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  1. Its a shame your too late JDog. But that photo is straight from Teletubbies ! Could have made you a proper fortune a good few years ago lol 👍
  2. I'll have to say Peregrines then. But much lighter than I've ever seen before. We live and keep learning!
  3. I'm now thinking Lanner Falcon. We were close, but not close enough to be certain . These two seem very territorial, but both out at once suggests no eggs or very young chicks ? But never leave the cliff face much. Its hard enough in the UK to identify birds. Abroad is very difficult!
  4. We walked onto a beach Cafe yesterday on the way back from the Port. We were as they say.... The only Clothed Straights in the Village! No one seemed to care. We weren't bothered and the Coffee was good. Then what have we been watching? I'm stumped now !
  5. It certainly is a very 'Gay Friendly place' But its nice here. Great Restaurants and Cafe's. Good Beaches. Easy access to Barcelona on Public transport. No threat at all to us straight people. There are 3 beaches you would not want to end up on though! Live and let live as I say.
  6. But an Eagle, like a Hawk, would have wing tips like an outstretched hand. Falcons have pointed wing tips. I wondered about Sparrow Hawk/Falcon description. Very interesting spotting anyway. I love any Birds of Prey. The word Majestic springs to mind. Shame about no photo, as they do say a photo saves a Thousand words !
  7. Gyrfalcon is very possible, I've been watching a pair here in Sitges, Spain this week, whilst on a MotoGP holiday. Say no more about that ! Like big angry Peregrine Falcons but speckled white. Super fast and very beautiful birds. Can't think of anything else European that is almost all White.
  8. mickyh


    Saw one in Gosforth near Newcastle Airport in the 70's took a lot of working out what it was back then. No internet only books. I couldn't believe it! Neither did I believe my youngest Son when he said he had seen a pair of Bee Eaters near Newtown Aycliffe, Co. Durham in the 90's when out shooting. But he had, they made the BBC News, nesting in a local Quarry!
  9. It just seems that the person who is now selling has no knowledge of the Kit, so would not be able to answer any questions about it, or its history. Second hand gun fails to fire-no big deal. A demand valve that fails demand. Or a STAB Jacket that fails to inflate. Or all those 10p each 'O' rings that are perished and give up. Very big deal. I'm out now- good day to you all.
  10. BSAC Since 1976 First St Marys 676 Last 3 Seas now Darlington Dolphins Dive Leader Blue and Red books still here. However I gave up Diving when I moved to central Yorkshire about 17 years ago. I'm being deadly serious I'm not looking for an argument. People are lost every year. Eliminate risks, dont buy second hand.
  11. I'd rather be Slagged Off by One than carried by Six !
  12. Why on Earth would you trust your life to second hand dive gear ? You cant spend money 50 metres down! (40 metres for PADI maybe). Spend on quality new gear in a shop. Spend well, its a cold dark wet coffin your going into ! Google BSAC Incident Pit. Then see how much you have saved when a Cressi Frog strap snaps the same time as your torch goes out. Diving, like Parachuting, is not a hobby to scrimp on.
  13. Just the job. I'll order one now. Thank you.
  14. Many thanks Gents. It will be returned.
  15. As above, I've bought a 240v input 12vdc output transformer to run a car pressure pump. So i can plug it into my Garage mains and top up my tyres when needed. So I dont have to plug it into the cars 12v socket. Its barley turning the pump motor ? Writing on the Transformer is as follows 90v-240 50Hz 80MA 12VDC-600MA Any ideas where I'm going wrong, or is it faulty? Many Thanks in anticipation. Mick.
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