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  1. Fishing Richie

    Lure Fishing my Local Canal. Hard graft !

    Sad news to see enjoyable pike fishing ruined. Things are hard enough everywhere with otters and cormorants let alone set lines and the like. I presume you have reported this illegal fishing activity to the Environment Agency ? When I found a similar thing happening on the River Wye in Hereford they were down there very quickly. That was not Eastern Europeans but a couple of local numpties.
  2. Fishing Richie

    Couple hours in the wood

    Great bag in short time in what looks like some nice sunny weather. Time well spent.
  3. Fishing Richie

    Recommend me a fishing chair

    Most fishing chairs are low and if you need to use them in tight swims on rivers they also need to be compact as well. However if you are fishing commercials or carp pools one of these may be what you are looking for : Nash Indulgence Daddy Long Legs Camo Chair On Angling Direct website they were £120. I have no idea what they are like but its the tallest chair I think that you can get from a Tackle Manufacturer Rich
  4. Fishing Richie


    I keep looking at these myself. Based on my own 'Hard Shoulder servey' I can't remember seeing one broken down, unlike the Mk1 version. Having spoken to my own garage only yesterday (who maintain a lot of LR's) they are definitely more reliable and in their words probably the most reliable LR ever made.
  5. Fishing Richie

    Pike fishing 05/03

    Brilliant result especially after the atrocious weather / bitter cold easterly winds we have just experienced. The water temp must be really low (probable less than 4deg C) I would have thought That fish looks immaculate. Well done and thanks for posting. Rich
  6. Fishing Richie

    Bib and brace recommendations

    I also have a Cabelas Bib / Brace and Parka Cabela's Guidewear® Men's Xtreme Bibs with GORE-TEX® – Tall I bought mine back in the year 2000 and its still going strong and has been extremely hard wearing but it is not waterproof (more like shower proof) any more. The advantage with the Cabelas gear is you can get Tall sizes if you have long arms or legs You can get the same version with a Thinsulate lining which my mate has but this option is better for boat fishing as you can get too hot moving about. The current issue is the £ / $ exchange rate which can make any imported gear expensive.
  7. Fishing Richie

    Adjustable stock qeustion

    I use the rubber washer trick as Gordon R above. Cured a similar issue with my adjustable stock.
  8. Fishing Richie

    Game bag

    Have a look at this http://www.ogdensshootingsupplies.co.uk/cambridge-range/cambridge-game-bag All the stuff that Phil makes is quality gear.
  9. Fishing Richie

    Browning 525 inflex recoil pad fitment/compatiblity

    I asked the same question at 2 local gun shops and both gave the same answer - ''No as the stocks are both totally different shape'' Both shops advised me it would be cheaper in the long run to replace the gun which I did eventually about 18 months ago. I bought a ''Limited Edition '' B525 G1 Adjustable with Trap Forend. The advantage of the inflex II pad is that there are 3 sizes (thicknesses) available and if that is not enough you can buy plastic shims to increase the LOP to your requirements. I have shot much better with the replacement gun as I have been able to adjust it to fit me unlike the old model. Rich
  10. Fishing Richie

    Replacement gunslip

    I have got the ''Cambridge Gun Slip'' from www.ogdensshootingsupplies.co.uk They are of very good quality and you will get one within budget. Very easy to deal with company.
  11. Fishing Richie

    Guardian leather cartridge bag

    I own a guardian gun slip and as archi states above its wearing where the thin leather strap goes through the brass loops. I can't see the bags being any better quality. Save your cash and either buy a Croots version or one from www.ogdensshootingsupplies.co.uk. That way you may pay more initially but you will only buy once. Rich
  12. Fishing Richie

    Browning 525

    Its worth noting that the 2014 model onwards comes with the option to adjust the stock length with shims and / or replacement recoil pad. I have recently purchased a new 525 and was able to make these stock adjustments in the shop. It fits me much better than the 2005 year model I traded in for it. Rich
  13. Fishing Richie

    Subaru Forester 2lt petrol auto mpg new model

    I have the previous generation (MY05) model. It is a N/A 2.0 petrol manual and it does 30mpg on average. A point worth noting is that I run mine on Premium Unleaded (RON98) fuel. This changed the vehicle from one that was asthmatic in performance to something more respectable. Also the engine gained more torques from the premium fuel making it more drivable. Its done 138K and run most of its life on premium fuel but its MPG was no better than when I first bought it and ran it on normal RON95 fuel. As for Off Road performance it gets me everywhere I want to go but as Figgy states above - watch some You Tube videos - Its surprising how you they are given they are not a full size 4X4 Rich
  14. Fishing Richie

    Trigger Weight - Browning 525

    Thanks all for your input. The adjustment sounds more complex than I had realised so I will leave it as bought and try to learn to get on with it. Rich
  15. Fishing Richie

    Griffin Loyd, Wales

    Where the 4X4 parking area is at the top of the hill is the fallout are for the oscillating High Pheasant stands. I would not park there or under the tree by the ''novice'' driven stand.