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  1. I've had a hatsan escort pump for two years an is the only gun I use now never had a problem with it, but some of the small parts in the mechanism are starting to get well worn an no doubt will need replacing soon
  2. Cheers guys, thought I'd ask cos wasn't too shore about it and didn't want to pit it down an they don't eat it. And where feeding it everyday only enough for them to eat so that they don't stay all day plus so it doesn't attract too many rats, we only take two mallard each per flight and a teal or two if we can while either of us gets our pair of mallard then leave the rest to come in
  3. My season is going better than expected, hope everyone else is doing well? So far had 2 teal a wigeon and 5 mallard. I'm lucky enough to have a flooded stubble field with over 2ft of water in places, we have Bern feeding it and shooting every other week and large numbers of duck are just starting show, between 50 and 60 birds coming on every night. We have been feeding with wheat and barley however the other day a farming friend have me 4 bags of maize, my question is will maize be ok to feed for the ducks, and will the ducks eat it or should I crush it in a corn crusher which is what I plan to do? Or just stick to the wheat and barley which is what we've been feeding? Appologies if this seems a daft question however if the ducks will eat the maize it seems daft not too seen as though I can get it free. Any other comments are greatly received
  4. Anyone heading out to a drain in land this 1st, I will be but haven't seen much happening. Just looking forward to being out to be honest
  5. Shooting2


    As said water, water, and more water and plenty of fertiliser we have some plants on the farm and we water them at least three bucket fulls each plant perday morning noon night, pumpkins are mainly made up of water so it makes sense
  6. Just a little tip, move the trap every day even if it's as little as ten feet.
  7. Wasn't shore if it where 14 or 15 man thanks for that& I allways had keys to the cabinate, not that it maters now cos I'm 17 but when we had interview they said all was fine. That was only my experience of what the op might have found useful to know.
  8. Sorry bout spelling, wrote that quick!! Also forgot to say age doesn't matter as long as you can prove he's safe and gets that good school report signed by member of school staff, thats all they seemed bothered about
  9. Hi, I'm 17 now and got my license when I was 11 after quite a long battle. My dad already had his licenencse and so I was applying for mine for much the same reason you are for your son. I was enabled acess to share the gun cabinate and have a set of my own keys and from what i can gather you can sign a gun over to your son when he is 14, someone may correct me on that. Back to the battle of gaining my license, the feo wanted a saris factory report from my school to say that I was well behaved ect.. So we sent a previous school annual school report in with my application which he feo didn't approve of because it wasn't recent, we then had a phone call from police saying they will contact theschool then around six weeks later he school rang to say they don't support shooting and are not willing to offer he report the police want, so my dad went in and said hey support football and a multitude of other sports and all we need is a report signed to say I'm well behaved, this didn't get any where so he spoke to the head master and after quite some time he agreed and appologized, then when the repor was sent by the school it went to the wrong place be cause it wasn't adreesed to the fire arms part. So after another we had interview and the feo apologised for inconvenience, in all it took 8 months. When it does get sent to your son his licence it will have a cover letter and theyl probably send you one too explaining the need for safe use and security espeslecialy in the hands of young people, that's my experience of gaining a licence at age 11 but that where a few years ago, maybee things have improved, if you have any questions about getting his license granted pm me, but I'm not to shore on the bit about being transported with a gun as we told them I was always going out with my dad who already had a licence. Good look. Cheers Kyle
  10. Cheers for the replies guys, allot of info there Much appreciated
  11. Well I'm going to give it a go anyhow, I haven't anything to loose!
  12. Hi guys, had phone call today from farmer saying he's seen ten rabbits out on his wheat when spraying and could I have look. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in the rain or mist lamping as the weather at the mo is pretty dismal? Cheers
  13. Well I had a text this morn at 4:30 saying 'rocky creek' But I've put some money on a few others as well!
  14. If most farmers are relluctant to grow it as you suggest then, some farmers somewhere will take the risk and pay the spraying costs and grow acres of the stuff as the price of the crop will increase dramatically paying more return and covering all costs. Edit for spelling
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