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  1. Hi I'm a 26" or 28" barrel for my 1100 Thanks stuart
  2. Hi guys I'm after a mega cheap fully working 12g semi auto Thanks Stuart
  3. Stuartph

    Diver wanted!

    Yes you are correct , ****** all anyone can do to stop you putting on a scuba set and heading off , just don't ask for payment if you don't have a HSE ticket
  4. Stuartph

    Diver wanted!

    I'm with Rupert on this Any paid work for commercial diving , picking golf balls out of a pond to prop clearance jobs or the odd spool tie inn to a jacket , all come s under the umbrella of the HSE Them the rules , sorry
  5. Hi Guys I'm after a saiga 12 or a vepr 12 Thanks Stuart
  6. Thank you for the link
  7. Looking for a ruger mini 14 preferably with a folding stock Stuart
  8. This brings back old memories I had an uno turbo then 2 strada abarth 130 tc's and 205 1.9 gti's , my last 1.9 gti I put an mi16 in, that was a quick ish car Fun old days with no speed cameras about
  9. It's £15 per 20, I've got 4 boxes of 20 7.62 and rest loose and 2 boxes of 5.56 , 1 with 50 and other 47
  10. Do you mean looking inside , if so I've just looked at a handful of both and they are single hole
  11. Whoops your right 7.62 nato , just habit of mine calling it that
  12. Hi Guys I've got 120 7.62 brass and 97 223 , all 5.56 boxed and 47 7.62 un boxed £15 per 20 brass cases for either plus post Thanks Stuart
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