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  1. cervusman

    Camo bucket seat/Decoys/Net

    I would also be happy to pay for postage for the decoys if you want.
  2. cervusman

    Anyone use a 20b semi.

    I bought my wife a Remington 1100 20b last year for clays and she loves it
  3. cervusman

    Which flask?

    I think I got mine from outdoor world about 20 years ago ( stainless ) and it’s been used almost every week since and still going strong.
  4. cervusman

    free hip flasks

    What a great offer.
  5. cervusman

    Rem 700 picatinny rail

    Yes please
  6. cervusman


    I have fixed my gun cabinets in a cupboard made of stud work, just fixed them with coach bolts into the upright studs, passed no problem.
  7. Hi , could I have the 410 wads please if still available. Let me know how much you want for them.
  8. cervusman

    410 reloading bits

    I’m looking for wads, primer, shot and powder to reload 410 cartridges for a young lad that’s doing a lot of 410 shooting. I have plenty of cases and he can use my press.
  9. cervusman

    .22 wmr

    I have a Ruger stainless with laminate stock in very good condition with a Hawke endurance scope also very good condition for sale. This is a very accurate rifle with Remington 33gr Accubond and their 33gr V-max .These rifles are £1000 plus new, I’m looking for £500, I can send pictures by email if you want.
  10. cervusman

    .410 reloading

    I will have them if you could post them and I’ll pay the postage and package.
  11. cervusman

    Cheap Reloading Powders for .410???

    A kg of SP3 powder will give you approximately 1150 loads for 410, so £75.80 is only 6.5p each.
  12. cervusman

    Hatsan escort 20bore youth model

    There’s a few on Guntrader.
  13. cervusman

    Ramshot powders

    Have a look at the Ramshot Reloading data on their website