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  1. If this is still available I will take it? Thanks
  2. My father had his left shoulder replaced (he is right handed) about 3 years ago at the age of 72, he has been a mechanic since the age of 15 and is still working part time now. Against all family expectations, he followed the doctors orders and did his physio exercises as instructed and he has had no problems since. A complete success!! I hope this helps
  3. It's a high grade, handmade B25, from the era when they were still made properly at a giveaway price. And if you use it to shoot high pheasants it is a high bird gun!
  4. Yes please. Will PM regards payment. Thanks
  5. Yes please, I will PM for payment details.
  6. Rangemaster


    I will take both please, I will PM with contact details. Thanks I meant to say both boxes. The magazine looks like BSA Sportsman 5
  7. If this doesn't work out, I will buy them. Thanks
  8. I will take the Bowie knife please. Is Paypal friends OK? Thanks
  9. Eyefor's reply is bang on, but in my experience the FN (hand) built B25 Browning's are so specialised that there is not one cast iron specification. A real B25 has the forend iron in one piece from the front of the action to the tip when seen from below with a double lever arrangement hanging down when opened. Also on the right side of the barrel at the breech end it says "Model B25 Browning's Patent". Looking at the only picture, I would say it's a B26.
  10. I have a good galvanised run for sale, Professionally made and in good condition. I am in North Yorkshire about 6 miles North of Wetherby and just off the A1M. Please PM me if your interested.
  11. Yes Please I will take this. PM sent
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