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  1. Its pretty difficult to answer this question but if it was myself i would dress smartly bring my dog and have my gun tucked in the car just in case. I always bring a bottle of something to give to the host and sometimes some sort of biscuits or homebakes etc. You could always have some cash in your wallet and try and judge accordingly from the days events whats necessary eg tips. And most importantly have fun as if you are shooting a happy guest can make a hosts day!
  2. We seem to be keeping it at bay up in Aberdeenshire at the moment so fingers crossed it continues. Seems to be the South of Scotland thats being hit hard at the moment. We arr just trying to keep things going like normal as much as possible and within guidlines.
  3. Our second shoot of the season was on the 10th of October and having endured such a horrid day of weather the previous week it surely couldn't be any worse this time! After all the covid forms and briefs had been signed and discussed we headed to the Ruinwood for the first proper drive of the season. In the first 5 years of our time on this ground this was the signature drive on the shoot however over the last 5 it had slowly declined to the point it had almost become a boundary day wood. We felt like the drive was still good but the pen in the nearby wood which supplied it was far too
  4. Hello everyone, Long overdue but eventually had a chance to write about our first two days of the season. With all the unknowns due to Covid we decided to have a small driven day on the 3rd to see how things were looking for the season ahead and also incase further restrictions were brought in and we couldn't shoot again! Risk assessments, procedures and multiple video meetings can all be easily arranged however the weather cant and as I got my car loaded on shoot day morning the signs were that a waterproof jacket would be needed for the duration! Despite this everyone tur
  5. Hello everyone! Well we are now under a week away from our first shoot day albeit a boundary drive day but with the way things have been i for one will look forward to getting my tweeds on and swapping the semi auto for the game gun! Its been a huge amount of work to get everything in place to make the shoot safe and in line with guidance but I'm confident that we will manage to do things correctly and just as importantly have an enjoyable day in the process. Another issue is whether to crack on and shoot the big drives while we can or stick to the usual plan of just having a w
  6. We are about £2.20 per acre glad its not £30 as that would cost us £120,000 per season!
  7. No shoot lunch with us this year just packed lunches in suitable stubble Park. Usually as a captain at this time of year I'm thinking of drives and peg positions but this last week has been dominated with risk assements, arranging parking for the huge number of vehicles necessary now, forms for everyone to sign and all sorts of other things. Still its up to all of us to play by the rules and not let the side down!
  8. I have to say that Police Scotland have been very helpful with renewals and any other dealings I have had with them.
  9. Had a couple of good nights lamping foxes getting one on the first night and two on the second. With another member also getting one thats four in just over a week! Still plenty more to get unfortunately.
  10. Hello everyone! A long overdue update! We are fast approaching the first shoot of the season and all the shooting gear has been tried on to see whether they have shrunk in the wardrobe since February the 1st! The birds have done well and we haven't suffered too many loses which has been a bonus however with an abundance of pine Martins and goshawks danger is never far away! My dad and I were out last night and seen quite a few lamp shy foxes so looks like a thermal and nightvision scope job i think. We did manage to get a dog fox though so it was still a worthwhile night.
  11. Not long until the first day now! Pheasants starting to tail up nicely and moving into the drives. Seems like any other year when out on the ground until you have to look for a mask when trying to get some lunch from the shops!
  12. Good evening! Our syndicate located near Banchory will be having a let day for 8 guns on the 21st of November. We are releasing around 2800 pheasants this season over an area of 4000 acres with 12 drives and with it being our 4th shoot of the season the birds should be plentiful but had the all important couple of flushes to get them shifting! It will be a 70 bird day mainly pheasants with the possibility of a partridge. Despite being a low ground shoot we have a several drives that show great birds so should keep guns of all abilities on their toes! A cooked breakfast an
  13. Yeah all out pens will be netted as we really get battered by owls, sparrow hawk, goshawk and buzzards. Once they have settled for a few weeks they are that little bit bigger to be less appealing. Fingers crossed!
  14. Just another quick update. We had a meeting over Facebook video (new to all of us) and have decided to carry on as normal. We felt we either had to give the season a miss or go for it and with a considerable outlay for our lease we felt it better to have belief that the country can beat this awful virus and we can get out and enjoy the countryside. Its a gamble undoubtedly with an outlay of over £30000 before we fire a shot but here’s hoping it goes to plan! We hope to build one new pen which will mean that all non netted pens can be decommissioned and we can accommodate the
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