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  1. simonm

    Bayliss and Harding

  2. simonm

    Lincoln Side by Sides

    I've seen a used Lincoln side by side for sale and I'm just trying to find out anything about the side by sides but coming up blank on here and Google. Does anyone know any of the model names etc? Any other info gratefully received.
  3. simonm

    Decent waterproof shoes!

    I was in a similar position, I wanted some winter boots that I could wear with chinos or jeans as I walk a lot round London for work visiting various sites and offices, plus for going to the pub in the country for dinner etc. I tried Timberland but my feet are too wide so I've got some Sorel chukka boots which are waterproof and so comfortable! I'd never heard of them until my wife get me some of their snowboots for our upcoming trip to Lapland. Anyway mine were in their clearance reduced from £160 to £80 and definitely worth it!
  4. simonm

    Magpie singing merry Christmas

    😂 you made me spit my cider out!
  5. simonm

    Gun trader

    Works for me as Scully says.
  6. simonm


    We had a lot of sleet followed now by lots of rain. There was a white coating on the cars and grass for a while.
  7. simonm

    Single malt

    I was in Lidl the other day and noticed their Ben Bracken range - they do an Islay, Highland and Speyside for around £17.50 each. I looked them up and they get great reviews, anyone tried them?
  8. simonm

    Fireworks warning labels

    😂 I remember one of these when we went to my parents' friends' house when o was a kid. My mum has an irrational fear of snakes and she had a meltdown! This must have been over 30 years ago! It didn't even look like a snake just a long charred thing and they smelled awful 😂
  9. simonm

    Barbour and musto jackets

    Hi what condition is the Barbour jacket in? Thanks
  10. simonm


    Yes that's what I did with my daughter tonight.
  11. simonm


    Thanks, pm sent
  12. simonm


    Can't see the picture?
  13. simonm

    Where the heck is Corbyn?

    Genuine question, has he actually ever had a job?
  14. simonm

    Where the heck is Corbyn?

    Maybe he's doing a 4 day week like labour proposed a few weeks ago?
  15. simonm

    Ye Gods Kleenex

    They have!! Where have you been 😂 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/10/womxn-row-companies-worry-word-women-excludes-transgender-people/