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  2. Duck Numbers

    Sorry Marshman forgot to thank you for your reply
  3. Duck Numbers

    Have used nest tubes on my own shoot for 5 years, last year only 2 tubes used I also run at least two Larson traps and 1 mink trap and release duck on my own small shoot on have used nearly two tons of wheat feeding since late July. Despite this the numbers of duck are down in this part of the country however Geese are doing well. Will set up some tubes on our small syndicate shoot in the next couple of weeks, might be too late for this year, I have found they work much better the second year
  4. Duck Numbers

    Since my original post I have shot 3 separate flights, two in Shropshire and 1 in Worcester. Grand total for 3 flights is 3 Mallard drakes all from one flight. This is the worst season I have had for 20 years flighting. Despite regular feeding the ponds haven't produced in this are.
  5. 60 bird driven day

    Hi, How many guns will be in the line? Regards Matt
  6. Closing one eye

    Thank you for the replies Guys
  7. Closing one eye

    Only shooting game at the moment and I am shooting ok, I have swopped guns a couple of times recently including using my sons O/U, I normally use a 20 bore S/S on game. have done this before and never noticed a problem
  8. Closing one eye

    Thank you for your reply No eye problems that I am aware off I first noticed about a month ago that I was closing my eye and I have done it several times since.
  9. Closing one eye

    Hi Folks, After some advice please, I shoot left handed and have a left master eye. I have shot for close on forty years and have always shot with both eyes open however recently I have started to close my right eye just before I take the shot. Not sure why I am doing this? any ideas would be gratefully received. Thank you Matt
  10. Duck Numbers

    Hi Guys, Has any one else noticed a decrease in the number of Mallard and Teal about this season? I have never seen so few ducks flight in on my ponds as this season. On occasions we have had some floods in the area but even early in the season very few ducks were flighting in. The exception is the amount of Manadarins, in Shropshire we are seeing as many of theses as Mallard!
  11. Woodcock

    For the last 15 years I have kept a diary of the amount of Woodcock I see on shoot days and I send this Information to the BTO at the end of the season. I shoot in 3 different counties and this year the numbers I have seen are down, only one of the shoots I have been on allow the guns to shoot Woodcock and then only if you want to take it home. Last year I recorded the most woodcock I have seen since I started to record there numbers so it might be a bad breeding season is to blame for this years poor numbers? We do have a number of breeding Woodcock in our areas, I personally don't think they have declined that much, this spring i saw more than for a number of years, I thinks its the amount of migratory birds that have decreased this season?
  12. 2 yesterday and 4 today with the air rifle Total 1850
  13. AYA XXV 12 gauge

    Great gun for the money, good luck with the sale
  14. 12 Bore Cartridges

    Thank you, my son will put them to good use Regards Matt
  15. 20 bore cartridges for sale

    Hi, Do you ever come down to the Midlands?