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  1. Was looking at getting a smallish 4x4 as a second car for knocking about the shoot, visits to the local marsh etc...looked at the Suzuki grand vitara 3 Dr 1.6 petrol...there's plenty about for up to approx 3k which is my budget...now the question, does any of the PW massive have the said vehicle and if so is it the thumbs up or thumbs down on recommendation...any comments welcome....atb...misser
  2. fantastic...you've definitely got talent and above all patience to do such work....🙂🙂...atb... misser
  3. thanks saltings... extremely informative posting, think you've just about covered everything even the pot bellied stove, damned good idea...much appreciated for all the info...atb...misser
  4. Thanks gents for the comprehensive replies...never heard of the party wall act , but I have now....might be back to the drawing board..that's the beauty of the forum, a wealth of knowledge and experience...thanks again gents...atb....misser
  5. thanks tightchoke...think ive opened the proverbial can of worms to be honest...might have to review the whole situation possibly...cheers misser
  6. hi tightchoke ..that is my soilpipe...the boundary is basically the wall that the bins are against...thanks...atb...misser
  7. Managed to upload pic of the proposed location.. it's a bit of a non descript damp corner. .atb .misser thanks for the replies...am going to have a word with the neighbour and as walshie could build a back wall as well...thanks...atb...misser
  8. hi ultrastu... its a dividing wall it does appear to come over my boundary by an inch or so so assumed it was ok to build onto it, there has at some stage been a structure there as some stage it has been removed, thanks for pointing this out I just assumed it was ok...might have to look at it further..will try and put a pic up...thanks....atb….misser
  9. Hi...have got an old shed at the back of the house which is rotten and is coming down in the next few weeks...was looking at replacing with a single skin brick pent roof lean to (against next doors much taller wall)....dimensions would be approx. 15ft long by 7ft wide by 7ft high....just want as basic as possible to store lawn mover garden tools etc, assume would need concrete base in..I have no idea as to price for the job or how much concrete would need...am going to get some ball park quotes but am dreading it as don't want to show too much lack of knowledge and get fleeced...any comments or ball park figures for the cost of such would be much appreciated....thanks...atb….misser
  10. hand car wash in west lancs.…..large signage...'******* hand car wash...the best hand job in town' ….atb...misser
  11. hi..top offer I must say...im in west lancs, have never been lamping but would love to have a look at what it is all about, if you ever fancy a nights company just let me know, just hope its not past my bedtime when you go out😄😄….atb...misser
  12. point taken Diss..should have worded it slightly different in that some folk appear to class them as vermin....atb...misser
  13. totally agree...Canadas should not be classed as vermin...even the woodpigeon is a beautiful bird but certain parties appear to have lack of respect for them...some folk would shoot the last of a species and be proud of it...each to their own I suppose...atb...misser
  14. Considering it was ten tickets per day six days a week the bag returns were unbelievable...as you say wigeon were in there thousands and even on a still day you could get a pink...those were the days and its not rose tinted spectacle reminiscing....the place was unbelievable...the club marsh sadly is not quite as good as it used to be due to not being grazed...met a lot of decent lads on that little roadside carpark..atb...misser
  15. I regularly shot the day ticket marsh until we were robbed of it by sefton council....I might have bumped into you scolopax as I remember talking to a couple of blokes from the east coast, at the time I thought bloody hell they must be keen!!...atb...misser
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