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  1. I would like that but it’s a far for me. I have a O/U and Remington 1100 skeet both 410.
  2. It a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver. A toller for short.
  3. A few years ago a friend had to shoot an injured deer that had just ran into a tidal river and without any hesitation his dog ran in and retrieved it.
  4. Years ago I had a Remington 1100 skeet and I wore it out with 1000s of shots. Between my wife and I we have a 12b 1187, a 20b 1100 with a skeet barrel and game barrel and a 1100 410 skeet. You could say we love them
  5. What’s the matter with the older models, they still work well?
  6. I load 410, 20b and 12b on Mec 600 and find that by putting a piece of tape around the pre crimper and marking where the crimp line is I can then line the case up with the line. I use Winchester AA 410, 20b and 12b cases and they are fantastic to re crimp.
  7. I reload for my 223 and it only costs me around £41 per 100 reusing fired cases
  8. cervusman


    Have a look on clay and game website, once fired 12b Winchester AA cases are £16.50 per 100. The 12b are the easiest to get, just try finding Winchester or Remington once fired 20b, 28b and 410 cases.
  9. cervusman


    Sorry they’re 67m
  10. cervusman


    410 wads now sold
  11. An Original model 6 is a very good air pistol that’s non recoil for target shooting.
  12. cervusman


    The 20b cases are 70m
  13. cervusman


    Once fired cartridge cases, the best you can get, can be reloaded up to 10 times 410 Winchester AA 410 Remington 28b Winchester AA 28b Remington 20b Winchester AA 28b Remington 20b Winchester AA 20b Remington All £18 Per 100 posted
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