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  1. I do not own this product or the Baretta one you mention but I have two of Phils bags and a gun slip and can vouch for the quality of his products. Very well made and durable whilst still looking smart. https://www.ogdensshootingsupplies.co.uk/cartridge-bags/range-bag-shotgun-shell-carrier
  2. I have a Maxus with 28''' barrels. Due to the stock being short I have lengthened it with the spacers you can buy and it now fits me quite well. It fits in a 32''' gun slip ok but I do have an issue fitting it in the cabinet like Figgy due to the ammo shelf inside. I have measured by overlaying the Maxus on top of my Miroku MK38 with 32''' barrels (no extended chokes in either gun) and both are near as dam it the same length. As said above if cabinet space is the priority then 26'' barrels are the way to go but prior to me buying my Maxus I did some searches on here and it appears that the most popular barrel length for SA is 28'''.
  3. Could it have been an LDV Cub which was a re badged Nissan Vanette. You sat over the engine and it was quite noisy inside the cab I had one as a hire vehicle from work a few times.
  4. 1 No Briley Invector Plus Extended Choke 12 Guauge / Improved Cylinder £30 plus postage Used with original pakaging
  5. Carlson's Invector Plus extended choke tubes - 2 No. for sale both CYLINDER £25 each plus postage Used but with original packaging
  6. Hi Cawdor118 Here are some options : Devon: South West SS (near Ilfracombe ) is a good ground to go to. Plenty of variety - only caters for sporting North Devon SG (near Woolacombe) is also nearby but not as good in my opinion. - again sporting only What you have to accept is that these grounds are a long way from large populations so facilities are basic as they do not get masses of people each day. They do not have high end Club Houses / Gun shops etc. They most likely would be caddied rounds. Ascombe Adventure near Dawlish - open every day, uses Claymate and has a sporting layout, skeet and compak. Also look on Ladds Guns website. There is a 'Where to Shoot' section and this lists the above ground plus some other Sunday morning shoots. I went to Ashley Clay Shoot and really enjoyed it. I pitched up on my own, asked the farmer if he would pair me up and went round with some locals which was a very enjoyable morning. One of the locals was a referee for the Registered shoots that Ashley also hold and said most of the gang I shot with shot the Registered comp but went Birds only. Wales: Haimwood Clay Shoot - good variety of targets again sporting only Griffin Lloyd SG - only open at weekends. Very large sporting layout offering varying degrees of difficulty. Good for game shots as there is some good driven targets. The ground is a bit haphazard as again its far from any large centers of population meaning it does not get a massive through put of shooters. Claymate system Mid Wales SG - Really good gun shop and has trap and skeet as well as a reasonable sporting layout. Dovey Valley SG- Meant to be good but I have never been. One advantage I have living in the midlands is that there is a variety of ground not too far away to suit most budgets. Some with just traps/ one layout to others with large commercial gun shops and restaurants / cafe's. As you travel to the lesser populated areas of the country the grounds seem to thin out as they just do not get the through put of people. Richard
  7. When I replaced my Browning 525 which I had only lightly oiled after every use with an MK38 the supplying dealer (Mid Wales SG) greased the gun up before I used it. I picked up off either a similar thread on here or the Shoot Clay Forum to use Red'N'Tacky grease and Lucus Gun Oil Having purchased the MK38 I have subsequently carried on this greasing regime with the Red'N'Tacky grease apart from the ejectors which I used the Lucus Gun oil on. What is very obvious as I still own the B525, is the amount of 'scoring' within the action compared to the MK38, which still looks like new, as both have had the same amount of cartridges through them at this point. Also the MK38 is still tight where the B525 feels looser by comparison. I intend to carry on greasing the MK38 as its no hardship as part of the cleaning process. Rich .
  8. I have one of these : https://www.fortisclothing.co.uk/shop/field-vest/ They are not cheap and its not branded as a skeet vest but what I can say is that is very hard wearing and today looks as good as when I bought it about 8yrs ago. Rich
  9. I have one of these Guardian slips. Nothing wrong with the gun case itself but where the strap is attached to the case the leather has worn badly to a point where the strap has worn through the ''leather''. A local cobbler has recently repaired it for me. Not a pretty repair but functional enough as its been relegated for rough shooting now. A better bet is one of these for similar money. https://www.ogdensshootingsupplies.co.uk/shotgun-slips/cambridge-gun-slip I have got one and its a far superior bit of kit. Looks good and the leather is real quality which has shown no signs of wear. Don't do as I did by buying ''cheap'' I bought twice.!! Rich
  10. Coleys at Cheltenham is ok on your own as they have Claymate system (similar to Griffin Lloyd) so you can button yourself. Only difference is clay price 40p (Coleys) compared to 30p (GL) per clay. Also check out Hailes Fruit Farm clay shoot and a monthly clay shoot at Childwickham nr. Broadway. Both on Saturday mornings. Rich
  11. Thats a Grey Heron. Very common bird around any water including fishponds!
  12. Do what chrisjpainter said. Find venue Read Rules Based on my limited experience : If its a mixed fishery with carp in then they will readily take pellets. I use a 30mm halibut pellet with size 2 hook attacked to a braided hooklink. I have been using Kryston Gold 45lb (if my memory serves me right. Feeding little and often seems to work better for me than a big bed of bait. If you can livebait then that's a good method and obviously selective. Just be aware if there are pike in the venue that this will present a problem. I have also caught as many in the day as at night which did surprise me as I thought that they would be a predominantly a night feeder. I use 3.5TC rods with either 65lb braid or 30lb mono fishing for UK cats. I have only landed fish up to 46lb so I am no real expert. Rich
  13. Brilliant result. Well done. Haven't seen a fish of that size for may years particularly since the otters have come back. The Trent is definitely the place to go for a big one at the moment.
  14. If you want a trip out there is South West Shooting School and North Devon SG both near Ilfracombe. SWSS hold regular registered shoots and in my opinion is a tougher set up compared to NDSG having shot both. Both are caddied rounds as neither set up has claymate. Ashcombe Adventure does have claymate but the traps never move so the round changes very little. The skeet rabbits is good though. I have never shot it but there is a clay shoot at Ashley Farm nr. Tiverton. Look on https://www.facebook.com/ashleyclayshoot for info. I would have thought if you call into one of the gun shops listed above they should put you onto a few few local clubs.
  15. Bought a pair of these from the Game Fair last summer. https://www.fortisclothing.co.uk/shop/padded-waterproof-falkland-trousers/ They were made to measure and seem very durable. Cost me £150. I have not had these long enough so far to pass judgement but I do have one of the same companies vests which is 8yrs old and is still like new after lots of use. Rich
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