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  1. All places taken. thanks nick
  2. Good evening! Our syndicate located near Banchory will be having a let day for 8 guns on the 21st of November. We are releasing around 2800 pheasants this season over an area of 4000 acres with 12 drives and with it being our 4th shoot of the season the birds should be plentiful but had the all important couple of flushes to get them shifting! It will be a 70 bird day mainly pheasants with the possibility of a partridge. Despite being a low ground shoot we have a several drives that show great birds so should keep guns of all abilities on their toes! A cooked breakfast and lunch will be provided in our bothy and there is always a dram available for those that want one! The price will be £250 per gun with the usual 10% overage allowed for. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thanks Nick
  3. Yeah all out pens will be netted as we really get battered by owls, sparrow hawk, goshawk and buzzards. Once they have settled for a few weeks they are that little bit bigger to be less appealing. Fingers crossed!
  4. Just another quick update. We had a meeting over Facebook video (new to all of us) and have decided to carry on as normal. We felt we either had to give the season a miss or go for it and with a considerable outlay for our lease we felt it better to have belief that the country can beat this awful virus and we can get out and enjoy the countryside. Its a gamble undoubtedly with an outlay of over £30000 before we fire a shot but here’s hoping it goes to plan! We hope to build one new pen which will mean that all non netted pens can be decommissioned and we can accommodate the 2800 birds ordered. Hopefully I can update with some positive news soon! cheers nick
  5. Sounds like some good ideas and will be interested to see how the shrubs take. We have planted some willow cuttings (literally cut thin branches from established trees) they seem to have taken well but will have to wait and see. We have tried auto feeders and if I’m honest I’m not convinced they are worth the outlay. We have ended up converting them to duck feeders and have found that a sprinkling of maize in a bucket of wheat spread along a feed ride keeps the birds interested but like anything else there’s only so much pressure birds will take before they find somewhere more peaceful. Riser fences are great and we tend to leave someone less able to watch a little back from it with a radio to let us now how the birds are building up ..... or not! Other things we have tried is strimming rides through thick areas of reeds then feeding it which seems to work as when left wild it’s sometimes too thick for the birds to venture in. Make sure you dog in ex layers pretty well as they can be trouble if you don’t get them used to home. Shouldn’t be an issue in a netted pen which are great. We release a dozen every couple of days once they are in the pens for a few weeks. We find that the released birds spend most of their time around the pen with their buddies and by the time they are all out they really feel at home.
  6. Hello everyone! How the world has changed since my last post! We have had our agm and had agreed everything for what looked a really exciting season ahead however like everyone else were not too sure how it will all work out. We have ordered 2800 pheasants and have arranged for gamecrop to be planted so fingers crossed things will have eased up by October so we can get out and enjoy some shooting! Our supplier has said he is confident we will get our birds and we can hold the birds in our current pens without too much work needed so it’s just a case in hoping this awful virus can be beaten! Uncertain times ahead but I’ll keep this upto date with any changes we have to make! stay safe! nick
  7. Since things aren’t looking good at the moment I thought it would be nice to read about peoples highlights over the last year whether it be pheasants, pigeons, deer, salmon etc. Mines would probably be a cracking buck I shot in June last year which i deliberated for weeks about whether to shoot or not. Typically when I decided I would shoot him if the opportunity arose I went weeks without seeing the big lad. Being surrounded by areas shot by others I guessed someone had already grassed him so I moved on to other beasts that were suitable to be culled. Very early one morning I parked in my usual spot having glassed the area on my way in. The standing barely and thick underground were starting to make things tough but just being out on a lovely clear morning surrounded by nature made it worthwhile whether a shot was fired or not. i clattered about searching for my kit and once wellies, stick and roe sack we’re all readied I locked the car and started to walk along a path leading to a likely looking clear fell area. After 30 yards or so I turned to check I had definitely locked the car and as I went to walk on again i seen the big lad sticking his head over the barley! i stood still madly trying to work out whether the wind was in my favour. At the same time I opened the sticks in front of me incase he presented a safe shot. He wasn’t sure about me but didn’t bolt immediately instead he trotted out the barley and towards the bank which leads on to the clear fell. I took this opportunity to ready the rifle and gave a quick whistle to stop him before he was too far up the bank. He turned to see what had caused the noise and after a second or two the echo of a bullet destroyed the peace and quiet of the morning. The shot seemed good so I waited a few minutes then approached cautiously. There he was lying still and looking just as good close up as he had through binoculars during the prior weeks. It’s at this moment the adrenaline kicks in for me and the hands start to shake slightly! A great result and morning in the countryside and my first medal buck as an added bonus! Hopefully now some of you guys can give us all something to read about other than corona virus!
  8. We spoke to our supplier yesterday and he is confident that we will get our birds. There is a possibility we may have to put down a minimal deposit per bird but that won’t be an issue. He says syndicates seem to be weathering the oncoming storm well however larger estates that rely on foreign guests coming over to shoot seem to be struggling and several working on a reduced scale or not at all. Perhaps everyone realising that you can enjoy a day out shooting with a modest bag just as much as a large thing is just what we need!
  9. We have 2800 poults on order and as always trying to keep existing birds as well fed as possible however this has been difficult as the virus has developed. if legally possible we will carry on as normal or atleast be our enjoying the countryside.
  10. We are looking at getting owns ready with smaller teams doing the work rather than larger squads like normal. 2800 birds were ordered prior to all this so will make sure to get their pens ready then reevaluate what other jobs can realistically be done eg stiles, ride cutting etc. It’s certainly strange times but hopefully we can all battle away and keep things going.
  11. On reflection I think this may be best for shooting as a whole. I have shot steel at clays and game and because I had no idea of its limitations at the time I just shot them and didn’t really think they were too bad. While it may take a bit of getting used to it’s just something we will all have to get on with. manufacturers and shops rely on having products that are on trend or needed at the present time and I’m sure we will see a huge increase in steel and eco friendly cartridges in the near future as it’s just the way the world is going. Im 30 this year and many of my shooting friends around my age feel that we will see shooting end easily within our lifetime. This is a sad thought but it almost seems inevitable. The change to eco friendly shot and cartridges may inconvenience people but In my opinion we all need to stand together and fight for the future of our sport as a whole and not be looked at in a hundred years as the last of a dying breed. This is a change but it might just help game be sold more easily and perhaps stem the tide at least for a little while.
  12. Hi Blair I think your friend Barton has maybe been speaking to my dad regarding our shoot so hopefully we can meet up and let you have a look around. The shoot is not far off 4000 acres and for the coming season we will be releasing 2800 pheasants . We have 10 shoot days of which full guns can shoot 8 and half guns 4 with bags between 50-85 being achieved on all but one of the days. It's 9 a side on a walk one stand one format shooting 6 drives out of a possible 12 per day. The shoot gained 1000 acres and some great new drives last year and having added another 500 birds we hope to increase bag sizes again. Work parties take place to make sure pens are ready and ride clearing etc. And usually everyone pairs up and feeds once during the season. Costs are £1260 for a full gun or £630 for a half. Any more questions feel free to ask! Cheers Nick Were just outside Banchory
  13. I see I have an email from sacs stating that this is a united stance from all the major organisations. 5 years should surely give everyone time to get ready for the change? Having shot pheasants and ducks with steel it’s not ideal but i guess it was always on the cards that this would happen.
  14. I get paid £45 cash and lunch when picking up or beating. The estate also takes care of all the national insurance and other parts to it. Also get invited to two walk one stand one beaters day. i don’t do it for the money but it helps pay for my own shoot.
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