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  1. Before i buy new has anyone got any 30mm mounts for a picatinny rail ? thanks
  2. I maybe interested if the price is right
  3. As above! Need a yukon mount for the photon!
  4. Tomh111

    Tikka t3 pic raik

    After a picatinny rail for a t3 not fussed on colour must come with screws thanks
  5. Hi, what choke are they? I know the brand but ie 1/4 1/2, ect how much
  6. Do you have the mobil ones still
  7. Hi, im looking for extended mobil chokes 12g
  8. Ive had both, and i normally do it on dusk i find works best as durring the day its impossible!
  9. Just seeing if anyone has any tips or how they zero’d there nv in the day? Mine holds zero fine but just looking for tips when j change the rifle
  10. I wont mention who but its in the middle of the country! but thus year has been horrendous the birds i received anythjng from 6-8 weeks all small aswell ive had nothing but trouble with them from the day they came out the crate! Has jt just been a bad year or are the horror stories of this place true!
  11. Just taken on a new keepering job, and only done a few hundred duck at my old place and just pushed them off with the pheasants! but now im taking on 2500 ducks for driven and duck afternoons, anyway to keep them semi wild and get them flying with out making them too scared! Feeding? I plan to hopper feed for 2 weeks then slowly move them away from the lake and head to the other ponds then hand feed! Any other tips? thanks
  12. Tomh111


    Harkila! I have the gtx 7" and carnt fault themworm them everyday in the season for 2 years no problems
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