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  1. You’re right. It’s been a long patient search so far but it’s the Cynergy I want. I already shoot one (28”) and just want the longer barrels. Been using it for 6yrs and don’t really want to switch to anything else. They are lovely guns.
  2. I'm looking for a Browning Cynergy 20 bore with 32" barrels - right handed. If you have one for sale or know of one for sale, please contact me. Many thanks
  3. I’ve taken up this kind offer from West Mercia Constabulary but have now been hit with a £118 invoice from my doctor for a report for WMC. I have no medical issues at all and said so on the renewal application. According to Home Office guidance there is no need for a report, just a flag to be put on my medical record as a licence holder. Anyone else being stung like this and what did you do? I am at present being held hostage but doctors acting contrary to Home Office guidance or at least that is how it seems. Be interested in experience of others. Cheers.
  4. So on an equal weight/size shot charge would a 20bore have an advantage on crossers by throwing a longer shot string? Just curious
  5. The only reason I have not contacted the dealer I bought it from is that they are a long way away from me (which is I guess the downside of buying at the Gamefair). I bought it from Cheshire Gun Room, who have a decent reputation as far as I know.
  6. Thanks for all the replies so far. I've had the gun from new and haven't touched anything on it so if it is too tightly fixed it was done so by Browning. I bought it at the Game Fair from a dealer a long way from where I live. I have no beef with the dealer, they are just a long way from me. Can one approach any Browning dealer? But if so, is it worth it given that I'm outside the 3 year wood warranty? Am I better just approaching a reputable nearby gunsmith and seeking their opinion/getting them to fix it before it grows? Cheers
  7. Does anyone have experience of cracking Browning shotgun stocks? I have what looks like the start of a crack at the rear of the trigger guard. My gun is 4 yrs old (and so is out of guarantee for wood issues), has had a pampered existence and seen limited use. It is therefore maddening to find a crack in the stock. People at my shoot who know more than I, suggest it is from the stock being too tightly fitted to the metalwork. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it common? If so, how have people fared with Browning and what might be a good approach to take? To say I'm mighty pi**ed off is an understatement. Any guidance/advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  8. I imported a stock from the US recently. Before I did I contacted the US Customs and their US Dept of Commerce both of whom were really helpful. I would suggest doing same and see what they advise. Hth.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. If I'd have thought about it more - re: aqua-oil it makes perfect sense to try mixing with water - after all, thats what it used to say on the tins! Thanks again. I will give it a go. And that smell........😃
  10. I have found an old tin of original Youngs 303 but the remaining contents are too thick to flow out. Does anyone know what I could "thin" it down with to make it usable? I.e. What is the 'base' oil of Youngs 303 that I could add to it to make it flow again. Any advice gratefully accepted. Cheers
  11. Many thanks for this suggestion. I had visited their website and they are "on my list" if no one recommends anyone nearer. They certainly have the pedigree and capability. Look very competent so it's good to have a recommendation too. Thanks again
  12. I have a new stock that needs fitting to my Browning Cynergy 20 bore. Can anyone recommend a good stocker in the Worcester area - within say 25 miles radius? Many thanks.
  13. Does anyone have a stock for a Browning Cynergy 20 Bore for sale? (Normal wooden stock, not the unique inflex pad) or know where I can get one. Many thanks.
  14. I am right handed and left eye dominant. I tried a patch, glasses, a dot, shooting left handed. No good. Now I shoot right handed, both eyes open and hit 75-80%. I had help. A kind coach suggested this: before calling a bird do a try-mount. Ensuring centre bead and muzzle bead line up. Dismount gun. Keep muzzles below line of birds and out of sight picture. Call bird. Focus on bird and let brain do its business arranging collision between shot and clay. The try mount ensures next (real) mount will be right and keeping the muzzles out of picture until you're on the bird and about to kill it means your eyes don't get drawn to muzzle or beads and stay on bird and brain makes sure it all happens at right time. If your eye comes off the bird and on to the head you will miss. The only exception to this routine is straight up going away birds when I close my left eye and "rifle" them. It only goes wrong when I try too hard and try to over rule brain instead of relaxing and just letting it all happen. Hope this helps. Give it a try.
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