    Air freshener ???

    Use zoflora pet disinfectant when you was bedding etc also use it to clean floors and hard surfaces eg skirting. You can also make a sprays for use on carpets, soft furnishing
  7. She could go to Saudi and lecture them about oil too
  8. simonm

    PPI job losses

    It's the electricity generating ones where people feed back to the grid. Essentially people were convinced to get loans to pay for the panels on the proviso their fee from the grid would cover their loan payments (and more). Naturally it hasn't (at least not in all cases) so people are left servicing loans they can't afford and/or don't want.
  9. simonm

    Avios tips?

    The best thing we have is get a companion voucher to get an additional free ticket, but for this you need to be a BA executive member and have a BA credit card which I'm assuming you aren't? You do have to look to find BA reward flights you can use Avios on that you want, but it can be worth it - for example, we got first class flights to Dubai for less than the price of an economy ticket (as you still have to pay tax).
  10. simonm

    PPI job losses

    Now they are doing "Did you make an investment that lost money?" So people who knew the risks will lie like they did with PPI and say "No of course not" and it begins again...
  11. My local coop had Malteser Reindeers on display the day I went in after getting back off holiday - 23rd August! Their range of Christmas goods was even more comprehensive this morning!
  12. Recently got a feeder as my daughter wanted one. All we get in the garden are woodies and magpies, with large numbers of kites circling overhead. Don't know what's happened to all the others?
  13. I've been looking for a game gun and I have my heart set on one of these. However Browning state lead shot only - I know there are threads ongoing about using steel in non-steel guns etc, but assuming I follow Browning's instructions and want to keep my warranty etc, would anyone worry about buying one in the context of lead shot being banned any time soon? I'd hate to buy one then lead shot gets banned 😪 I don't know if I'm worrying about nothing? The alternative would be to get the Browning Exquisite which is multi choked and ok for steel.
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