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  1. That’s how they gain enough room by putting a flat front in them and loosing the series recess
  2. Don’t be jealous it will still whine lol even with new bearings
  3. Where abouts does your gear-lever sit with the r380 box it must be a stubby box else the gear lever sits in the seat box or has the engine been moved further forwards and the propshafts altered I’ve got a series 3 109 as my daily driver and work truck and have a 300tdi ready to go in
  4. Hi does any one use one of the blue plastic 60 litre barrels as a seat and storage I currently have a 25 litre drum that I have made a wooden hinged top and back rest and a couple of shoulder straps for but it’s a bit low to sit on but can get 12 shell decoys and sticks and a few other bits and bobs I was planning to buy a blue barrel and a big rucksack to put it in many thanks Simon
  5. Can’t agree more they knock anything out the sky be it pigeon,crows or pheasant and partridge I use them in sbs and silver pigeon
  6. I now know why I should log on more often you don't see many left handed sbs
  7. Depends on the output it will be in cfm
  8. 796


    was that the film road
  9. Hi all just a quick note on renewal time, I sent off my renewal end of March and received my new certificate in the post today. and wasn't due until July so I was surprised to have it this early so well done on efficiency
  10. 796

    Super Vet

    Did you hear him on the radio yesterday where he is planning to resurrect the old type operating theatres where he will have a audience
  11. Try boss cabins in Bourne they build new but don't know if they might have a px in stock
  12. I've just bought a brand new sp1 for £1200 from elderkins in Spalding with it fitted to me being left handed
  13. The was a chap came to a little local clay shoot in the summer with a sxs it didn't hinder him one bit they had the high tower on which I think is 60' and he hit every one off it what do they say about the person who uses one gun for every thing lol
  14. all I use a box with a light bulb in keeps them nice and dry
  15. At a Local clay shoot in the summer we had a cyclist appear from across a field and where we were shooting towards he didn't seem to have a care in the world donned in his Lycra body armour lol we couldn't believe it
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