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  1. Coleys at Cheltenham is ok on your own as they have Claymate system (similar to Griffin Lloyd) so you can button yourself. Only difference is clay price 40p (Coleys) compared to 30p (GL) per clay. Also check out Hailes Fruit Farm clay shoot and a monthly clay shoot at Childwickham nr. Broadway. Both on Saturday mornings. Rich
  2. Thats a Grey Heron. Very common bird around any water including fishponds!
  3. Do what chrisjpainter said. Find venue Read Rules Based on my limited experience : If its a mixed fishery with carp in then they will readily take pellets. I use a 30mm halibut pellet with size 2 hook attacked to a braided hooklink. I have been using Kryston Gold 45lb (if my memory serves me right. Feeding little and often seems to work better for me than a big bed of bait. If you can livebait then that's a good method and obviously selective. Just be aware if there are pike in the venue that this will present a problem. I have also caught as many in the day as at night which did surprise me as I thought that they would be a predominantly a night feeder. I use 3.5TC rods with either 65lb braid or 30lb mono fishing for UK cats. I have only landed fish up to 46lb so I am no real expert. Rich
  4. Brilliant result. Well done. Haven't seen a fish of that size for may years particularly since the otters have come back. The Trent is definitely the place to go for a big one at the moment.
  5. If you want a trip out there is South West Shooting School and North Devon SG both near Ilfracombe. SWSS hold regular registered shoots and in my opinion is a tougher set up compared to NDSG having shot both. Both are caddied rounds as neither set up has claymate. Ashcombe Adventure does have claymate but the traps never move so the round changes very little. The skeet rabbits is good though. I have never shot it but there is a clay shoot at Ashley Farm nr. Tiverton. Look on https://www.facebook.com/ashleyclayshoot for info. I would have thought if you call into one of the gun shops listed above they should put you onto a few few local clubs.
  6. Bought a pair of these from the Game Fair last summer. https://www.fortisclothing.co.uk/shop/padded-waterproof-falkland-trousers/ They were made to measure and seem very durable. Cost me £150. I have not had these long enough so far to pass judgement but I do have one of the same companies vests which is 8yrs old and is still like new after lots of use. Rich
  7. Mounted mine above the skirting board on a block of wood. Faked up the front of the wood with an offcut of kitchen worktop that was the same colour as my cabinet. No issues when West Mercia Police inspected it. Rich
  8. Brilliant result, very impressed. Good to see a youngster out having a go as he will be the future for the sport. Good photo with the lad holding the gun with its safety flag instu. Rich
  9. I own a 2005 Subaru Forester. Its a 2l petrol and averages 30mpg on Super Unleaded. Not the most economical vehicle but its up to 188K now and I should think 200K plus should be possible. Its had various components replaced, radiator, water pump self leveling suspension on the rear but on the whole its been good. Its not had any electrical issues unlike my colleagues driving German metal. Probably the last of its breed. Permanent 4WD with a Hi-Lo gearbox. When it goes I have no idea what to get next. Just looked on AT and still a few around with sub 100K on them.
  10. I've been reading this thread and totally agree with Gordon R above.
  11. Had a very similar target at a clay ground by me recently. The target was part of a sim pair representing something like decoyed pigeons coming in to land. Taken as a sim pair you had to attack the target shooting underneath and just in front of each bird. This I found easier than taking them as singles on report. The O/R target sucked you in and you could end up rifling the target and missing behind and probably over the top. I found the best technique was to shoot gun down as you had to wait for what seemed like an age before the target got to the kill zone.
  12. Will be interesting to see how many Shogun Sports Mitsibushi sell which to me looks like their version of the Foruner.
  13. Chew Valley Lake is probably the best pike water in Europe when you look how many big fish it produces. This winter has been poor though by Chews high standards with many sighting the very hot summer as the reason. As regards ticket prices, BW Fisheries can charge these amounts as demand has always outstripped supply.
  14. As others have said : Breaking Clays by Chris Batha Positive Shooting as stated above. Not really what you are after but also worth a watch are the CPSA's video 'How to Hit series'. This is ''English Sporting'' orientated but the same rules apply. Rich
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