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  1. Hi, did you get a press? I have a very good condition 28b Mec press for sale. Dave
  2. I have a Lincoln O/U 410 and it’s very as an all rounder.
  3. Open to sensible offers
  4. As far as I know it will do 75m but not sure about 89m but that’s for crimping, if you roll crimped it shouldn’t be a problem. It would be a good idea to give Clays & game a call.
  5. I have a 28b Mec 600jnr mk5 reloading press in excellent condition. £220 plus postage.
  6. I have a 12b Mec 600 reloading press that’s in good working condition, £130 plus postage.
  7. Remington 33gr accutip and 33gr V-max shoot very well and to the same point of aim in my rifle, a Ruger 77 stainless
  8. I have a box of 22 Winchester super X 10ga double x magnum 3 1/2” 2 1/4oz 2 shot cartridges for sale but I have no idea what they’re worth, any help would be helpful.
  9. I use 95gr Hornady SST and 95gr Nosler Silvertip
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