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  1. Hi.....I am using two identical Bushnell 6500 Elites, which are OK for rimfire and FAC air rifle use. I keep the magnification always on 6x, which I find suits both versions of the Arrow. I had a brief play using the Firefly on my Photon and that appeared to give good results. Will have a more detailed test tonight. Just as an aside I have used all the digital NV that has come on the market, and rate the Photon as best value. However I am led to believe that there may be a new scope coming out in the not too distant future that operates as a normal day scope, but at the touch of a button, it transforms into a digital night sight, and the price will not be a silly one. Night vision technology is moving ahead rapidly with items becoming overtaken within a few months of their launch.
  2. I am currently trialling both of the Arrows. Initial results show that apart from a few minor niggles, the units perform really well. The high tech ones picks up bunny eyeshine easily at 300m plus using the Firefly laser. At close range such as 50m there is a lot of glare which needs to be filtered out using the focus on the laser and the brightness controls on the unit. Surprisingly, the lower spec one gives a very clear image out to 150m plus, with bunny eyeshine out to 250m. This image using the Firefly on the cheaper model is in my opinion better than the dearer one, which makes it ideal for air rifle and rimfire use. I will submit a further update in a few days time when I have pushed the two units to the limit. One thing that was very noticeable was that the Firefly outperformed my Nightmaster 800 by miles, the only drawback being that it is quite bright and maybe detectable by foxes and bunnies at close ranges. I believe that Starlight have come in for a bit of stick over delivery dates, but based upon my initial trials, the delay should be well worth it.
  3. Just for info, if you are into Night vision..............have a look at the link below............looks like a good day out: http://scottcountry.co.uk/images/lib/scottcountryevent.jpg
  4. Hi Dickelliott..........you do seem to behaving some bad luck with the adaptor and inserts. Have you put the inserts in the adaptor with the thinner end going in first. This end would have gone behind the lugs. I must say that this does make for a tight squeeze to get it on the scope. After fiddling around with getting the horizontal reticule to become parallel with the scope's, I closed the clamp and then tightened up the hex bolt on the clamp very tightly. The unit has been on and off the two rifles loads of times with no shift in zero. One thing I have noticed, is that try as hard as you like it is near on impossible to get the unit's vertical reticule to match that of the scope............as long as you get it near enough and parallel, it will be OK. Just pressing the main menu button with the unit's horizon mode on, will push the vertical over........so I cannot see a lot of use in it. As I have said, just get it near enough and parallel. Hope you get it all sorted.......any problems seem to revolve around the adaptor and inserts............the unit itself has performed faultlessly for me so far.
  5. Hi, The insert is supposed to sit behind these lugs, not on them. They need to be pushed in all the way round, with the gap at the bottom. Your lack of view of the menu could be to do with this change in distance between the scope's lens and that of the DFA. I use two identical Bushnell scopes 2.5 to 16 mag, and up to 7x have no problem viewing all of the menu. The DFA has been on and off my two rifles numerous times without any loss of zero whatsoever ( rimfire and FAC air rifle). I used the automatic zero of 50m and holdover and holdunder from 30m out to 75m are minimal. I think the instructions are at fault here as they do not clarify the correct procedure for fitting the inserts. I had one of the first DFAs and had no real issues with that. Thomas Jacks did change it for the second version, which I have used extensively and find it a superb piece of gear.............just remember to get the inserts properly fitted.
  6. Hi, Sorry you have had a bad experience with the DFA. Call Thomas Jacks and they will replace it free of charge with the updated version, which is simple to set up and has enhanced features. I have been using one for a few days and it is impressive. I had one of the originals, and did not have any real issues with that, but this new model is easier to use and it holds it's zero perfectly. There is new software that allows you to just dial in your zero from the menu, and the unit does everything else for you. It would appear that Pulsar have finally got it right. If any body needs advice, contact Paul at Scott Country or Jamie at Thomas Jacks who as usual are extremely helpful................No I am not employed by them!
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