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  1. Clemfandango are you saying that roost shooting is now illegal?
  2. I rebuilt my 124 a couple of years ago, I used a welsh willy tuning kit . It shoots really well
  3. Ratworks do a postal collection service. I used them during the lockdown to service a r10 they were very professional to deal with , I'd use them again
  4. Chris whistler would be closest to you at swavesey , if it's 100% the reg the guy with the best reputation would be Kev g in Doncaster Rapids unless they've been butchered are so reliable if you have a loss of zero always run them over a chrono first . Join the rapid 7 forum you'll get loads of useful info
  5. Run it over a chrono it sounds as if you've got a seal going or regulator if your rapid has one , shooting low/ increased groups both point to this .
  6. Try Chris whistler he's only at swavesey 07836233501 , he's serviced several theobens for me
  7. As longbower has stated some forces will you'd need to ask yours. If it's was me I'd keep what you have and buy a good used fac or sell what you have and buy one . A local gunshop has a secondhand 410 extra in .22 for I think it was 400-450 with a really nice thumb hole stock and scope , factory set at 28-30 flbs , at least with the extra you'll have a higher shot count.
  8. The pard 007 is a excellent add on ,the on board illumination is good for 100y plus, if your going to be using it on other rifles with more range than your airrifle I'd recommend a Solaris srx this will give you 350 yds plus
  9. Another 79 to add to the total since I last updated, ended with 171 for the year . Just picked up another beat where there's a real squirrel problem 2105
  10. If your going to shoot rabbits beyond 80yds I'd recommend a 22rf and if your seriously going to be shooting at them at 120 yds get a 17 hmr. You'll need perfect conditions and know the range to within a yard or two using a air rifle at these ranges, inside 80 yds a fac air rifle makes perfect sense but if you look at mat dubber struggling at 60-90 yds trying to shoot rabbits with a fx impact in 30 cal in blustery conditions you see what I'm talking about . A cz rf can be picked up for £200-£300 look what a fx airrifle will cost and the rf wii run circles around it
  11. I don't know if any of you guys were shooting on swathed rape/ stubble back in the 1980s -90s but back then turtle doves at times would have outnumbered wood pigeon, things have certainly changed since then . I've seen maybe 5-6 this year . Stock doves were on the quarry list up until the early 1980s I used to get 5p each , I think pigeons were around 30p at the time
  12. Whitetail

    FWB 127,

    I use a Fwb 124 regularly for pest control, they v well made and accurate, with jsbs it averages under 1/2 inch 5 shot groups from the sitting position at 30yds. £300 is probably £100 overpriced unless it's as new . They are not that hard to work on but you'll need a spring compressor which is easily made . The only thing I'd say if it's well used check the barrel lock up other than that I'd say they pretty bulletproof
  13. I've shot 92 since the turn of the year, I shot them really hard last year and shot just over a 100 and there were very few left . I think they must be coming in from the gardens of the village near the shoot , I shoot a particular feeder until very little is being eaten and leave it a couple of weeks then all of a sudden the feeders emptied in days . At least it's given me something to do with the problems over the general licence 1171
  14. So by some members thinking flight shooting will be now be illegal along with roost shooting because your not sure whether the birds been eating someone's crop.Are you going to wait for a corvid to actually be destroying a bird nest in front of you before shooting it . I think we're extremely lucky how things have turned out , common sense prevailed in the end
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