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  1. A pair of Vortex Tactical 30mm Picatinny Rings for sale in very good condition. Medium height which is one inch or 25.4mm from the base to the centreline of the ring. I would like £30.00 posted within normal UK areas. Thanks
  2. I have a pair of Vortex Tactical 30mm Medium Picatinny Mounts with 6 screw fixing in good condition if you're interested? I would like £30.00 posted
  3. I will buy these please, if still available. PM sent.
  4. Teague Beretta Mobil, 12 gauge extended stainless steel 1/4 choke in very good condition. £54.00 on Teague's website, for sale at £27.00 posted.
  5. Put it on eBay quick Steve, the cheapest are selling for £40 plus postage!
  6. Have you messaged him using the link in the advert? This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member Powys Guns. Message them here Also, if you click on Lanber at the top of the advert, it takes you to the Gun watch page, which states it has been sold. It's likely that, as he is a trader and advertising in the trade section, he isn't a Pigeon watch member and so will not be able to read this page. Hope this helps 🙂
  7. If this is still available I will take it? Thanks
  8. My father had his left shoulder replaced (he is right handed) about 3 years ago at the age of 72, he has been a mechanic since the age of 15 and is still working part time now. Against all family expectations, he followed the doctors orders and did his physio exercises as instructed and he has had no problems since. A complete success!! I hope this helps
  9. It's a high grade, handmade B25, from the era when they were still made properly at a giveaway price. And if you use it to shoot high pheasants it is a high bird gun!
  10. Yes please. Will PM regards payment. Thanks
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