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  1. Excellent value for money for a full days shooting with a genuinely nice guide, had a day last week and will hopefully book another soon Thank you Fenny
  2. Thank you Shaun, Top day and excellent value for money will hopefully be coming again, got Pigeon for tea and Duck for the weekend Best regards Arley
  3. Hi Scarecrow, Have you had a problem with your unit holding zero? I like it but have lost confidence in it after it developed the fault.
  4. Purchased one in January, problem with the unit not holding zero!!! Cost me a couple of foxes, it was spot on for a couple of months then had an unexplained miss, checked zero it was a foot high and 3 inches to the right, rezeroed and thought thats sorted, missed the next fox so checked again, once again high and to the right. Currently back at the dealer i purchased it for repair/replacement Also agree the supplied IR is not great, purchased a Solaris torch which is great Worryingly the dealer had encountered the problem before, it may be a software issue? Hoping to get the unit back next week fixed or replaced
  5. Hi, Will you have any spaces coming up soon for a Cocker dog? Best regards Matthew
  6. 15 Magpies all with the .177 so far this year 335 Head
  7. 12 so far this year for me and my son, 9 with the .223s and 3 with the 12 bores Total 85
  8. Hi Guys, Would being prescribed sleeping tablets and work related stress by your GP in the last 12months impact on a person applying for a shotgun certificate for the first time? I know the lad and he has had problems bought on with the stress of a promotion at work and a new born baby but in the last 6 months he has turned a corner and in a much better place. He did not actually take the sleeping tablets in the end but the fact that has prescribed them will show on his GP records. He has asked me to sign as a referee on his application Any advice much appreciated Regards Arley
  9. Derek Lee Gunsmiths has one for sale on Guntrader
  10. Slighty more money but very good is a Sirius XTL if you can find one
  11. Thank you everyone, I will wait for advice from the licensing department. Regards Matt
  12. Hi Guys, Sorry if this has already been covered? Can I buy or sell a shotgun/rifle at the moment, I have emailed my licensing department and I am waiting a reply. All transactions will be with private vendors, I am buying a rifle and selling a number of shotguns, just wondering if allowed at the minute with the partial lifting of the lock down? Thank you
  13. Sorry to high jack you thread When are the new Pard units coming out?
  14. Hi Guys, They are black flush fitting chokes so I think they are invector? I normally shoot a 20 S/S but I fancied a change for next season, fingers crossed we get out. Matt
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