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  1. I have a lot of claybuster wads that are used instead of Winchester wads, for sale
  2. A couple of years ago I walked in to my local gun shop to by bits and saw a Remington 1100 410 skeet gun, it was love at first sight, I just had to have it.
  3. What are you looking for? Rifles, reloading bits?
  4. I am having a big clear out of cases Once fired 20b 67m Remington SPS and Remington AA cases £12 per 100 plus postage at cost. Once fired 410 Remington cases £12 per 100 plus postage at cost. Once fired 410 Winchester AA, HS £15 per 100 plus postage at cost. Once fired 410 Winchester AA £15 per 100 plus postage at cost. New 3” 410 cases £15 per 100 plus postage at cost. 100 new 12b Cheddite grey 67m with 20m brass base £10 plus postage at cost. 200 new 12b Cheddite black 67m with 25m brass base £10 per 100 plus postage at cost
  5. I have already said I will take the primers out. The add now says cases.
  6. Okay I’ll take the primers out, although they may be Surefire primers.
  7. Clays and Game do, so yes
  8. I have 500 new Eley 12b red paper 67mm cases for sale. £15 per 100 plus postage. If you want primed cases it’s pick up only
  9. I too had a Ruger super Blackhawk, it is sadly missed. I now have a Ruger stainless black powder pistol. I also have 2 Ruger rifles, both stainless, a 308 varmint and a 22WMR, both are very accurate.
  10. I have shot a fox with the 22WMR while out after rabbits and it dropped to the bullet, but if I’m only after fox I take the 223. For rangers up to around 150yds the 22WMR will do the job nicely, far better than the 17HMR, IMO.
  11. Once fired 410 Remington cases £15 per 100
  12. I do have a few 100 once fired Remington 410 cases as well
  13. No , sorry I sold all the 28b last year. I do still have 28b Claybuster wads. The Remington cases are 69m and the Winchester cases are 67m, both are 8 star crimp
  14. I have 100s of once fired Remington and Winchester 20b cases £15 per 100 posted
  15. Years ago I used old oil bottles for lead and powder on my bowman press, I still have them somewhere.
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