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  1. If you still got this ? i will take it 👍 let me know
  2. [Harry] Quot 🤣🤣 you will do as I say. NOT as I do
  3. I was looking forward to getting a Badge. with my name on this year and having the scores. right
  4. The one you shoot with the best the one that fits you the best, and you like.
  5. Thank's for a right good day out. nice clay's no badge lol. well a good THANK's to all who made it happen, and thanks for putting my score right hope I get a BAGE next time THANK's ALL and thanks 100milesaway for the transport and driving
  6. paint stripping hot air gun. keep moving the wood oil will bubble out wipe off. I just lay the air gun on a bench keep moving the wood don't over heat it .
  7. Just paid up PayPal Neil Coates shooting for the North. coatesy75
  8. muller did they have gone to stainless steel now I have U2, U3, old ones if you need some.
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