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  1. After a cheap break barrel in the north east of England. Not fussed on cal, just needs to have open sights
  2. I'd love to try mudlarking, there are a few places up here onthe Tyne Thanks for giving me an idea
  3. Yes mate; that's how the club's work up here. I dont want to take anyone else on, or sell places... I just want somwhere in the northeast where i can go for a walk in the fresh air and escape from all the rubbish going on back home... same as i used to do when shooting. Im ok thanks; defeats the object of wanting somwhere free to go on my own. Against the law mate I dont want to have to pay mate; i pay my insurance and i split everything worth value with the land owner...
  4. yeah they do. its 10 per head up here. 100 detectorists is £500 each.
  5. There's normally a fee to pay matey Im in some of the group's...
  6. Hi guys; long time no speak. Im not shooting anymore and dont hold a licence; but hoping you can help me out with something "for old times sake". Ive started metal detecting; but permissions are a nightmare as hte Duke of Northumberland wont allow detecting on his land; and most land round by me is his. Would anyone in the north east area who has a shooting permission mind asking the farmer if i can metal detect on their land? Obviously you would be welcome to come with me and Im fully insured. I also have a template for p
  7. Brand new flat pack honey super & 10 frames. 35 + p&p
  8. Hi mate. Replied to your pm. Bit far for me. Cheers though!
  9. Sorry, i should have said. National please
  10. Evening all. Just posting to see if anyone has any bee keeping equipment they don't use? Ideally looking for 2 brood boxes and 2 supers. Thanks Located north east (Ne12)
  11. lap9387

    walther cp99

    Hi all, seen a walther cp99 177 co2 pistol today and was quite impressed by the novelty of it... wondering if anyone has one for sale.... Night hawk spec preffered, but not essential. cash waiting
  12. all emails with pictures sent, slip is worth £20 all day long, i should of put it on at 25 and took 20 to save being bid for it.
  13. still for sale. its a slip big enough to take a rifle and a scope
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