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  1. I have thought about the Whelen for Africa and read some very good reviews about it, but I also considered the 338-06 which has very good ballistics. I eventually just took my 30-06 and took Kudu to warthog.
  2. CFE223 powder is very good for 58gr bullets in 243 and 168gr in 308. Have a look at Hodgdonreloading.con website
  3. If the sloes have been removed I can’t see any problem, but if you’re unsure I’ll be happy to dispose of it for you.
  4. While I was waiting the shoot high pheasant clays I was told by a stranger that my 26” barrels where no good for that stand. I shot 10 straight, he shot 7 with one of them just clipped with 32” barrels, told him to get a hacksaw and cut 6” off his barrels. I have since shot 8 of 10 on the same stand with a 1/2oz shot in a 410 with 26” barrels.
  5. Common sense isn’t that common these days
  6. I use N160 with a 95gr bullet in 243
  7. She smoked both clays
  8. Powder bushes are around £3 each second hand.
  9. It comes with 3 bushes, that’s all you with a new press and yes it has shot and powder bottles.
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