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  1. Derek Lee Gunsmiths has one for sale on Guntrader
  2. Slighty more money but very good is a Sirius XTL if you can find one
  3. Thank you everyone, I will wait for advice from the licensing department. Regards Matt
  4. Hi Guys, Sorry if this has already been covered? Can I buy or sell a shotgun/rifle at the moment, I have emailed my licensing department and I am waiting a reply. All transactions will be with private vendors, I am buying a rifle and selling a number of shotguns, just wondering if allowed at the minute with the partial lifting of the lock down? Thank you
  5. Sorry to high jack you thread When are the new Pard units coming out?
  6. Hi Guys, They are black flush fitting chokes so I think they are invector? I normally shoot a 20 S/S but I fancied a change for next season, fingers crossed we get out. Matt
  7. Morning Folks, Are there any aftermarket chokes that are suitable for a Browning 325 Gd1 20 bore? Thank you Matt
  8. Hi,

    Is the .223 rifle still for sale?

    Best regards


  9. Will be paying my subs in the next couple of weeks for our syndicate and have booked days on several other shoots, I think its important that we all try and support the game farms and shoots if we can.
  10. Hi Guys, Has anyone got any experience either good or bad with the Sightmark Wraith scope? Looking at a entry level scope for a .222 for fox control Any feedback would be great Thank you Matt
  11. 1 dog last night with the .223 and lamp = 48
  12. 1 Vixen last night with the .223 and Lamp Total = 38
  13. 41 Saturday on our small DIY shoot between 4 guns doing the dreys. Total 286
  14. A dog two weeks ago with the 12 bore Total = 28
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