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  1. misser

    8 bore

    hi wildfowler...they are a good bit of fun, especially if you get into home loading...you could try Alan Myers at Winmarleigh (i think) i bought my sinle barrel army and navy a long time ago from him and he does...or should i say did all the reloading gear as well.....good luck in your search...atb....misser
  2. misser

    Poland next to leave

    rewulf, your hypothetical situation may be closer to reality than we think.....tightchoke , agree totally that it is blackmail and personally however much the ransome fee is we will not get a favourable trade deal..that is why the money is requested up front...prior to the referendum cameron went in with his 'i want' list and came back with an empty trolley...if we couldnt get anything when we were 'in' im pretty sure they wont give us a good deal now were 'out'
  3. misser

    Poland next to leave

    they dont want us to leave, we put too much money in the pot....shoot me down if you disagree and im sure you will but i think they will make it very difficult and above all extremely costly to us to leave ....other countries may want to leave but may get presented with a big divoce bill....ie they can leave but in reality cannot afford to...
  4. misser

    Do geese "Cross-decoy"??

    let me know if your ever in the west lancs area...
  5. misser

    Do geese "Cross-decoy"??

    +1 with smokersmith.....location was the issue not the decoys
  6. misser

    Moving to inlaws B&B

    morning royboy...am sure basc would give you a good idea of what can and cant be done, ive called them a few times over gun storage issues and have to admit they have been very helpful...atb ...misser
  7. misser

    Wildfowling explained?

    top resume richie .......can i just add the small points of usually getting very dirty, wet and quite often not getting a shot but still thoroughly enjoying it... atb...misser
  8. misser

    Widgeon finally arrived

    quite a few on the ribble
  9. misser

    First skein of Pinks.

    plenty knocking about in west lancs :yes:
  10. misser


    As a matter of interest is there a market for paid flights on coastal and inland flooded marshes?...atb....misser
  11. misser


    thanks for all the advice...... can put up with a few hiccups especially if it possibly reduces the risk of illness and problems in later life....thanks again...atb...misser
  12. misser


    hi..just a quick question to the more learned dog folk on here; have got a 3 and a half yr old lab bitch, she has had a litter, midway between seasonsshe has just undergone a false pregnancy (or so the vet says). She was a nightmare, totally changed behaved as though she was in season. He said that now shes has one false pregnancy it could happen all the time; he mentioned it might be an idea to get her spayed, what do the pw massive reckon to this, any comments or pros and cons please...thanks...atb...misser
  13. misser

    Am I being unreasonable?

    Agree with Gordon r above