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  1. B725 I can see about 2 colours in the rainbow 😂. I’m in construction and if engineers put red spray on floor I have no chance. Has to be yellow or blue.
  2. B725 i really struggle with greens browns and reds. Maybe I’ll have to find some bright yellow ones to keep the cartridge police happy. But like I said this doesn’t excuse me for leaving the flapper battery which I apologise for.
  3. I always pick my cartridges up and yes if I mis a few in the grass like I said it’s down to my colour blindness. I’ve shot over 500 pigeon on that field in last 2 weeks .Mat just wondering are we talking maybe a handful of spent cartridges. Hold my hands up I shouldn’t of left the little flapper battery . Shot the field over 40 years and i would call it trespassing riding about on someone’s field in your landy .
  4. As I had over 300 shots I might of left a few in the grass what I missed. I’m colour blind so I have a job to see them all. You can keep the batteries. Have you got perm to be riding about on the field anyway
  5. Well done chaps great post from sunny Thailand 🌴
  6. Morning Muncher I'm going to have to have a go at the Geese.Never shot them before but I've got a nice spot at work were they come in.Hey and Motty I'm just a lazy ******.
  7. Wow Great bag guys .I've been on holiday missing out better get back on it next sat.
  8. I agree Motty. Ive had couple decent bags over the last two weekends and over 50% were young birds.Well done .
  9. Yep it works for me i usually use high vis jackets flags and got a special rotary the old man made,
  10. Well done Motty nice when you have a day off and it goes to plan
  11. I agree i think the rape stubble is about finished. We might get a few more on the beans and peas Motty
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