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  1. Incase anyones got a used one laying about!
  2. Looks like the 'raised' may be an american only thing according to GMK - just the standard and extra high available in the UK. Annoying as I bought the gun knowing I need a high comb and assumed I could get it!
  3. I definitely want the proper benellil one. They are normally 55-65 from local shops but they can’t get the ‘raised’ one!
  4. Thanks, that’s more than twice the price they normally retail for.
  5. Hi All, I'm having trouble sourcing one of these - GMK are not helping saying they can't get one. There are 3 sizes - standard, raised, and extra high. Raised is what I need, but seems impossible to find. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have one please?
  7. Looking for a small friendly syndicate in or near the Chew Valley Somerset
  8. Thanks all, I'm going to try and get a variety of carts to pattern. I'll try the light and slow stuff as a priority.
  9. Perhaps! But regardless they come down more often for me with 5’s and I do the same thing. So empirical evidence suggests otherwise. Very few offerings than are 23/24g and 7. Black gold start at 30g...
  10. I’d love a denser pattern but all my shooting is walked up wild birds and I find I need 5s to do the job well when shooting them from behind
  11. I recently purchased a new 20 bore, today I patterned it with my typical load; RC sipe 28/5, and it laid some bad patterns, the sipe 6’s were better but still not great. I had a look at what else was on the market and saw the hull ultimate 20: 28gram 5.5(2.75mm) at 1450fps sounds like the perfect recipe and wondered if anyone had any experience? it’s a MK60 30” choked 1/4 and 1/2 for what that’s worth.
  12. Myself and two friends fancy a day out together with some voluminous shooting sometime this spring. Happy to travel a way for a good guided day out. Suggestions welcome!
  13. I’ll take a half please, could we possibly collect Sunday so I could bring my daughter to see the farm too?
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