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  1. Looking for recommendations for work boots, they must be safety boots, I prefer higher leg as I can't really wear normal ankle boots. Preferably waterproof. I've had altbergs, dickies and a few different models of magnums, I'm using magnum rigmasters just now the only thing letting them down was they weren't fully waterproof but I'm edging towards haix airpower, anyone had haix boots that can offer a yay or nay or any other ideas that are worth a look. Cheers 👍
  2. When I used to work for my local council parks depot, our yard was next to the tradesmans stores, the skips out the back were a goldmine, had all sorts out of them, highlights were dewalt tools, nothing wrong with them, they had just changed to lithium battery stuff, old gear was flung. It was easier to lob something out than to sign it back in, I've still got loads of plumbing stuff In The shed, still in the bags. There was also a frightening amount of wet wall thrown away, most of the shelters in my pheasant pens are made from it!
  3. My best job was the three years I spent as a trainee gamekeeper on a large grouse moor, couldn't wait to get out on the hill every morning, trekking about checking traps and snares, burning heather, sitting out half the night or early mornings, as much ferreting as I wanted, lamping rabbits night after night, watching the grouse bringing up their chicks, almost 12 years since I left, miss it every day
  4. MBW

    Benelli mag tube

    Thanks for everyone's input, on closer inspection my mag tube seems to be fixed so couldn't change it if I wanted to, but I did have reservations over the licensing side of things, looks like a trip to the gun shop for me
  5. I have a benelli m2 which has the extended 8 shot tube on it, I've been Invited to do a bit of fowling with a new shooting buddy next season, as the benelli is my only steel proof gun, and I don't fancy shelling out on bismuth, was wondering if anyone knew if I could buy a crimped mag tube, swap it over and make my 8 shot into a 3 shot. Has anyone any experience with this? Would be interested to Know how you got on with licensing side of things, does the gun need to be held on both fac and sgc for example? As I would like to swap back and forth between 3 and 8
  6. Have toyed with a career change and the trainee engineer jobs with openreach seem to tick all the boxes. However just wondered if there are any telecoms engineers on here who may have insider Knowledge, have heard mixed reports about what it is actually like to work for them
  7. Had a mcnab lowlander for years, never a bit of bother with it, if I had to find a fault, I would say it was a bit on the heavy side, however it handled and shot well, if its what you are after I'd say go for it,
  8. They're a pain to find, but the elka working xtreme jacket would fit the bill, I have been issued them from work for the last 6 years, theyre Cordura type material, very hard wearing, breathable and waterproof. They are aimed at commercial fishermen, well worth a look, they make trousers to go with the jacket, but avoid them, they are not cut for men. Think moose knuckle https://www.engineeringagencies.co.uk/elka-working-xtreme-jacket-086002?search=Elka working xtreme
  9. We'll stick with the Bentley, the chauffeur can't reach the roof to Polish a range rover 😂
  10. Lots to think about, thanks everyone who has posted, keep the ideas coming. Liked the spa day ideas, however got it on good authority from a colleague that preggo spa days are pretty guff. Have been looking at mother to be massages, anyone know if they're any good?
  11. Looking for some ideas guys, struggling to think of a Christmas present for the wife this year, come Christmas she will be heavily pregnant, it's not been an easy time for her, so I'd like to get her something that will cheer her up a bit. She has more jewelry than you can shake a stick at, so don't want to go down that route. I think clothes will be a dangerous game. She's into shooting but I don't think she will be up for a days shooting or stalking. She isn't a girly girl and wouldn't thank me for makeup and that jazz. my lightbulb moment was a new tattoo, but turns out they aren't wise for pregnant women, don't really want to get her something she has to wait ages to use, anyone got any ideas? Budget approx £200
  12. MBW

    What do you do?

    Was a gamekeeper, worked on a farm, did transport for a sawmill, now a grave digger
  13. MBW


    I've had one for about a year. Not had any problems with it, but if you are using it for foxes I'd recommend a laeserluchs 5000 ir. I got it mounted to my remington 700 no bother with Warne rings and bases.
  14. Fish oil is about the only thing I'd use to lubricate them, a good going over with a wire brush and stored sprung, not much else worth doing to them, theyre pretty much maintenance free apart from that, if you are concerned about germs as said previously a dook in boiling water, or run a blowtorch over it
  15. The older models of pulsar scopes aren't great, very grainy and easy to miss identify stuff, the quantum are a bit better, however the chance of a bad ident are still there. The best thermal scope I have used is the front mounted add on by pulsar, a fox looks like a fox in that, whereas the dedicated thermals it's still easy to confuse a Badger and a fox or a hare at times. I have never used the latest generation of thermal scopes however, but I hear they are slightly clearer the thing to bear in mind is with a thermal scope, you are firing at a white blob that looks vaguely like a fox, you are really only using its behaviour as an indicator as to what it is.
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