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  1. I had an orange screwdriver like that out of a cracker....
  2. I’ve used Watch Doctors for my Breitling, they were very helpful - no complaints.
  3. Why not get a credit card with a 0% purchase offer?
  4. Wow, the comments on Facebook are worrying! From people saying they'll be ok as they only wander round a permission to take a few for the pot, to the person saying "I think it's just people with licences to kill them I've been looking and doesn't seem to say people with shotgun license", to those saying only the police can take away their general licence anyway 😟
  5. I use Uswitch normally who do it all for you. If you go to Uswitch through Topcashback you normally get £30 cashback for nothing as well ☺️
  6. If it affecting people outside their boundary then they should get involved. If I played loud music all night in my home every night I’m sure they would get involved if people complained!
  7. I’m with you, I’d be gutted if I had to sit as a passenger in some clone car ☹️
  8. Sorry but that sounds like absolute rubbish - they either don’t know what they are talking about or can’t be bothered. I would escalate to a supervisor/manager and keep going.
  9. Blimey I was lucky bringing my new knife back from Finland last year 😦 Good luck with the appeal 👍
  10. Pleasure to meet you, thanks again I'm chuffed with my purchase 😀
  11. As I understand it the statistics regarding "high school shootings" are rather misunderstood, as they include shootings near or on high school property out of school hours?
  12. Ah got you. The shower is a tap fitting so you need something like this https://www.toolstation.com/compression-coupler-male-chrome-plated/p46733
  13. This should explain what I meant http://www.ukbathroomguru.com/fitting-a-bar-mixer-shower-with-a-simple-kit/
  14. I had to get these last year, I think they are called an easy fitting like this https://www.victorianplumbing.co.uk/easy-fix-bar-shower-fittings-kit-with-patented-auto-shut-off-function-efk002?campaign=googlebase&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpsLkBRDpARIsAKoYI8zmhRFEVq3eZa04looCWhz3TdPnaRuCybyDmiDRdESl_jWazsWfC9MaAsnsEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds The pipe comes through the wall and then these are a compression fitting that the shower unit then tightens onto. Don't forget the fabric washers when attaching the mixer or it might leak behind the wall 😪 Search on ebay for "shower easy fit" there are loads. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Exposed-Thermostatic-Shower-Mixer-Bar-Valves-Easy-Fast-Fit-Fixing-kit-Brass/332874039194?hash=item4d80d6bf9a&enc=AQADAAADAFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVl6%2BoHKkrzevusJ8GatvTSrhqDW5dblZnmc6NGudhHdxOcn0p0wXzwKf3BA7AB%2FGx5bhBqoPD68viK5BaLFYZYlcKcU2AjfBGyO3wlllG1VuY1%2FkluSEAIStTt6DQ6%2FblYq1EL0NTWQ%2BqZHncrIjkzDHcbEoi%2BPbLxoVvXkPaoY1tHnzZojuvfymwOSk8J%2Bm0hw2B7qFsljmLzIDDKYdWDojFkLUxDjdni5Tbxd6gVBLhhHxf4%2FJY8QAKultJwEpRB7ArCcMlUbkdEhU1FJyF24tAP41c9Ll5cdXtP%2FUpKFSjLYQisRwi5VZTBq53KNT4T0Ax7duryzJ6RCgdgGqvwbQS149KaJNDSKX15QspQ3gAJlUdSs7pzu34%2BNAVUnkDLE7N66y8NS15hWmgIBBZOaFCD0gd8EI5JQ1opJOUmjby97ACOrTno346PJOELHH9rH%2FxW4Ubos2tvg2O1b%2BvoWoLkQRXPy%2BrUlon6rZ0JLxS6ROcyRm0aqjRcEomoHFBiAQ2i7uM8I84X5cKG6plv%2B609vel1hREZB63R9QODeli7FRGaSFWNyx5hKwTMcJ%2FZjF6xRbSrYI%2Fit8vcOR%2FgrT%2Bku9iNv%2Fh9h1G%2FgxQH%2F9zDrd3s6WFH4Awdww6ueXXWOvYCyOo6ZDWEIJsFmtkFHfOfdZclnGyrGN3bWrENgk4uAdNJv2sw0J8uAydW0%2FUyglc2wmynG1TDzgAIcXtPo7CetWbRHhkidExYG5cFqj2nIQm703lLqiswHud7jpl%2F0w%2B%2BIe9C0BLUqgmtILcRsD7v9OmVrpH%2BdgtPAaqHS6rRy6dYeL3ZT6ygtzfwQaiVUMhMDHevPliUOpBvjkEKbVLaxy7mfXgk4kXyelIfjATzVqShSfpuf3LPe46liJKOc%2Bcc%2BgUBdr7%2B3gtmoDCqBVGg8CQAj%2B9txtkia053zMsUeg9DOuaoyutc0G%2F1LNvR7eZeKUUJF17Z0DVm4V2KA%3D%3D&checksum=3328740391948d3340b11bfb4b609b07b89ec1a838ce
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