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  1. Looking for a small friendly syndicate in or near the Chew Valley Somerset
  2. Thanks all, I'm going to try and get a variety of carts to pattern. I'll try the light and slow stuff as a priority.
  3. Perhaps! But regardless they come down more often for me with 5’s and I do the same thing. So empirical evidence suggests otherwise. Very few offerings than are 23/24g and 7. Black gold start at 30g...
  4. I’d love a denser pattern but all my shooting is walked up wild birds and I find I need 5s to do the job well when shooting them from behind
  5. I recently purchased a new 20 bore, today I patterned it with my typical load; RC sipe 28/5, and it laid some bad patterns, the sipe 6’s were better but still not great. I had a look at what else was on the market and saw the hull ultimate 20: 28gram 5.5(2.75mm) at 1450fps sounds like the perfect recipe and wondered if anyone had any experience? it’s a MK60 30” choked 1/4 and 1/2 for what that’s worth.
  6. Myself and two friends fancy a day out together with some voluminous shooting sometime this spring. Happy to travel a way for a good guided day out. Suggestions welcome!
  7. I’ll take a half please, could we possibly collect Sunday so I could bring my daughter to see the farm too?
  8. Thank you I’ve contacted them!
  9. So I was loitering around a gun shop with the ideal of shopping in my silver pigeon and they stuck this laser thing in my bottom barrel and asked me to aim at a target and the laser was 6” below.. so they raised the comb until it was right and said I need a gun with a high comb. I’ve always thought I should see a flat rib and the bead, but I could see a large amount of rib with what he was suggesting.
  10. Good advice but I don’t get on with them sadly m, sold my aya! Think the high pheasant and trap stock may be the ticket
  11. I’m a 6’2 100kg So not keen on the smaller dimension stock
  12. Thank you! I'll have a looksie
  13. Thank you yes from reading this seems to be the one although still a little hefty and will need boring out!
  14. Ive got a sporterised trap gun already But it doesn’t get much action. 90% of my shooting is rough/walked and my arms feel like they will fall off after a day with it. I bought a 20b silver pig but all I can see is the lever... same on my benelli m2 - but don’t mind glueing something to that. The silver pig can get shopped in for something else light with a high comb.
  15. Hello, Is anyone aware of game/field guns with a high comb, that isn't an adjustable one? It would seem I need one, there is the occasional trap stock on a game gun that I'll keep my eye out for, but I wonder if any particular models have a high comb. Many thanks!
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