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  1. My Missus shoots mine left handed, she doesn't wear loose tops when she's shooting anymore!
  2. Have you ever looked at the feet of ferals in the town? Looks similar to what you describe.
  3. I've been through this recently with my own dog, she got spiked by a bramble over christmas. Ended up going to the vet for drops and anti inflammatories. He recommended the tea bag too but said the saline was a bad idea because it can really irritate the eye and cause more swelling. I'd keep going with the teabag a couple of times a day and keep the dog out of strong sunlight and windy conditions for a couple of days. If there's any flare up at all then straight to the vet. bw
  4. I started mine on the noisy feeding at about 4 months. She was then left in the outside pen at the house wile I was out shooting in the fields so heard the shots from a long distance. The big step was bringing her gradually close to a clay shoot. Then I moved onto to shotgun cartridges with the powder and shot removed at distance by a friend, gradually decreasing the distance and increasing the noise whilst doing a couple of retrieves after the shot.
  5. I did my no.4 with boiled linseed oil, the look is pretty good considering the wood but the feel is unreal, like silk.
  6. I was out on sunday on the rape, there were a few about but they weren't really feeding hard at all. Managed to get to double figures just about but they all had ivy or beech in the crop.
  7. I have a late 70's early 80's no.4
  8. Molly left, Angus right. Sorry about the orientation on some of these, can't get it figured out.
  9. My bitch Molly, 2 years old now. The family crew
  10. No pigeons on any of the rape I shoot, not a sausage. Saw a few snipe yesterday but not many, only got one jack snipe. Not one woodcock despite some lovely ground.
  11. That's great news, hopefully the weather over the last week will have them down this far. I'll be out on the bogs this weekend.
  12. Great! Where was that? I'm hoping this cold snap will put the pigeons on the rape and the snipe in the fields. I'll try get out this weekend for another look.
  13. I was out at the weekend in kildare, no pigeons and no snipe yet.
  14. Stock finished and gun reassembled. It's an old enough stock that has had some abuse over the years but I'm happy with how it's turned out. The marks still on it give it a bit of character and tell a story I suppose. On review, the only thing I would do different next time would be to stain the fore end a bit darker so that it matches the stock a bit better. Doing the job was a lot easier than I'd imagined, it just takes time and elbow grease! I assume that the linseed oil finish is enough to protect the stock from the weather when I'm out or should I give it a coat of somethi
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