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  1. Oh ok, thanks. I’ll have a quick look tomorrow.
  2. I too found a chaffinch dead on the patio this afternoon. Looked in very good condition with no signs of disease, just wondered if it might have flown into the patio window.
  3. Thanks Wesley, I am the angler. We’re you the shooting coach?
  4. Thanks very much 7diaw. I did beat for the day just before Xmas so have already sampled the excellent hospitality.
  5. Hi Steve, Can I take the day if it is still available. Thanks Jerry
  6. Hi, Could I have the 8x6 if still available. Thanks Jerry
  7. Hi, I am interested in one of the days for two guns please. Not too bothered which of the three dates. Thanks
  8. Hi Ross, thanks for the info. It still looks great gun though.
  9. JerryT

    decoying kit

    Hi, could I have the giant hold-all if still available and 12 flocked crow shells. Let me know about payment. JerryT
  10. Hi, got the feeling from a couple of replies that my comment "not great for decoying" meant we didn't have a good day. Bearing in mind, I am pretty inexperienced at pigeon shooting, I thought good decoying was when they floated in to the pattern one by one all day long. I now understand that getting them to come in and have a look is a result, which is what happened pretty much throughout. I saw and shot at more pigeon and crow than I have ever seen before, and the 200-300 pigeon that came down into the field as we were packing up was a revalation to me. Hope that clears things up, and thanks again Mark for your company and a great day.
  11. Was that the same field we shot on saturday, looks familiar. Good two hour session!
  12. Treated my son Daniel to a day out yesterday with John from Action Pigeon. He had been watching a field of drilled barley since Monday but by Friday pigeon seemed to have moved on. We decided to give it a try anyway as it's only a forty minute drive to Derby. John set us up with a flapper, a few dead pigeon, a floater and a couple of crows, and although there was very little on the field when we arrived, before long a few pigeon started to come in for a look. We were on a bit of a flightline and some were coming in to look at the pattern, but others were landing in trees at the corner of the field. After a few hours John decided we might do better moving the hide more to the corner of the field, which made a big difference as we were then able to shoot behind the trees as well. It was Daniel's first go at pigeon, and he ended up with four and a crow and I shot four as well. We could of and should have shot a lot more, but they lived to fight another day. Thanks John from both of us for making a great day out, and to Jena for retrieving one pigeon which must have finally come down a good three hundred yards from the hide. Photo from last Thursday with Highbird70
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