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  1. I’ll take a half please, could we possibly collect Sunday so I could bring my daughter to see the farm too?
  2. Thank you I’ve contacted them!
  3. So I was loitering around a gun shop with the ideal of shopping in my silver pigeon and they stuck this laser thing in my bottom barrel and asked me to aim at a target and the laser was 6” below.. so they raised the comb until it was right and said I need a gun with a high comb. I’ve always thought I should see a flat rib and the bead, but I could see a large amount of rib with what he was suggesting.
  4. Good advice but I don’t get on with them sadly m, sold my aya! Think the high pheasant and trap stock may be the ticket
  5. I’m a 6’2 100kg So not keen on the smaller dimension stock
  6. Thank you! I'll have a looksie
  7. Thank you yes from reading this seems to be the one although still a little hefty and will need boring out!
  8. Ive got a sporterised trap gun already But it doesn’t get much action. 90% of my shooting is rough/walked and my arms feel like they will fall off after a day with it. I bought a 20b silver pig but all I can see is the lever... same on my benelli m2 - but don’t mind glueing something to that. The silver pig can get shopped in for something else light with a high comb.
  9. Hello, Is anyone aware of game/field guns with a high comb, that isn't an adjustable one? It would seem I need one, there is the occasional trap stock on a game gun that I'll keep my eye out for, but I wonder if any particular models have a high comb. Many thanks!
  10. P.m. sent.> Alan

    1. gustav


      Might be a good idea to have my mobile number as well ,  Alan.

    2. gustav


      Good morning,

      I've just tried to p.m. you you and made a mess of it, I'm rubbish with it!
      Tonight at Gordano will be fine with me. You have my phone numbers please call at your earliest convenience.

      Many thanks,  Alan.

  11. Need the recoil spring replaced, and loading catch modified or polished.
  12. Looking for someone to service my Benelli m2...
  13. Yup! I bought it and am selling on as it’s a 70mm+ chamber or over and I only shoot stubby carts.
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