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  1. Conversely if your neighbour is your competition i wonder if you could pay for them to be slated
  2. There are even "factories" available that will comment and like and stuff like that so you have activity
  3. My feo gave me a leaflet the other day relating to this, apparently you can be refused an sgc under the following circumstances: - asking the same question in multiple posts on an Internet forums - not being prepared to ask your feo a question on the basis you may not like the answer - posting the same question in the same forum multiple times - are currently or having previously dated your cousin, aunt or uncle and see this as a reason to have them as a referee - thinking about dating your cousin in order to have them as a referee - thinking about marrying off your parents sister or
  4. Haha triple barrel shotgun, for when two carts just arent enough
  5. Regardless of how fair a practice of killing the animals it is i agree that the food should be clearly labelled, consumers have a right to a choice.
  6. Haha good luck in the Congo, I reckon you'll stick out like a sore thumb
  7. Me too old boy, I don't actually believe a revolution is in the making, that the uk will physically sink or that Syrian refugees will have muslamic ray guns
  8. Agree, Syria is very much a superpower playground
  9. I doubt there will be much of an option of them going back, It'll be years before Syria is back to normal, if indeed it even continues to exist as a country, the hatred and wounds being created there will take generations to heal, if ever.
  10. Lol, fancy hand writing u have there sir
  11. what are you lot talking about there's loads of examples of countries taking our refugees throughout history, Australia, India, the Caribbean... the list goes on and on
  12. Thats all good and well but if they do come here they are most likely going to bring their muslamic ray guns with them and then its only a matter of time before ze revolution kicks off..... This country just cant support a few hundred extra people, its an island you know, it could sink!
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