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  1. I did it last spring in Kent, I found it interesting and good for the cost as a BASC member. Terry the instructor was very good.
  2. simonm


    They are currently on sale on Chris’ website
  3. I thought it was April 1st https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/estate-agents-banned-master-bedrooms-slavery-a4488896.html
  4. For my first gun I got a left handed gun with adjustable stock. I the upgraded to a Miroku MK60 grade 5 which is a straight stock with slight right hand toe I believe but it fits me perfectly!
  5. simonm

    Wasp sting

    I was out fishing once and stood in a wasps nest in the bank! Got stung at least 10 times and seriously thought about diving in the water but it was only a shallow chalk stream. I did worry at the time I might have a bad reaction as I was on my own quite a way from help.
  6. I occasionally see stuff like this on Facebook marketplace.
  7. Yes if they claim it was fraud and done without their knowledge. Last week we noticed someone had paid money into our account and the next day was a transfer of the same amount out by our bank. To cut a long story short, it appears someone who once paid my wife for something by bank transfer had mistakenly paid money into our account and as banks won’t Reverse it if it’s your mistake, they claimed it was done fraudulently without their knowledge.
  8. Just changed provider on one of our cars - the renewal as well as being more expensive included an additional £25 service charge fee! And when I rang to cancel they asked why....
  9. simonm


    People ‘loved’ Obama because the media told them too, and the media tells them to dislike Trump. People are like sheep; nobody over here understands US politics yet everyone has an opinion on their president .
  10. It’s disgusting. I hate making it for the kids 😣 I think I wash my hands more after making marmite on toast than when I’m trying to make sure I don’t get Coronavirus!
  11. These scams are common - they use a password they’ve bought from hackers selling lists of passwords from compromised sites, in an attempt to convince you have indeed been recorded watching mucky films or whatever.
  12. simonm

    Electric Fence

    Tell me about it. I went to do some jobs where my wife used to ride, and I touched the fence - I thought I’d been punched in the stomach and I felt really sick it was awful 😂
  13. simonm


    Honestly I wouldn’t touch it at the best of times let alone now.
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