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  1. simonm

    Open fire

    If you get a wood burner you generally need a stainless flexible flue liner installed in the chimney. Round here registered HETAS fitters charge a fortune for doing this and installing a stove i.e. nearly a grand! Add this to the cost of the stove and it might be worth keeping your fire!
  2. simonm

    Shoot cancellation insurance.

    If you look on the GunsOnPegs website they have an insurance page and so single day insurance underwritten by Hiscox.
  3. simonm

    OSPREY !!

    I saw an osprey on Loch Ness a few years ago, I felt very lucky actually and no one else on the rib noticed Red kites are plentiful here they are actually the most common bird I see at home now. Thinking about it I hardly see any of the common garden birds anymore
  4. simonm

    Richmond sausages.

    Yes I know it 😀 nice sausages also sells game. Reminds me of butchers when I was a kid 😀
  5. simonm

    Richmond sausages.

  6. simonm

    Pointless Madness

    Hope you had your CSCS card on you
  7. simonm

    Clay Shooting Holidays or Hotels

    The White Horse in Chilgrove (West Sussex) is a nice place to stay, does great food and they run some simulated game days.
  8. simonm

    Question on travelling - Dubai airport

    The dirham is at a really good rate at the moment nearly 20% up on when I last went a year ago. I wouldn't bother getting local currency over here, pay on a credit card in local currency and take advantage of the good bank rate.
  9. simonm

    Basc members free - The game fair

    Agreed. Got in for free, and got my wife a BASC guest ticket. We took our 1yo daughter and really enjoyed it, ended up spending quite a lot but got some good deals
  10. simonm

    Am I mad?

    Sadly just sold my 90 200TDI but a few thoughts: - really pay attention to the condition of chassis and bulkhead - for a second car/toy even a 200Tdi will be good, and you can make it just how you want it. - don't pay over the odds for some blinged up off roader. You don't want to pay for loads of stuff you don't want and that has often, sadly been done badly and often cosmetic improvements are done at the expense of proper regular maintenance. - sadly theft is a real problem (mine was stolen and dumped) so make sure you get some proper security.
  11. simonm

    𝙺evin the carrot

    Thank you!
  12. simonm

    𝙺evin the carrot

    I have no idea what this is about!
  13. simonm

    Range Rover Sport

    Very true - I once read that if you can't afford to buy a Range Rover new, you won't be able to run a secondhand one!!
  14. simonm

    Range Rover Sport

    Got a 61 plate, no problems (touch wood 😬). We've been very happy with it. It covers all the bases -luxury, great for long distance, can fit 3 kids a dog and luggage in, driving in fields, enough poke etc. I have the 3.0 TDV6 and I guess the main downsides are fuel economy (we average maybe 25mpg) and it seems to get though tyres quickly.
  15. simonm

    What time do shoots start?

    Mine meets at 9 for a bit of breakfast etc first.