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  1. Well Guys, I guess I will have to wait another year before using the rifle as I just can't afford the cost of a decent S&B . Thank you for all your thoughtful replies, it is most appreciated. Best regards.
  2. Hi GUys, I have recently taken delivery of a new Browning X-Bolt in .243 and I'm looking to scope it up. Now before you all say 'spend all your money on the scope and buy the rifle with the change', that hasn't happened. I have been looking at the Nikko Stirling Targetmaster in 6-24X56 flavour and also the Hawke Optics Sidewinder in 6-24X56. Has anyone used either of these scopes, if so what are they like? I'll await, with interest, your replies and thoughts. Regards.
  3. It would be great to see you guys, if you can make it. The ground is a couple of miles to the south of Carpenters Lodge roundabout on the A1 at Stamford. If heading north you need to take the turning before RAF Wittering which is signposted Wittering and follow the windy road for about 2.5 miles and the ground is on the left at the flagpoles. It is fibre wad only. Cartridges will be on sale on the day if you forget. Best regards Rimfire
  4. Hi Everyone, Shooting Lincs... are organizing a 50 bird sporting re-entry clay shoot at Grange Farm, Wittering, off the A1 at Stamford. The event is being run to raise funds for the Help for Heroes Charity to help our injured servicemen and women when they return from operational duty in the Gulf and to support their families. This is intended to be a fun event and it will be held on 23rd August 2008 commencing at 09:30 hrs. The entry fee is £18 per round with a re-entry fee of £12. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd , Top Lady Gun and Top Junior Gun (under 18). A quality raffle is a
  5. The BASC South Lincolnshire Committee will be holding its annual Countryside Quiz night at The Old Ship Inn at Pointon near Billingborough, South Lincolnshire on Thursday 21st February 2008. The cost is £10 for a team of four with sandwiches and chips provided. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places plus a quality raffle. For entry tickets contact Chris on 07764 444224. If you think you know the countryside, prove it! Please come and join in.
  6. Hi Everyone, The BASC South Lincolnshire Committee are holding a clay shoot for BASC members at the Grange Farm Shooting Ground at Wittering, Nr Stamford on 22nd September. The event is a fun day intended as a warm up for the start of the season. The shoot will consist of teams of three taking part in a 40 bird sporting round and a 40 bird team flush. If you haven't got a team you can enter the Individual 40 bird sporting competition or make up a team on the day. The event is sponsored by Gamebore Cartridges and a sports photographer will be in attendance to capture your winning moments (o
  7. BASC South Lincolnshire Committee are holding a Team & Individual Clay Shoot at Orston Shooting Ground on 30th September 2006 starting at 09:30 hrs. The event is open to individuals to shoot the 40 bird sporting round and teams of three to shoot the 40 bird sporting round and 40 bird team flush. There are several categories to enter: Teams Winning Team Runner-Up Team Highest Placed Side-by-Side Team Highest Placed Ladies Team Individuals Individuals to third place Top Veteran (over 60) Top Gamekeeper Top Side-by-Side Top Lady Gun Top Young Shot (under 18) Entry
  8. Hi FM, What your friend says is correct. We have access to this equipment because we work closely with the US Military but we have to jump through all sorts of hoops even when trying to assist them. These scopes are subject to ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) as well as requiring special export licences approved by the US DoD, and End User Statements etc etc. rjimmer, I believe Exocets would be more suitable for wildfowling as they are a sea skimming missile I believe, you had better ask Bolta, he's the expert. I'm only familiar with manpads. Best regards to all
  9. Hi DM, I just saw your post regarding gundog events. Lintran in conjunction with the BASC Lincolnshire Committee are holding a gundog/handler training day at the Lintran facility in North Lincolnshire on May 15th. Unfortunately I haven't got any posters with me so I can't remember the cost but it's not much. The day is aimed at novices, juniors and new handlers, but everyone will find something useful. We will be having professional trainers in attendance to coach and advise as necessary. In addition there will be microchipping and tattooing facilities for the dogs. Food and drinks
  10. Hi Bolta, I thought I had answered your questions in my last post, maybe you should try to read it. I have explained why I had one and what it was being used for and why I tried it. Maybe if you got your head out of your **** and paid attention this wouldn't have got to where it is. I don't have to justify myself to you or anyone else. If you don't like what you read on here, go somewhere else. Maybe you could answer me a question, what do you do for a living and where do you come from and why haven't you completed your personal information, do you have something to hide?
  11. Hi Guys, I'm going to end this now. Go to www.esldefence.co.uk click on EW Training Aids and you will see two pictures of a Mallina long range UV stimulator. The sight that is fitted to it is a red dot sight used for daytime use. This is usually fitted to the Laser Range Finder which bolts to the top of the Mallina so that automatic programme selection can be made by detecting range to the target. We are looking to replace this with the thermal image sight and have the output of the Mallina made covert so the light isn't visible. We have been trialling the sight and out of curiosity I fitt
  12. Well Bolta, I give up, you are obviously right as you seem to know more about it than I do. After all it is only my job and I guess you can do that better than I can. I suggest we leave this where it is. It has obviously been an interesting discussion for some people but you know better. I wish you all the best for the future in your narrow minded world. Regards Rimfire
  13. Thanks Guys, Ernyha, I understand your thoughts. We had such high hopes for Storm. He had been attending training classes and was going on to agility classes and we intended to breed from him to improve the breed as he was a dog that very closely matched the breed standard. Our forthcoming holidays were all planned around him being there, its such a sad, sad disaster. This is not going away easily. Thanks to you all for your thoughts. Regards Rimfire
  14. Hi Elma, Good shooting and great pics. And there was me thinking the Fire Brigade works for a living Will you be at the CLA this year? Regards Rimfire
  15. Hi Guys, Especially as they were unarmed! Regards Rimfire
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