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    wood pigeon, crow, rabbit and game shooting.
    fly fishing. sea fishing

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  1. 15 Carrion Crows, 7 Rooks and 7 Jackdaws yesterday afternoon on spring drillings. Total = 119
  2. 15 Wood pigeon while shooting over barley drillings Wednesday afternoon. Total - 281
  3. 20 Wood pigeon off a barley stubble yesterday afternoon. Total = 1215
  4. Just been and picked up 2000 of the "new" clear pigeon cartridges this morning, at £260.00 a thousand they are certainly a bit more expensive than the last lot of 2000 black clear pigeon cartridges I bought, (32grm No6 fibre wads)
  5. 10 Wood Pigeon this afternoon while shooting crows over decoys. Total = 916
  6. Out on the stubble fields yesterday afternoon, 29 Wood pigeon and a good few crows. Total = 894
  7. 13 Wood pigeon yesterday afternoon while shooting over crow decoys on a stubble field. Total = 865
  8. 19 Wood pigeons off the stubble yesterday afternoon. Total = 852
  9. My pension statement dated 04/06/15 which is based on the new state pension that came into effect 6th April 2016 states the following Estimate based on NI contributions records up to tax year 2013/14, which shows 46 qualifying years will be £258.17 per week and may be higher by the time I reach retirement age (January 2018). This pension is made up of the state pension plus "SERPS" contributions. SERPS is now called S2P. (state 2nd pension). I also have a Final Salary pension + a Defined Contribution pension which comes from my P
  10. 39 on the drillings yesterday afternoon Total = 494
  11. 10 Wood pigeons and a few crows this afternoon. Total = 442
  12. 1Carrion crow, 2 Jackdaws and 3 Rooks shooting beside the bull shed this afternoon. Total = 3693
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