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  1. You must have been robbed by Kids. Great big Conkers are like having a Ferrari when your 10 years old ! Doubt Squirrels would have taken the lot without leaving burial marks. Anyway Squirrels are not nocturnal? Pigs or Boar ?
  2. I had an email on Monday telling me I had been recorded 'Pleasuring Myself' on my laptop. Whilst watching a Porn site. He had got inside of my computer and had full control of my camera??? All my contacts would get a video copy of this in 50 hours time unless I sent $500 to his bitcoin account! Funny enough I decided not to send him $500 Even more funny- I dont have a laptop with a camera on? Anyway, none of my contacts have started laughing at me yet !
  3. Classy Chicks round those parts then Ditchy 😂
  4. Another one for Aramis. (Standard one). Used nothing else since the 70's. Half price on line ! £40 for 2 fluid ounces lasts almost a year!
  5. mickyh


    Used to see them regularly on the lower hills around Dalwhinnie back in the 70's between Loch Erict and Loch Cuaich before the Motorway was built. They would hunt Dragonflys and Swallows. I believe they are ground nesting birds over the Moors/Hills. Stunning things on par with Hobbys for agility.
  6. It reminds me of the Man falling from the Sky at 120 mph and shouting to a Man traveling up to the Sky at 120mph. Do you known anything about Parachutes? No mate, sorry, do you know anything about Gas Boilers ?
  7. mickyh


    In the 70's where I grew up, in Northumberland, they tended to cut all the hedges May to June ! There were punctures galore on the country roads with all the thorny twigs flying about ! Absolutely hammered the birds nests. I dont remember when they changed. But they dont do it now because of the nest damage.
  8. Great photo's Enjoyed looking Thanks for that.
  9. Yes, quite ironic ! Serves them right though, they've known for years as peoples house's burn down. Even the reworked ones still catch fire. We wouldn't leave ours running whilst out the house, even though its a newer safe one (sic) ! Real disgrace
  10. Best Information so far. Live and learn!
  11. Its a shame your too late JDog. But that photo is straight from Teletubbies ! Could have made you a proper fortune a good few years ago lol 👍
  12. I'll have to say Peregrines then. But much lighter than I've ever seen before. We live and keep learning!
  13. I'm now thinking Lanner Falcon. We were close, but not close enough to be certain . These two seem very territorial, but both out at once suggests no eggs or very young chicks ? But never leave the cliff face much. Its hard enough in the UK to identify birds. Abroad is very difficult!
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