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    Generally messing about outdoors, walking, my dogs(cocker & vizsla), fly/sea fishing, ferreting & shooting of course.

    R.i.p- Rab(springer) My dear boy

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  1. Vet Nurse with Gundogs

  2. Nanny state

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2018/04/20/oxford-university-tips-police-attempt-end-inconsiderate-entitled/amp/ is it any different to any high street in the country on a fri/sat night? less violent maybe, what is going on with the world
  3. Packing in the Fags.

    I smoked in my teens and twenties, late twenties I stopped, my body just didn’t want it anymore so I found it easy! But even now when I’ve had a drink I can still feel the craving so I understand how hard it can be for some. Good luck to you, hope you succeed
  4. fishing rod + reel

    I have to disagree, I find Stella rank
  5. Death of a loyal friend !

    Yes, performs well, I only use floating and intermediate for my fishing, both I rate highly. Tried many makes of line but have settled with barrio now
  6. Death of a loyal friend !

    I am happy with barrio lines mate
  7. fishing rod + reel

    Its a ziplex rod and shimano stella reel
  8. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    I’ve never watched but I’m putting it on the list anyway, if that’s allowed as I believe the title alone supports my nomination Snakes on a plane
  9. Henley in Arden shoot

    I'd be a happy man if i lived in lowsonford Nev, lovely area
  10. Caledonian canal.. holiday advice

    Fishing is essential on any holiday, especially one like this!! Ive got my tartan hat with ginger hair stitched in the lining, you'll never know im a foreigner
  11. Caledonian canal.. holiday advice

    Cheers Greenshank, we always come up in april to limit the midge, prefer duff weather to them little so#s. I know i'll enjoy the lochs and canals both!! Thanks for the advice mate!!
  12. Caledonian canal.. holiday advice

    Yes mate that’s who I’ve been looking at, they have a good itinerary oh their website for the 7 day trip. Looks right up our street!! It’s sat to sat so the sunday is not a problem mate. Will be a great week. Cheers for the reply
  13. Caledonian canal.. holiday advice

    Hello All, We are going to be booking a trip on the caledonian canal for this time next year. Have you done it? was it good? any tips/advice? Will be a 7 day trip Cheers
  14. Fiocchi

    Agreed, used lots of fblacks, a cartridge I really like!!