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  1. Hi guys, I recently put my browning b525 into a local gun Smith, a real nice old boy who's been a gun Smith for a long time and now does it in his retirement (based around Salisbury area), for a service. When I took the gun in I asked what could be done about some spots on the blueing (after beaters day I think some blood specks must have been left on barrel and because of the rush to get back for the meal they weren't spotted - gutting!). He said he would be able to re blue the worn areas. Anyway called him yesterday to check on progress as the gun has been with him a little while and he explained he is having difficulty re blueing the barrels after removing the old stuff with acid? Forgive my lack of knowledge in the process, he said he was going to try again but had already tried 4 times. Now I'm obviously very concerned about having barrels that are half blued! Can anyone shed some light on this, and what I can do going forward. Slightly in panic mode at the moment. Cheers Josh
  2. Problem is they all do when looking at them 😂
  3. Sorry I should of said I use my gun for absolutely everything, clays, pigeons, rats, rabbits and the odd pheasents on beaters day etc. Yes apologies for typo on MX8
  4. Hi guys, next year I turn 30 and am saving up to treat myself to a new gun, I have a (hopeful) budget of around £3000. I am considering new and second hand guns. New guns being considered include a mk60 grade 5, and a guerini Maxim. Second hand guns include a B25 2BG or a Perazzi MX8.My confusion/concern, is whether the second hand guns in my price bracket would be reliable, and/or expensive to fix if something did go wrong. But from reading previous threads suggestions are they are better made than the new guns on my list. What are people thoughts!? Thanks for any help!
  5. Perhaps it was blood then, is there anything that can be done? Thanks for te replies btw 👍
  6. It's a browning 525 so can't imagine it's anything else than blued? And don't think there would have been blood on the barrels! Bit of a strange one lol can anyone tell me how to add a photo?
  7. Hi guys This was 100% my own stupid fault but after having recently bought a new (second-hand) gun i have had a bit of a mishap. I took it on my beaters day Saturday and after having to rush to the beaters meal forgot to clean it, I'll pulled it out the cabinet to shoot this morning and saw some silvery coloured dots on the barrel, at first I thought it was rust however after trying to gently remove with gun oil and wire wool it became apparent this was not the case. On closer inspection it appears the blueing has been lifted or chipped, although I'm certain it wasn't like it when I put the gun away. Anyone got any ideas what could have caused this and what I can do to rectify?? Many thanks! Josh
  8. Evening gents Every year come the end of January I attend two beating days. Following the season I will do some pigeon roost shooting, and some lamping of rabbits, then later on in the year start some pigeon decoying. I'm after a cartridge that I can buy in bulk now and use for all these quarry. Ive heard good reviews of the RC sipe?, will 32g 5 or 6's be better? Also I've seen some negative reviews about the RC in its fibre format, anyone had the same issues? Would rather use fibre if possible. Many thanks all! 👍
  9. Jgra13

    Miroku ORE

    Thanks for feedback Gun is at Ian Cowley, so will try it out and see how I get on Cheers
  10. Hi guys been shooting for a couple of years but looking to buy my first gun now. I have a budget of £600, and have found a Miroku ORE. I would prefer a gun from the likes of beretta, browning or miroku, but am struggling with my budget. Does anyone have any information on the miroku ORE? Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers
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