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  1. cervusman

    .22 wmr

    I have a Ruger stainless with laminate stock in very good condition with a Hawke endurance scope also very good condition for sale. This is a very accurate rifle with Remington 33gr Accubond and their 33gr V-max .These rifles are £1000 plus new, I’m looking for £500, I can send pictures by email if you want.
  2. cervusman

    .410 reloading

    I will have them if you could post them and I’ll pay the postage and package.
  3. cervusman

    Cheap Reloading Powders for .410???

    A kg of SP3 powder will give you approximately 1150 loads for 410, so £75.80 is only 6.5p each.
  4. cervusman

    Hatsan escort 20bore youth model

    There’s a few on Guntrader.
  5. cervusman

    Ramshot powders

    Have a look at the Ramshot Reloading data on their website
  6. cervusman

    Reloading 410

    Thank you all for help I now have all the data I need to start reloading, just need a good rollover tool now.
  7. cervusman

    410 rollover tool

    I’m still looking, anyone got one for sale without there being an auction please.
  8. I have a load of 76mm 410 cases also a load of gualand H17 micro wads which are for 19g shot, I also have a kg of Vecton SP3 powder but I have no idea if it’s compatible and if it is then what weight charge to use. Can anyone help please
  9. cervusman

    410 rollover tool

    Yes please, let me know how much you want for it.
  10. cervusman

    410 rollover tool

    Has anyone got a 410 rollover tool they’re not using before I order one. I would like the good rollover tool such as the ones that Folkestone engineering sells please.
  11. I did pest control on two USAF bases for 13yrs with a 22lr rifle and only used Eley standard rounds and regularly shot 150 rabbits a night. I always found that if you hit a rabbit in the head with a solid it would make less noise than the same shot with a subsonic round, and where more accurate, head shots out to 175yrs, witnessed. I regularly used 15000 rounds a year.
  12. cervusman

    243 powders

    I only use N160 in my 243, 42gr with a 95gr SST bullet and I’ve used them for all my needs from fox to reds. I mostly use my 243 for muntjac and cwd.
  13. cervusman

    20g cartridge belt

    I have a really nice leather Brady belt in very good condition only used a couple of times, it’s got a fold of leather under the loops to stop the cartridges seating to deep £45. I can send pictures by email.
  14. cervusman

    .22 WMR or .17 HMR??

    I have had a 22 WMR for years and when the 17 HMR came out did consider getting one but when I compared the two I keeper the 22 WMR