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  1. 2 so far this year, both dogs. One with the .223 and the other with 20 s/s Total 36
  2. Saw 20 plus Woodcock while lamping in Shropshire Wednesday night, saw 2 together on 2 separate occasions.
  3. Top scope for the money, have one on my .223 good luck with the sale
  4. Hi Mate,

    Have you sold the .223? if not what is your best price for the rifle and scope please?

    Best Regards


    1. ian_in_the_midlands


      Hi Matt,

      Sorry for not responding to your question before.

      I have only just found your message.

      I will accept £1125 cash for the rifle and scope.



  5. Arley

    .223 Set up wanted

    All PMs replied to Regards Matt
  6. Arley

    .223 Set up wanted

    Hi Guys, Looking for a .223 rifle including scope and mod. Ideally in the midlands but willing to travel for the right gun. Thank you Matt
  7. Beech Trees around my office are covered in pigeons eating the leaves, a couple of hundred at least
  8. Hi, Is the rifle still form sale? Matt
  9. Hi Scully, Thank you for your comment, I have come to the conclusion they are a gimmick. He struggles to close his right but I think this is the best way forward, if he closes his right eye just before he takes the shot.
  10. Thank you for the replies. He is left handed in everything he does and struggles to shoot right handed. Should have said in my original post he is nearly 19 years old. He wears glasses and shoots with a patch over his right eye and he shoots well I was just thinking an easy sight fitted would be a quick fix. He used the red dot system and it worked ok but he lost the them when out shooting a couple of months ago.
  11. Hi Guys, Do Easy Hit sights work? My son is left handed but got a right master eye and i thought one of these might work? Would welcome any feedback before I buy one Thank you
  12. Arley

    Duck Numbers

    Sorry Marshman forgot to thank you for your reply
  13. Arley

    Duck Numbers

    Have used nest tubes on my own shoot for 5 years, last year only 2 tubes used I also run at least two Larson traps and 1 mink trap and release duck on my own small shoot on have used nearly two tons of wheat feeding since late July. Despite this the numbers of duck are down in this part of the country however Geese are doing well. Will set up some tubes on our small syndicate shoot in the next couple of weeks, might be too late for this year, I have found they work much better the second year
  14. Arley

    Duck Numbers

    Since my original post I have shot 3 separate flights, two in Shropshire and 1 in Worcester. Grand total for 3 flights is 3 Mallard drakes all from one flight. This is the worst season I have had for 20 years flighting. Despite regular feeding the ponds haven't produced in this are.
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