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  1. In some cases if you have a criminal record you can not own shotgun cartridges
  2. Why do you think bismuth would be quieter that lead? Just use standard lead.
  3. Clays & game have always been very helpful with me.
  4. Yes, get some calipers and measure the size. Go on to google and find a chart for shot sizes
  5. I have a 410 Mec super sizer and I want a 12b as well, has anyone got a press or the conversation kit for 12b that they no longer use.
  6. I never used subs, I have always used Eley standard now called Eley sport which I found very accurate and as quite as subs.
  7. cervusman

    Air rifle

    I have chickens that are free range and I use poison. Just use poison away from the chicken and no problems, I’ve done that for years and not lost a chicken yet.
  8. cervusman


    A friend has a Lyman Gen6 for sale, he bought it new and then gave up reloading. He wants £200 posted if that’s any good.
  9. cervusman

    Air rifle

    You would be better off putting poison down, I doubt you will get them all with a rifle, but it’s a lot of fun shooting them
  10. I have a brand new Lyman 12b slug mould with new handles for sale. It’s a 470gr hollow base dome shaped slug £100 posted or VNO
  11. It would have to be Chinese water deer for me.
  12. Marlin makes a lever action 410.
  13. I have a new Lyman 12b slug mould with handles for sale if you want. I can send pictures by email.
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