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  1. I brought a second hand Swarovski scope and had the same problem but with up and down, I was told to wind the turret all the way up then all the way down and bingo it now holds zero.
  2. I also have 2 more Mecs, a 12b and a 20b. I also have 2 conversion kits, a 16b and a 28b. Mec presses are very good and produce excellent cartridges when you get it right.
  3. I use a Mec press to reload my 410 cartridges and it works well. I did get people going to the State’s to bring me back bags of wads as they’re so cheap over there and easy to pack in a case.
  4. 6025EC4F-FA05-4B93-BCBF-CA98A1B5B94E.MP4
  5. I’m looking for two charge bars for the Mec 600j to load 1/2oz and 5/8oz loads for 410 and bushes numbers 34 and 35. If you have any spare let me know please
  6. Thanks to Moto I now have most of what I would like, just need bushes numbers 34 and 35 if any spare could you let me know. if anyone wants my spare bush £3 each.
  7. I have some spare Mec bushes no’s 10, 11, 14,19, 20, 37 and I was wondering if anyone had any spare that they wanted to swap with. I an looking for bush no’s 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35. If anyone has some spare for sale let me know please.
  8. They have to be safe to be able to sell them. I have used a Webley 12b to 410 with on problem.
  9. The 60s 70s puts them in the mk2- mk3. There’s a few on Guntrader starting at £70 to £150. Have a look.
  10. I have bags of 500 Claybuster wads in 20b for £25
  11. That’s because he hit it low. I only hit the necks, I have never hit the back as well or any other part of the body when taking a neck shot, so loins where perfect.
  12. I saw these three playing in a wood within 50yds and shot all three within 2mins, farthest was around 90yds off sticks
  13. I have had used both the Yildiz and Lincoln, I sold the Yildiz and kept the Lincoln 26” barrel, which I used on clays just after Christmas and didn’t miss many with 2 1/2 reloads. I managed to hit all 10 pairs of rising teal.
  14. Has anyone got a Mec universal charge bar they’re not using please.
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