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  1. 12 Bore Cartridges

    Thank you, my son will put them to good use Regards Matt
  2. 20 bore cartridges for sale

    Hi, Do you ever come down to the Midlands?
  3. Young Uns Flocking Up Now.

    Have had a good couple of days in the last couple of weeks, first bag was 120 and only about 20 young birds in the bag. Last Wednesday shot 117 and over half were young birds.
  4. Leptospirosis

    Hope you make a good recovery I lost a 5 year old springer to the disease a few years back. He had been inoculated as well
  5. Grouse

    If Dad is ok I will bring you a brace frozen on Saturday at the work party Regards Matt
  6. White Wood Pigeons

    Some years ago I shot a nearly white Wood Pigeon and have never seen another until this week when I have seen 2. Both birds are within 10 miles of each other and one of them is nearly pure white, has anyone else spotted any unusual pigeons this summer?
  7. Thanks to everyone, got a better policy and saved £800 on the original quote. Adding myself to the policy made a big difference.
  8. Thank you for that link, its knocked nearly £800 of my best quote
  9. The cheapest I can get with a black box fitted is over £2k on a car that's worth £600, I am worried that he might get stung for using the car late at night as well? Thank you for your reply
  10. Hi Guys, Advice please for the best insurance for my 18 year old son who has just passed his test. He is an underkeeper so I am going to get him an older car as he will need it for work. Thank you
  11. Gun smiths north west/midlands

    Midcounties Blacking just off the A38 in Litchfield. Do a great job at a good price
  12. There is one in Craven Arms, Game and Country Meats might be worth a try?
  13. long shot but any one got a weihrauch HW100T for sale

    My son has got one with a thumbhole stock in .177 and it kills rabbits at 40+ yards dead, very accurate rifle.
  14. How many Corvids are killed by PW members in 2017

    70 mixed crows/rooks/jackdaws on Saturday with the 20 bore Total 4300