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  1. Chris Jordon from Little Staughton 07774 233255, worth a call...nearest for Northampton.
  2. I have used a 20 bore exclusively for the last 30 years and shoot everything with it and never feel under gunned, the only downside is the cost of cartridges compared to 12 bores. I shoot an annual average of 2000 pigeon plus various game shooting days and rook/jackdaw trimming and 28g 67.5mm cartridges does the lot. I have a pigeon shooting chum who again shoots a 20 bore s/s and shoots an annual average of 2500 pigeon with the same cartridges. I have seen sitsinhedges knock down some lovely pigeon using his home loads in a hushpower, nothing wrong with the range of a 20, just less pellets! If your looking to save weight then a 20 will more than do the job.
  3. Good idea hawkfanz regarding the 20 bore, I changed many years ago to the 20 purely because weight for weight I could take more 20's than 12 bore cartridges but I then found it killed just as good as a 12 and I have never felt under gunned and use it on everything. Much of my ground is only accessible on foot so its always a trade off on what you take, the problem is carrying the shot birds back to the car. I used to think nothing of loading my kit on my back at the end of a successful day, popping 90 plus birds in a sack, kneeling down and grapple the sack on top of my kit then head of to the car.....now when I shoot a respectable number , my mind keeps saying "another 1lb to add to your back" !
  4. OSR cut on a few farms now and pigeon on some, BUT, normal practice happens as the 'Drive to the hide' brigade make their annual appearance and set up shop the moment they see 20 pigeon and blow the field! One such field, if left alone, would accommodate 3 guns and a decent bag would be had by all, instead, two muppets appear as soon as it was cut, set up under a tree together, HOLDING a camo net in one hand and dropping it when taking a shot! You could not make it up! Icing on the cake was when they packed up, the few birds they shot where popped into Tesco carrier bags to go with them. Que the nice shinny Range Rover makes an appearance to drive them off the field. Rant over, plenty more stubble to come.
  5. Hi Team Tractor, I undertake quite a bit of smoking and indeed, the white oak shavings work. Unfortunately I an just too far from you but appreciate you putting this on here as the shop bought chips are way to expensive. Nice offer.
  6. One of my farms sprayed 5 days ago and another is spraying today, pigeon on the first already.
  7. Dropped of some home smoked trout to my farmers tonight and one said to ensure I was going to be about in a couple of weeks time as they will be swathing their OSR. Birds around here on the wheat but not in any numbers, but a chum of mine shot 66 on laid wheat Sat just gone so worth keeping the eyes open.
  8. numpty

    Two sightings.

    I am just down the road from you Jim and there are PLENTY of sparrowhawks hunting my garden (one female, two males) and on every visit to my farms I always see them hunting the hedgerows. I put a dead pigeon up on a stick in my garden, broken wings flapping, and very soon after a large female sparrowhawk hit it hard and dragged it off to eat! Saved some of my blackbirds becoming dinner.
  9. I am lucky my Conservative MP is firmly in the out camp and wants the UK to rule the UK.
  10. numpty


    Hi Mattyg1086, I see you have three useful and informative replies on renting out a property. I work on the eviction side of the business so see far more issues than the average letting agent does but they are a very small minority. The legislation regarding the Right to Rent, Deposits and repairs can be a minefield and I would look to join one of the Landlord Associations and attend a meeting or two in your area talking to other like minded landlords/investors. I also own a small property portfolio and can endorse, that as a long term investment, property stacks up.
  11. I like many on here share your grief, really sorry to hear this.
  12. 23 on Sat, hard work, moved twice but the result is the farmer is happy.
  13. Pigeon nest with two squabs in residence in tree outside my window!
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