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  1. Then why are they clearly saying on TV this morning "Boxing day" NOT TO GO OUT in tier 4 areas. We are trying to save the lives of the NHS staff & many more. Yet idiots plan to socialise at shoots because the CPSA says you can. Good luck to you all.
  2. Cant believe what members are saying on this forum. We have just had the equivalent over the last 9 months of 175 average size jumbo jets fall out the sky with all lives lost & people are saying its safe to go shooting.?? It clearly says on the government's website. Don't go out unless compleatly necessary in tier 4 areas. Shooting ain't necessary. LINK.
  3. Can't believe that shoots are still going on in tier 4 areas. Two of my local shoots are open next Sunday. I was under the impression that the government is saying dont leave your home. So how are shooters getting to the shoots? Or are these guys & girls doctors & nurses or essential workers. We are just coming up to 70K in deats in the UK & getting worse. I am not bothered on these senseless people getting COVID, but would like them punished for all they give it too.
  4. Hi, has any one come across a decent shotgun certificate holder that you dont have to be an origami specialist to neatly hold your licence in. I have a Bisley holder that is absolutely useless unless you take the origami course for the minimum amount of folds to not have it hanging out the top. Like most, i dont carry it with me, so a slightly larger one would be fine. Any makers suggestions.?? Cheers.
  5. No! as all the clay's are logged on your electronic card. So if you do 10 stands with 2 traps on each & you would like to see them, you would pay for an extra 18 birds @ 25p each this is allowing for your 2 free birds.
  6. This is what many are saying. This is a paragraph from the email they sent out. I just want to thank all those that have commented on the mention of our new no bird policy from the last email. I have had quite a few emails as well as those that spoke to me yesterday, The general opinion was very much behind us on this decision. Everyone would like to see this sort of problem to stop so we can continue to keep our prices at the 25p rate, everyone benefits. Going forward no birds will be capped at 2 in 100. If you have a problem you need to call someone, they will remove your card, and p
  7. I see they have now brought in the 2 clay's per 100 at Chalk Farm clay ground, this has made my mind up. Myself & the rest of our group are looking to try some other grounds. I can only assume the business they are running has to tighter margins to not be able to worry about a few of clays. I am also assuming that the traps clays are not left in the traps over night in the winter months as there will be far more no birds when its cold. So just some maths with 3 of us only shooting 125 clay's 18 times a year & clays charged at 25p per clay: Each shoot now cost me 125 clays x 0.25p
  8. Hi, we were at chalkfarm clay ground Norfolk the other day & between three of us we shot 375 clays. When we went to pay we told the lady that we had a genuine 18 no birds & was told that seemed excessive. I think 4.8% is not a lot of no birds on 350 birds. The lady did begrudgingly charge us us for the 375 only. The next day everyone got the usual email with the scores & what i would class as a really rude comments on the amount of people claiming for no birds. Well i am sorry if you think we are stealing from you at chalkfarm, then try keeping your traps in good order as we wasn
  9. Wow! What a reply, i thought my mail box had a hic-up. I am learning that there is defiantly a cross between science & the black art on this sort of subject & my conclusion & what seems to be the consensus is!: Buy cartridges with a bigger load. Thanks guys, Nice debate.
  10. Hi, Can anyone say if using a full choke will increase velocity of the shot? Or is this only accomplished with the cartridges load. Cheers.
  11. Have a look at the Winchester range of guns for clay shooting. I purchased a 30" Winchester Select a wile back for £760 brand new & have been very happy with it.(But this was a good deal) They are a bit of a cross of the Browning / Beretta. The only part i don't like about the gun, is they are a little fiddly to put back together after cleaning in comparison to some, but this is just a tiny thing on what is a very good gun & wont effect your days shooting. Dont bother with the autos as you will spend the day picking up cartages, "and if you don't, peeving others off". Auto's can also
  12. Thanks guys! wasn't sure if i was missing something. Cheers, Chris.
  13. Hi, i see i can do this on this forum, but it means getting an email every gun that's up for sale. This means every type of gun, which means binning 98% of them. But couldn't see a way on the "Gun Watch site". Or is it a case of just subscribing to the forums & binning loads of emails. Cheers
  14. Hi, i might be missing something being new! But can you put a search in Gun Watch & get an email notification when guns come in for that particular search i have made. Or do i have to look in every few days. Cheers.
  15. Will definatly be at Hitclays on Monday at Watery Lane Beeston. The Xmass shoot was great laugh with large turn out of safe Guys & Girls at the shoot. The large amount of stands they put out saves a massive amount of waiting around on each trap when busy. (Keep it up guys) I even got a lucky turkey last time, after an Easter egg at this one.
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