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  1. Excellent vid as per usual....as a matter of interest if the wind is right do you ever do the loch on an evening flight?....atb...misser
  2. Hi..don't know if this is of any interest to anyone...got 3 of the blue 20 feed hoppers and have got rats coming and feeding after dark (no idea of how many but the floor is clean every morning)...tried traps but only caught a couple...poison no good as they'd rather have the wheat...was wondering if any air gunners with night sights fancied a do....based in west lancs not far from ormskirk...thanks atb..misser
  3. RFD charges 25quid to scrap it so will just take it to police station and they'll sort it....thanks again atb...misser
  4. Thanks gents for all the replies....I will take the general advice , strip it and hand the numbered parts to the local RFD...as you say they're only a couple of pieces of wood so cannot see a problem in retaining them...much appreciated...atb...missed.
  5. looking to pick the brains of the PW massive...I've got an old shotgun that's off the face and been told its not safe to shoot, am going to get it scrapped but am I permitted to keep the stock and foreend as they are attractive wood and with a bit of tinkering might fit one of my other sbs's...atb....misser
  6. I've posted twice for a shooting buddy and didn't have much interest at all....beginning to get paranoid...lol...atb...misser
  7. she wants to be rid of the uk governments 'constraints' and then to join a consortium where twenty plus countries will determine the 'constraints'...😕😕….are these twenty plus countries going to welcome Scotland with open arms when they see scotlands bank balance....ill probably get shot to pieces but its her loathe of the English rather than the actual act of independence that fuels.....and for the record I think Scotland is a fantastic place and the majority of folk up there are brilliant....for me its carry on with the union...atb misser
  8. pity you don't get an odd Woodie now and again islandgun; there again you live in a beautiful part of the world and the views out from your place is fantastic...would never tire of the scenery the hunting shooting and fishing looks awesome....atb...misser
  9. Islandgun said 'Great stuff. proper way to enjoy meat.love pigeon casserole '….might appear a daft question islandgun but do you get a few woodies where you are?
  10. excellent..very good indeed...wish I was good with my hands....😄😄...atb...misser
  11. Thanks ladies and gents for all the learned input and the replies..will definitely get her some food additive or tablet form...got to look after em after all they our our best friends...better than some humans....thanks again...atb….misser
  12. Morning to the PW knowledge pool.....I have a 6 yr old lab that does quite a lot of water work and as of late is a bit stiff on the back end after a day out...has anyone any recommendations to something that could alleviate the stiffness...was thinking about cod liver oil or glucosamine and chondroitin tablets on a daily basis might help...am sure there are more knowledgeable folk on here on the subject...any comments welcome....atb...misser
  13. Thanks gents will have a look, thanks button didn't realise eBay did gunspares....baikelman,.you must be localish if you go to bond and bywaters?.
  14. Hi to the PW massive....would anyone have a straight hand SBS stock as per the above that they would care to part with.....broke mine and its too good a gun to scrap....wabbitbosher sometimes has full guns at a good price but the stock dimensions seem to vary....atb...misser
  15. Fantastic shooting...well done...wish I could hit em up there...to be honest I probably wouldnt even shoot at them...you make it look so easy....just a quick question though, how do you judge lead at that distance...atb...misser
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