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  1. Thanks bigbird, he is a lot better this week l think the penny just needed to drop ! But l do take on board what you say about positive reinforcement. Many thanks for your reply. Cody
  2. Thanks Fenboy that makes a lot of sense. Cody
  3. Hi all, I have a 15 week old Cocker dog, (my 1st cocker) who I am having trouble house training. He will go to the door and indicate that he wants to be outside, no problem. The problem is, he wont or cant empty his bladder in one go, then comes back inside and squirts on the floor....!!!! So my question is, is it a common thing with Cockers of his age & will he grow out of it . He is a cracking little dog in every other respect. Many thanks for any advice. Cody123
  4. LED Lenser P7.2.....quite brilliant !
  5. I agree with the above, forcing cone . Mines the same
  6. Boil a couple of eggs wrap them in kitchen paper keep em in your pockets as hand warmers, amazing how long they stay warn. When they lose the heat peel and eat....happy days
  7. I've had an SXP for a while now and cant fault it !
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions lads, but we decided on "Blaze", cos he's got a white blaze on his chest. ATB, Cody.
  9. Hi guy's I'm thinking about buying some electronic ear defenders, anyone out there got any recomendations as to which brand/model, or which to avoid. Many thanks in advance. Cody
  10. Thanks aris that would be very interesting
  11. Sorry can't get photo to attach !
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