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  1. I have a Remington 1100 410 skeet, so load 1/2oz of 9 shot in Remington and Winchester cases, I use that load for other clays and squirrels in my O/U 410. For pigeon shooting I use 7 shot
  2. Yes please, let me know how your bank details and I’ll transfer the money
  3. I have new 3” and once fired Remington cases for sale
  4. The press normally comes with only 1 support die in 12b, this has 5 for different length cartridges, so no messing about adjusting the press, they come with only 2 or 3 powder bushes, this has 30+ powder bushes, which are £6 each for a Mec, plus 7 shot bushes, Mec shot charge bars are £21 each. Conversation kits for a Mec are around £95 each, this has 3 conversation kits. I can load just as fast with this press as I can with a Mec.
  5. I have a Bowman press that’s has been professional modified to pre crimp for 8 star as well as 6. The handle has also been worked to made it easier to work with the bigger cases. The press comes set up for 12b with 5 support dies for different case lengths. It comes with a conversations kit to load 20b, a conversation kit for 16b, ( not shown in the pictures), a conversation kit to load up to 3 1/2” 10b cartridges. There are over 25 powder bushes and 7 different shot bushes, plus wad guides. Shot and powder bottles included. It a job to know how much to price this as there’s so much in the ki
  6. I have Claybuster wads in 28b, 20b and 12b and new 3” 410 cases.
  7. Vintage Savage 12b reloading press in good working condition. It has a rotating head for the different stages. It comes with the original charge bar without any bushes, there’s an adjustable charge bar and a Mec charge bar that also fits. £120 posted
  8. Mec 600 jnr mk5 press in very good condition with 3 bushes £175 collected, or I can post at cost.
  9. I have some Claybuster wads that are the same as WAA12 for 1 1/8oz and 1oz loads.
  10. I live near Ipswich, so anyone that has any would have to be near by.
  11. Has anyone got some shotgun primers they’re not going use.
  12. I have an ammunition safe that’s as new, 500m H x 35m W x 300m D with 2 keys £50 collected from near Ipswich.
  13. I use 42gr of N160 with 95gr Nosler Silvertip and Hornady 95gr SST which are very accurate and drop muntjac on the spot
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