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  1. A lot of the Aldi products are made by subcontract manufacturers that produce for the 'blue chip' big boys as well....this is definitely the case...I know because we do it ...😉😉...atb...misser
  2. misser

    Duck guns

    aya yeoman sbs bored improved and improved...eley no5 steel..find it a great combination for teal and wigeon over small and medium sized flashes have a couple of heavier fiocchi no 3 should any geese present themselves...not bothered about the long range stuff as my eyes have deteriorated and I cant see them anyway...😄😄...atb...misser
  3. I had a recent rat problem and got some of the difenacoum based wax blocks...put a hole through them/tied them down so they couldn't be carried away and they seem to have done the trick...also put a few of the larger rat traps down baited with peanut butter and that also worked....atb...misser
  4. Hi pigeonsrus...pity youre not closer would have taken you up on your generous offer and you'd be welcome to some duck and goose shooting...cheers...atb...misser
  5. never used a boat...only time was crossing the Manchester ship canal in a gale with Frodsham wildfowlers...never again...think it put me off boats and wildfowling for life...atb...misser
  6. Afternoon...was enquiring if there is any pigeon shooting clubs/syndicates in the north west area as to date I've never found any...or even someone who would maybe swap for some inland duck/goose shooting...just a thought, so any comments welcome...apart from rude ones...😄😃...thanks...atb….misser
  7. Nice write up as per usual, nice looking widgeon splashes, nothing better than sat out by such a splash and hearing that whistling and growling....atb….misser
  8. cut a few rides, use sewelling and stops etc and see what happens, a bit trial and error, the pheasants might be hard work but if you flatten a few acres and see what the pigeons think of it.......🙂 🙂….atb ...misser
  9. Wise words MM and even the experienced can get caught out, I shot the ticket marsh at Southport for years and can remember how a few poor souls lost their lives out there...think that was the start of SDWA wardening it etc, Westley you were very lucky, am sure it will be an experience that youll never forget...a near miss for sure....lets hope there are no accidents this season...atb….misser
  10. excellent footage and some nice scenery and shots....dog is coming on great...wagging tail and all so obviously loving the outings...atb...misser
  11. misser

    roller door

    thanks bob was thinking about a motorised one....think theyre better fresh can hang birds up till day after was also the idea...thanks...atb...misser
  12. Hi Dave...used to shoot on lunt/ince blundell many moons ago, the alt is good for duck and always a few kicking about...my mates dad was part time keeper for inside the wall shoot...is that where it is or further down over the bypass...good area all together round there...might be able to do the odd day for you if doesn't clash with other days.....cheers dave

    1. misser

      roller door

      need to dip into the PW fountain of knowledge with a quick question: am looking at getting a 2m x 2m roller door on the man cave outer shed and am enquiring if anyone has any general comments as to good and bad manufacturers of such, are they difficult to install for two blokes (my mate who is an electrician and myself), would you get insulted or uninsulated etc...all cooments appreciated and welcome....atb….misser
    2. saw a couple of thousand on a stubble near martin mere and plenty over house first thing this morning...atb...misser
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