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  1. Dazza9t9

    Semi Auto Advise

    I have read so many threads about similar issues with hatsan escorts, i got one a few years ago, I have not had one problem with it. Never jammed, nothing. I shoot the best with it than any of my other shotguns. So much so my shooting buddy makes comment on my shooting ability with it... usually I’m getting stick for missing i love it. I just cannot knock it. Ive put various carts through it too. I did have a mossberg before this, I just couldn’t get on with that, and sold it on
  2. Dazza9t9

    The Lesser of Two Evils

    For me it has to be fibre wads. I get picking up the wads, however it’s not always possible. I pick as many as I can wild fowling, however I find them all year around the damage plastic does cannot be ignored
  3. Dazza9t9

    Dog bed and paint

    That maybe an option however it’s for the inside of the kennel It’s not finished but may give the idea like i said it’s the inner ply wood I am wanting to seal
  4. Dazza9t9

    Dog bed and paint

    Can anyone help me with this... I am not paint / diy expert in fact I am totally inept i have had a custom dog bed / crate built within the utility. It’s fnatatsic and I am very pleased with it. The dog loves it. however I am wanting to paint / seal the inside of it. I’m thinking if she ever goes in wet. The inside is made with ply wood. I cannot see any where she can chew inside as it’s all flat walls what would be the best paint / sealant to use? I’m not concerned with changing the colour, just want to seal it really, however I don’t want to use unnecessary harsh paint. i was thinking a water based glass, but didn’t know if an external varnish would be better? the door, she may chew, so what would be the best paint on that? thanks
  5. Dazza9t9

    243 ammo

    Good evening all.On the off chance I am looking for various spare or half boxes of .243 ammo.I want to try different types thought my sako 75 and figure out which it likes prior to purchasing full boxes. ImPretty new to full bore and want to get to grips with what works in this rifleI have been using sako and ppu 90grSo if anyone has any spares half boxes of ones their rifles do not like let me know. It is used for hunting, primary use foxes, however I need to consider deer rounds rooBased in Durham but can travel
  6. Dazza9t9

    Molly 2010-2019

    Awful news. Really sorry to read this thread sorry for your loss
  7. Dazza9t9

    MX5 project 1yr on

    Looking good. My NB Mx5 turbo project has not got as far. However in the new year it is off to a metal fabricator to have a load of work done keep the updates coming
  8. Dazza9t9

    Shooting/outdoor trousers

    Sportsman gun centre have a browning sale on at the moment. I got a brilliant pair for £30 reduced from £100. I wore them duck flighting and rabbit shooting this week and they were great, highly recommend
  9. Try redbeck or Redbrick in Wakefield. They always had a fair few carriages and cheapest around when I lived down there
  10. Dazza9t9

    Help choosing which cz 22lr

    I have a 455 in 22lr and 452 in 17hmr and I love them both. I favour the 22lr at the moment
  11. Dazza9t9

    Court appearances

    Without knowing the case (which you cannot talk about) it is difficult. Knowing the court system as I do, a few annoying things can happen. You get there, there will be a few hours of legal argument, the suspect will wait to see which witnesses turn up and if a few do, they will plead guilty. You’ll be sent on your way with a thanks. Or you’ll sit around all day, get called in the box, asked a question you’ll answer it and they will say “that’s all” you might be floating in that case you’ll have to wait for another court room. Or they can adjourn it for another day. There are many many possible pitfalls on the day. Be prepared to wait around a lot, or maybe come back a second day. With 13witnesses I’m surprised your not earned for a couple of days at least. Depending where your flying from, or how long it is away, you could suggest a video link from a local court. Some courts are not really using this facility to the best of their ability when it’s cost effective and can ease pressure on the witness
  12. Dazza9t9

    Wings / pelts and skins

    If you have a look in the dog section buddy there is some on there... under first lab. I think you may have given me some advice buddy Thanks for all the tips and hints. i did wonder about the scent
  13. Dazza9t9

    Wings / pelts and skins

    B725 - it is a lab. She is only 13 weeks now. But I am trying to forward plan for summer next year. Steve - is it as simple as cleaning the skins and leaving then drying? hambone - that made me laugh too
  14. Not sure if this is the right section but thought it may get the best response my young pup will start her training bang in the middle of summer so I am trying to get everything I will need together during the game season. ive done a bit of reading about tanning rabbit furs, seems to be a few different technique, Including an interesting one using the washing machine. Can anyone offer me some advice on rabbit skin tanning, pheasant pelts and wings? i have read for wings rub with salt leave in the garden all winter any help and advice on this would be great.
  15. Dazza9t9

    Seat cover recommendation - possibly Browning

    Thanks for the tips guys. Looks like the have stopped doing seat covers