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  1. I don’t have any plans but I have just finished one for my local keeper. It has a fixed bench seat and the front window drops down to form a bench to shoot from. It’s cladding is from an old shed that was left a farm, the rest of the wood is from large pallets from a transport firm. The shed measures 1.5m x 1.2m and costs around £60 for stain, hinges, screws and nails
  2. I wouldn’t be without my Viper flex
  3. Hi Rob, I have about 5 different powders for 410 because I have been buying and selling reloading kits. By preferred powder is Winchester 296 which I’m running out of and is now very rare these days. I have H110, Litgun, Trail bos and SP3 which I like and have plenty of, and can be used for 2 1/2” and 3” cartridges. I shot skeet with a Remington 1100 410 skeet, all other forms of clays including high pheasant with an O/U 410 but because of the way things are at the moment it’s all on hold. Regards Dave
  4. Hi any look with the long net thanks 

    1. cervusman


      H Ian, no sorry, my wife thinks I gave it away years ago. 
      Sorry about that. Dave 

    2. Ian willetts

      Ian willetts

      No worries dave

  5. I’m guessing that you’re loading 410, Clays and Game sell SP3 powder that’s very good for 410 2 1/2” and 3”. It meters well and gives good velocity. I adjust the charge bar throw the right weight for the shot size I want and powder weight.
  6. I use a powder baffler on my Mec for 410, 20b and 12b with an adjustable charge bar and get very consistent charges
  7. I have used trigger sticks and they are rubbish, the legs kept sticking. I made a set of quad sticks which I used for years, then bought a set of Viper travel sticks. I used them in Africa last year and my best shot was a springbok at 257yds, standing using the quad sticks.
  8. Hi was the net any good thanks for looking 

  9. Hi cervusman that would be great thanks let me know how much you want for it thanks Ian 

  10. cervusman

    Long net

    I have a a net which is about 75yd long I think in the shed that I don’t use now. If you’re interested I’ll get it out and check it.
  11. When I use black powder l only use WD40 to clean the weapon. I would spray my pistol on getting home from the range and finish cleaning it the next night sometimes. Never had any problems.
  12. I have 225 Winchester AA wads for 1 1/4oz and 1 3/8oz loads £13 posted.
  13. Hi

    Do you have any Winchester AA hulls in 28g for sale?.



  14. No, because of the weight, 20kg postage will be £25
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