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  1. love to spend a day out with you misses would jumping lol but never mind she would get over it keep up the good work and merry xmas
  2. on telly he goes out hunting in the jungles with tribes on islands eating what ever they catch getting paid by the bbc makes me laugh and he goes on about hunting and conservation **** 1st class rant over
  3. ive just moved address sent my firearms certificate back to devon & cornwall police and it was returned within 5 days well chuffed
  4. yes sorry devon I received a letter from my g.p, had to pay the doctors £55 for them to release my medical records !!!!! but after reading on basc saying don't pay any fees to the doctors bit gutted !!! if the police don't get a reply back after 21days the guidance states there is no change from the last application never mind !!!!!
  5. over the moon my licence for my shotgun renewal done and returned within 5 weeks very efficient !!!!!!
  6. ive been following your posts for quite sometime fantastic wish I had the same luck amazing photos
  7. don't give up I don't think basc could help if you joined that is but I might be wrong its worth a call though good luck anyway
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