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  1. I get paid £45 cash and lunch when picking up or beating. The estate also takes care of all the national insurance and other parts to it. Also get invited to two walk one stand one beaters day. i don’t do it for the money but it helps pay for my own shoot.
  2. Might be different down south but hard to beat old fashioned kale for holding late season birds. The colder it is the better it holds them in our experience.
  3. I’m not sure about the northeast specifically but I’d imagine most suppliers could provide black necks as still a very popular strain.
  4. Hello everyone! Well that's another season finished and I have to say I'm looking forward to a break! With the 1st of February landing on a Saturday we decided to have an extra day open to all the members which meant 11 guns per team and a bit of a challenge to organise! We planned to do 8 drives and the day kicked off at the Containerwood for my team. I had decided to drive it the opposite way to normal however the fact the wind was blowing strongly away from the line made me concerned that the birds would curl back rather than taking on the guns. The first bird flushed decided to fly into the wind and went through the middle of the line unscathed. As more birds started to show and fly towards the guns they found their range and started to fill the gamecart. I seemed to be in conservation mode and missed a couple of easy pheasants but with 11 birds picked it had been a great start. Next we headed to the Blackout drive which had provided some excellent high birds all season and despite there being fewer present the ones that did flush were all top notch and some good shooting meant some of the guns had wished they had picked higher numbers in the sweep! Once all the birds had been picked my team stood at the nearby Bohill farm drive and hoped we might get some screamers flying over us! In hindsight we should have maybe shot the Bohill wood itself rather than blanking it in to the Farm drive as there was a good number of birds there but not everything can go to plan! The Roughground has been the signature drive this year and after shooting 199 Pheasants out of the 380 released we hoped that we could get at least 1 to get over the 200 mark! This was achieved very quickly and judging by the large number of shots fired it was looking like another good show considering the time of year. Its always nice when you finish beating a drive and see the guns marching back to their cars carrying a few birds and this was certainly the case here! Baldaroch had been a great little drive all season and today it provided a short but fruitful one with the few birds shot starting to make the gamecart look surprisingly full. Kilduthie and the Willows were to follow and after being a little quiet recently today was a return to form with some really good birds being presented and the guns again showing they could bring them down! With that it was the last drive of the season and after being quiet for the last month I was hoping Matt steeles could provide one last flurry of birds to end with! Usually the birds don't appear until the last quarter of the drive but on this occasion they flushed from the mid way point right up until the end which was a welcome surprise for many of the guns! And after sounding the horn for the last time it was time to count the bag back at the bothy. Total bag 58 Pheasants 2 Jays 1 Pigeon 238 Shots Overall this season we have shot 780 Pheasants which is a 34% return however the Partridge were disappointing with only 20 shot out of 250. It has been a great season which is testament to all the hard work put in by everyone! After being cautious with finances due to all the new ground we gained we can now hopefully add some gamecrop for next season and we have already been looking at ways to improve as I still feel there is more to come! total season bag 780 Pheasants 20 Partridge 28 Mallard 2 Teal 4 Woodcock 2 Snipe 10 Pigeons 9 Jays 1 Magpie 1 Rabbit 2948 Shots (exc evening ducks) Lastly thanks to everyone who has read my posts over the season and the nice replies! cheers Nick
  5. A photo looking over the Roughground drive taken on Saturday
  6. Hello everyone! We had our last official day of the season last Saturday and hoped were high that we could have another good day. It was very mild and sunny which wasn’t ideal however a strong wind would atleast give the birds the chance to really get some speed up! The opening drive would be the Opposite pen which we hadn’t shot all season. I hoped that birds may have started using the wood after being shot at regularly at the Ruinwood and Containerwood however it was pretty quiet with only a partridge and a pheasant to be hung in the cart. Next up was Bohill Thinstrip which would hopefully be more productive especially as i had spotted a few birds at the bottom of the drive at first light. With the wind being favourable the birds really tested the guns gaining height quickly before gliding over the awaiting line. It was a good show for the last day and a decent number were added to the bag. Next up was the Bohill farm drive for my team and after seeing the height and speed of the birds in the previous drive we were hopeful that we could have something similar here. Despite there not being a huge amount of birds present the ones that went over the guns were all great strong birds so another success! Drumshalloch had been a little disappointing all season but we decided to give it one last try. Unfortunately only 3 cock birds were flushed and none were hit so a disappointing blank! Next up was the ever impressive Roughground and having not fired my gun all day I was quietly confident that would change during our last drive. A good mix of partridge and pheasants kept the majority of the line busy and a good number were shot. I had several shots but for whatever reason I wasn’t shooting as well as normal and only accounted for a brace. Last drive of the day was the Containerwood and like the previous drive there was plenty of birds flushed but many swung out the sides to safety. What was flushed went well with the wind behind them so when the horn was sounded it was time for a pick up followed by a cup of coffee! Total bag 28 pheasants 5 partridge 1 pigeon 136 shots
  7. We try and make a metre perimeter per bird, half that would be just about enough but bigger is better! Only issue is if the pen doesn’t work and sometimes even a lovely spot just doesn’t then you have some serious work to remove it all. I reared 75 pheasants last year and they used about 10-15 kg a week of the different stages of pellets that’s needed plus you will need gas heaters ideally or some lamb breeding lights in your shed with access to a netted pen when they get a few weeks old. Where will you have your day olds in relation to your shoot as to transport 600 birds your looking at needing about 18 crates which are about £30+ a pop. From the 7 week old poults in the wood I would say you would need 2 tonnes of pellets and then probably another 5 tonne of wheat depending on how well your birds stay, the amount of feeders and other birds/animals that use them as well.
  8. Thanks for the reply! Its been a great season considering the lack of cold weather and taking on some new ground. We are hoping to manage a 33% return (760 pheasants) by the end of the season so fingers crossed the next two shoots can get us there!
  9. Hello everyone! Due to having a fair few birds left we decided to have an extra shoot day on Saturday open to all the members who could also take a guest along. With a great turnout we would have two teams of 10 with the first drive being the Roughground. As always there was a good show of pheasants and plenty of shots with some good birds being shot and quite a few missed! It was a lovely crisp sunny morning and a great one to be out in! After this we did Bohill which we had never driven and then the implements which hadn’t been done very often. Both were steady and with a bit of work over the spring and summer could be main drives next season. We then headed for Baldaroch which was better than expected possibly due to the good numbers of woodcock flushed (only ones seen during the day) Kilduthie, willows and then Matt steeles were to follow and while all were quieter than we are used to they had between 12-20 birds in each so there was always something to shoot at! The final drive of the day would be the containerwood and it was just as productive as usual with a really good number of birds flushed and a good number added to the bag! After a count of the bag and a cup of coffee it was time to head home! total bag 54 pheasants 2 woodcock 1 pigeon 264 shots
  10. Hello! We had a driven shoot last Saturday and given we are getting towards the end of the season the numbers selected on the sweeper sheet weren't as high as they had been a couple of months ago! Despite this I was hopeful that the A team would have something to shoot at during the first drive The Roughground. We have tried it up the hill and down and today it was to be the latter with three back guns behind the beaters incase the birds broke back home towards their pen. It was a quiet start and the outer areas that usually hold some birds when blanking in were completely empty so the nerves started to build with the fear that if our best drive was a blank the rest of the day wasn't looking good! Happily as we approached the pen some birds started to flush and shots began to echo around us. This only intensified as birds that had held tight in the gorse and bracken at the end of the drive were flushed. 20 Pheasants a pigeon and a magpie had been shot so a great start to the day! I will combine the next two drives into one the first being Bohill Thin strip and the second being the farm. The strip was much quieter than normal however I had a couple of hens one being an absolute screamer that had tried to use the strong wind to its advantage unsuccessfully! While the strip was quiet it was obvious when blanking in the farm it had plenty birds with many flushing early. Frustratingly many evaded the line but despite this it had been another decent drive. A pricked hen had landed in the pen wood behind the guns and despite searching hard we couldn't find it. Having given up we headed back to the cars only for my springer Isla to turn up with it! A great blind retrieve and the highlight of my day! The Containerwood was next and as always it provided some good sport but like all the drives its starting to slow down however with 13 pheasants shot it was looking like another good end of season bag was to be had! Matt Steeles and The Willows were the last two drives however only a couple of birds were flushed at Matt Steeles including a white pheasant so our hopes of getting over 40 for the day were reliant on the Willows performing. it wasn't at its best however there were a few birds present and it rounded the day off nicely! With the horn blown for the last time it was time to count the bag. Total 44 Pheasants 2 Pigeon 1 Magpie 155 shots
  11. If it was me I’d have one large netted pen as no need for two in such a small acreage they will get where they want to be quite quickly. You seem to have a nice bit of wood in the middle which looks ideal for a decent pen from which you could feed them out into cover crops or the other smaller belts. couple hundred pheasants and see how it goes?
  12. I’d make a netted pen as central as possible and as above try and get some black neck pheasants as they are a great holder and take a bit of pounding before ********* off. A bit of cover crop near the pen for them to naturally find will help and trickle releasing them over a few weeks out of the pen also keeps them near home as I find they want to get back in with their buddies. Perhaps making a panelled pen might be best if it’s not too big so that it can be shifted easier if you find a better location.
  13. Happy new year everyone! We had our last formal day of 2019 on the 28th and despite a reduction in the amount of birds being seen prior to the shoot we hoped for another good day. One thing we had noted was a considerable amount of teal spending the day in the Bohill pond so after a quick check at first light we decided to try and drive them off the pond. Its a risk trying this as light is so limited at this time of year and they may well have lifted long before our guns had lined the small field running along side it or even in the process of getting lined out! With this in mind I was a little nervous as myself and Craig approached the pond. As I attempted to cross the ditch running behind it I slid into the muddy abyss and my boots and half of my socks were soaked! Perhaps it was my choice of expletive or Poppy my dog but around 35-40 Teal took their leave and gave the guns some challenging shots with 2 dropping. After this it would be my team to beat the nearby Bohill Thinstrip. This drive can be fabulous or frustrating and luckily as we blanked the ditches in at its base it looked promising as several birds flew into the wood. The next challenge would be to get the birds into the flushing point mid way up the strip on the hill. As we made our way up from the bottom the beaters stationed at the top reported that birds were moving forward. As we both approached the flushing point birds started streaming high and very fast in the strong wind over the guns resulting in 58 shots for 3 Pheasants …. Next up was the Roughround for my team and I would be a walking gun. This was a good drive with the birds really getting some speed up in the wind and I was delighted to drop 5 nice birds heading back however a few lived to fly another day! I wasn't the only one to be in the shooting with everyone getting their share and Mark even managed to bag one of our white pheasants resulting in a fifty pound fine! This has been a brilliant drive and credit must be given to Alistair and Alex who hand feed it with a 43% return already on birds released! Time for another steady performer- Baldaroch and despite starting to be slightly quiet a reasonable amount of birds were flushed and again proved challenging for the guns with several added to the cart with the only surprise being the absence of any Woodcock. Like the previous drive Kilduthie was quieter than we had been used to but I guess the fact we have high expectations shows how well it has performed and the 10-15 birds flushed seen certainly had learnt how to fly strongly in the previous months unfortunately however not in my direction! Matt Steeles was as reliable as ever with a good show of birds keeping everyone on their toes! This drive probably doesn't get the recognition it deserves but its very rare not to get double figures on each visit. Perhaps an increase in birds released here next season can be looked at as it consistently provides a 30-40% return and seems to offer a good spread over the entire line. Last drive of the day was the Containerwood and with only having 6 Beaters it was a real struggle doing it justice however we gave it a good go and provided the other team a strong finish to their day. Despite the draw back of Blue back pheasants they really do get up well and made sure the guns had to work hard to bag one. With time running out this season it looks like it will be second best to the Roughground drive but both have really become signature drives and certainly one to slip a few extra cartridges in the pocket for! With the birds picked it was time to count the bag and have a coffee! Total bag 43 Pheasants 2 Teal 1 Pigeon 1 Jay 238 Shots
  14. Hello everyone. We had our 8th driven shoot of the season on Saturday and despite having shot the ground pretty hard recently we were still hopeful of another good day. First drive of the day would be Matt Steeles for the A-team and after a very frosty night I was a bit concerned the birds might have headed out to the stubbles to heat up in the sun rather than staying in the drive. There were a few birds present including one of the white marker birds but it wasn’t as full as we had become accustomed to so a slight disappointment. Next up was the Bohill strip which had probably been drive of the day last week so it would be interesting to see how it would perform today. I was peg 3 and wasn’t expecting much shooting however as the beaters blanked in the ditch that runs along the bottom of the wood a good number of birds flew back towards the release pen behind me which gave myself and the lower numbers some shooting. unfortunately there wasn’t many birds in the main drive which was a shame but atleast we had seen a few in the ditches. The Roughground would hopefully boost the game cart a bit as there always seems to be a good show of birds here. Today was the same but a lot went straight back over the beaters heads which was a shame but a good number that went forward we’re shot so not a complete disaster! Baldaroch would round the morning off and much like the first two drives there were birds but not the same amount as we have been lucky enough to have previously. I shot a nice high cock bird but didn’t have another shot after that however Harrie and mark both had crackers so quality over quantity here! After a cup of broth and a couple of cakes to get the energy levels back up we were away to the Willows. This was a disappointing drive with very few birds being seen and only a couple shot perhaps the cold weather really was making the birds head out into the sunny fields for a heat up. last up was the Containerwood and for the first time during the day a drive went to plan with good flushes of strong birds testing the guns. It was a good ending to a mixed day with most of the guns getting a few shots. With the horn sounded it was time to count the bag! 51 Pheasants 1 pigeon 208 shots
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