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  1. 3 gun cabinet in dark brown, 2 locks with 2 keys, good condition, 6 holes on back to secure to wall,approx 53in by 8in, pics to follow...£30...atb...misser
  2. As per usual nice write up and good that you bagged a few ducks even though its not all bout bagging anything....four minutes and forty eight seconds, bloody hell i thought i was lucky wit about a 12 minute journey...sounds a cracking place where you are...keep on with the reports...🙂🙂...atb...misser
  3. Hi noyster thanks for the info, always wanted a silver action yeoman no3 or 4, trouble is I've bought 2 yeoman's now without picking them up thinking they were all the same stocks and they are far from it so would be hesitant at buying a third, apity you're not closer as if it had fit would definitely had it...thanks,..atb...misser
  4. Hi noyster....nice gun, is it a silver actioned yeoman....thanks
  5. thanks gents for all the informative replies....i think the last lot must have been damp to start with...will try to improve storage conditions ie keep it cooler and try to put as much out as possible to start with...thanks again, a lot of useful information in all the replies....atb...misser
  6. Hi...got 2 ton of wheat coming tomorrow for general pheasant duck feed....last season transferred to white plastic buckets with an airtight lid, after a couple months started to open buckets and the what's was mouldy...am I storing it incorrectly...thought airtight containers would be the best or does it tend to 'sweat'...any help or pointers as to long term storage would be appreciated...thanks...atb....misser
  7. thanks for all the replies gents, much appreciated..it was basically for wigeon and teal on marsh splashes mostly in the dark so the longer ranges aren't really needed...i will have a look at vaughn landless as he seems to be the most local...if too expensive then might be the hacksaw treatment...thanks again gents much appreciated...atb...misser
  8. Hi...was looking at getting an aya yeomans barrels opened up to improved and quarter chokes, anyone any idea of the cost or who could do it preferably in the west Lancashire area....thanks...atb...misser
  9. misser


    Used to shoot caerlaverock many moons ago...they used to have a warden called willy (I think)..hell that man was on the ball...met us most mornings as we came off....he mentioned a couple of things that occurred in the half light of a morning flight...we were convinced he was watching us through night sights...talk about paranoia .....atb...misser
  10. Was that a spot of blood on the leaf just below the end of the right wingtip....poor ****** looks knackered, cats are natural born killers and result I the loss of a lot of garden birds...
  11. Very nice....and what a lovely place to park the derriere for a bit.....
  12. More chance of finding rocking horse poo than getting a perm round here....got to keep trying though....
  13. My money's on a dog...lab or golden retriever....I'm surprised he saw it in the first place, it looks a long way off...I'll put me specs on and reinvestigate.....
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