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  1. after four pints of guinness a couple of crabsticks followed by chips gravy and mushy peas i reckon i could blow it up...😄😄😄
  2. Are there two seven oclocks in the day then...😃😃😃😃
  3. Hi all...just seen a rough shooting syndicate covering everything in various locations up and down the country advertised by A1 decoy...has anyone any experience of this it seems to offer quite a bit for a reasonable fee....just appreciate some feedback and reviews as cant really seem to find any...all comments or pms appreciated....thanks...atb...misser,
  4. sounds a haven for wildfowl, believe its a beautiful part of the country as well...might have to come across and have a look next year providing we are all back to some normality... atb...misser
  5. thanks for the replies gents...at least some folk are seeing a few which is good....seems a lot in norfolk, hope you get a few marshman 🙂🙂...atb...misser
  6. bloody hell thats a serious number on lindisfarne....maybe should join the dee ..haha....things might change if the weather goes a tad colder....atb misser....
  7. Hi to all....dona fair few trips on the ribblee stuary this season and dont seem to have seen the wigeon in any numbers this year, is it just my eyesight failing or is this similar on other estuaries up and down the country?.... atb...misser
  8. thanks gents for all the informative posts..most appreciated, might have a test drive, have to say the helpfullness and knowledge of people on here is second to none...thanks again...atb....misser
  9. HI... was looking at a dacia duster as a bit of an off road shooting bus and general car for everyday use, on the surface they seem to be OK but thought I would ask if anyone on here has one or any experiences of them...all comments welcome, it was the 4x4 version I was interested in...ground clearance is quite important as some of the tracks I want it for are used by tractors and the wheel ruts are quite deep....thanks again...atb...misser
  10. 3 gun cabinet in dark brown, 2 locks with 2 keys, good condition, 6 holes on back to secure to wall,approx 53in by 8in, pics to follow...£30...atb...misser
  11. As per usual nice write up and good that you bagged a few ducks even though its not all bout bagging anything....four minutes and forty eight seconds, bloody hell i thought i was lucky wit about a 12 minute journey...sounds a cracking place where you are...keep on with the reports...🙂🙂...atb...misser
  12. Hi noyster thanks for the info, always wanted a silver action yeoman no3 or 4, trouble is I've bought 2 yeoman's now without picking them up thinking they were all the same stocks and they are far from it so would be hesitant at buying a third, apity you're not closer as if it had fit would definitely had it...thanks,..atb...misser
  13. Hi noyster....nice gun, is it a silver actioned yeoman....thanks
  14. thanks gents for all the informative replies....i think the last lot must have been damp to start with...will try to improve storage conditions ie keep it cooler and try to put as much out as possible to start with...thanks again, a lot of useful information in all the replies....atb...misser
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