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  1. It you’re going to collect the 10b I’ll have the rest 😀
  2. Point 7 - exactly, as usual the only winners will be the lawyers.
  3. We get bits from Mole as said above but there are often bundles of stuff on Facebook marketplace so worth a look. if they horses are damaging the trunk rather than eating leaves, some sort of tree guard might be easier?
  4. It will be a box by then!
  5. Yes I went to the petrol station this afternoon and most of the diesel pumps were out of use.
  6. Just read the latest story about the so called ‘Tyre Extinguishers’ on Sky news. I wonder what their selection criteria is for who gets targeted? Define an SUV in an urban area! Does a country vet living in a market town get done? I bet they accept help in the snow or floods, I’ve rescued plenty of people over the years.
  7. Did you get to the next petrol station alright? 😂
  8. The employer sends the info to HMRC each month when they run the payroll. I hate it when HMRC start fiddling with tax codes, it's a nightmare! Fortunately it all comes out in the wash in self assessment but it can be a real pain.
  9. simonm


    I stopped supporting them when they decided to stop selling shooting equipment in this country a while ago
  10. simonm

    Your loan

    Not so much a loan as deferred taxation!
  11. When in Edinburgh… on another topic, is that the balcony in Trainspotting?
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