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  1. I think I had the same problems with the parallax view, but I was told a tip to help me with getting used to the view. Get the client/ friend to mount there gun on A point eg fence post, then have a look. this should give you the gap between your sight line and the shooter sight line. hope this helps mark
  2. The figures are on there website but I have found over a month but depends on use age
  3. Thanks for the heads up as I have a older set that I want to get serviced in the new year!!
  4. Hi everyone, just thought of doing a review on my new cens as I get asked a lot, about what they are like and are they worth the money! First of all I do think hearing protection is very important, so I wear mine all the time shooting. I used to wear a cheap pair of electronic can but hated them when I mounted the gun as I felt they were in the way. so first opening of the grey cardboard box,to reveille a black case with foam inside. Inside is a air puffer, 6 packets off battery’s, tube of gel, clip, neck loop and the CENS ProFlex dx5, the dx5 comes with 5 setting Game, Clay, C
  5. is there any way to check if a gun has not been stolen by checking the serial number?
  6. i am another one that wears a tie! its makes a that day little bit more special,
  7. phoned up to book in, but we booked in early. I get on to the guy that booked us all in. Right time to give him a kick up the back side, Cant really sack the misses, or i be in the firing line.
  8. hi I am shooting friday, how did you guys find out your squad time?
  9. There another ground opening up just up the road, all I know its on the same road as southern counties
  10. i have a 682 gold e xtrap if thats any help?
  11. are you after a sporter or trap versions?
  12. its still for sale (sorry for the late reply been out shooting) if you need more picture then please pm me, kinda a bit gutted about selling it :(
  13. there been planing for a solar farm on the ground, but as far as i know the planing has been rejected. Its a shame to lose another ground,
  14. cheers for the welcome sorry for the late reply, just been out shooting this afternoon,
  15. mines a later gun, as far as I know it made around the 2007 mark, I just tried the 692 and sadly its not the gun for me, it has a lot things going for it, like the 682 does. its kind made my mind up about go for a dt11 now tho,
  16. I have just read this, and I am now not sure, if I want to sell my 682 gold e.
  17. just thought it would be a good idea to say hi!
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