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    clay shooting, decoying, a bit rough and driven game shooting! dog traininiing not at a serious level just for my own needs! used to do abit of fishing but not got the time now as im always shooting in my spare time!

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  1. im good mate thanks hope you are to? I lost the shooting bug for a while lol, fair to say its back! after I sold all my kit hahaha..... so starting again terry! still have all my permissions and hopefully alot of un-challenged corvids :-)
  2. if any of you guys fancy sending me a couple of pics that would be great.... Williamson5@live.com
  3. I use a1 myself and I also rate them very highly... fast service and very helpfull
  4. hows things terry.... I see your still going strong on the crows....
  5. any barrel lenth, fixed or multi choke, any condition, also will travel thanks
  6. Hello guys Looking to buy a days pigeon shooting soon, can anybody recomend a good trustworthy guide? I know the you shouldnt pay for shooting craic will be along shortly... tbh I have more shooting than most up here but we just fancy a day away! Cheers lads
  7. Well done lads great bag! Atb fabarm
  8. Yeah second hand lanber or if your lucky a second hand nikko/ winchester would be my choice fantastic guns that will hold there own against any browning/ beretta
  9. Get em decoyed mate.. roost shooting can be a ball ache as the crows will soon reslise whats going on if you shoot too it much - once a month max... decoying is by far the most effective method! Good luck
  10. Fair play to whoever can do it cheaper maybe they get better prices on materials, just buisness Fair play to whoever can do it cheaper maybe they get better prices on materials, just buisness
  11. Not keen on the bolt handle but the rest is stunning
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